Tuesday, October 18, 2011

But, Would You Pay $180 For These?

Doug: Doc Owen over at Action Figure Times has been reviewing the Legion of Super-Heroes box set from Mattel -- these went on sale yesterday at 11:00 am CT. After only 45 minutes I noticed that the web page had a note reading "Almost gone". When I checked after school at 3:45, they were "Sold Out!" Karen had previewed these babies back in July.

Doug: The figures are 6" scale and run in the DC Universe Classics line. They are exceptionally well done from the images I've seen, and I'd dearly love to have them. Yes, the MSRP on them is $180, and I understand that does not include shipping and handling. You can already find the box set, as well as figures listed individually, hitting eBay. However, I was also told by a reliable source that the extra money I made this fall running the clock/doing the PA at my son's varsity soccer games is going toward a new dishwasher. A pity... Anyway, drool, and enjoy!

Doug: And, for conversational purposes, who do you wish they would have made, and who would you have replaced? For me, Mon-el!!! While I like the sculpt on Matter-Eater Lad, there's no way he should have been included over Mon. And what about some more ladies?


david_b said...

The sculpts look AWESOME.. A Bronze Collector's dream come true. I really enjoy the 6" lines (my Legends YellowJacket's a foot away from my keyboard at work..). Sometimes there's seems to be a bit too much articulation at first glance, but I'm amazed at some of the great crouching/action positions you can set up.

Not a big Legion fan, but I'd agree that there should be some additional female representation for balance. I'd love a Timberwolf figure myself.

$180..? It's hard to tell when to get them. Sometimes I wager on whether future economic downturns will improve 2nd hand dealing in a year or so on Amazon or eBay, but there's times that these packages go the other way as well. I finally picked up an exclusive Walmart Goliath (blue/yellow scheme) around $50 a few weeks ago, which was an awesome deal; 'course NOW I have to hunt down the red/blue variant..!

Guess it depends on how sought-after these sets become in years to come.

Doug said...

David --

I decided to check eBay last night, knowing they would hit the secondary market immediately. There were some sellers who had the set listed as high as $300, and others appear willing to break it up and sell them as individuals. If you broke out the $180 price tag, the 12 figures would be around $15 -- no "group price", as that's what they generally are at retail. But one vendor had Superboy listed for $26! Wow...

I'm anxious to get back on eBay and check it out today -- on Mattel's website, there was a tease that the packing for Invisible Kid, which was just a molded placeholder with no figure, might actually contain a guy when shipped. Don't know at this point.


Doug said...

By the way, Wildfire (or Erg-1 if you're old school), Karate Kid, and Colossal Boy are my favorites.

Anyone else think Imra is way too tall? I know Toy Biz and Hasbro have had troubles in this regard with the Marvel figures as well.


david_b said...

I'm really impressed that folks like Mattel are indeed listening to the fan base as to deciding on the best sculpt/costume renditions these days.

Oh, by the way, the Goliath I mentioned was from the Marvel Universe line, but darn if he doesn't look GREAT with MU, Legends, and Mego lines. I typically have ol' Hank standing next to my 3" MU guys in the FF movie Fantasticar, but now he's actually holding his own next to my wife's FOX Sports 'Cleatus' figure in my man-cave during Packer games...LOL.

Doug said...

David, I've long wanted the blue and yellow Goliath. He is about 12", correct? I have the small Ant-Man from the Avengers 5" boxed set, the Scott Lang Ant-Man from Marvel Legends, Yellowjacket, and the 15" Giant-Man build-a-figure. I've just never pulled the trigger on eBay for the MU Goliath(s).


pete doree said...

Not my kind of thing, but I know some people love this stuff, ( one friend of mine in particular ) and for them: Yeah, why no Shadow Lass, Dream Girl, Shrinking Violet, Dawnstar etc etc etc. And why isn't Saturn Girl in her 70's swimsuit look? I mean, that's the era they're going for, right?

pete doree said...

I just noticed! Matter-Eater Lad clearly has something in his mouth!

david_b said...

Yep, that's the 12" Goliath.. Most auctions are listing him for over $80, which I'm NOT doing. A friend on the Mego Museum sold me a MIB variant for $50. I'm waiting on auctions now for loose red/blue ones under $50.

I've got the Legend YJ, but hunting around for the Legend Antman for a decent price. I just had a customizer make me a SUPERB Mego Antman for $80 (awesome headsculpt and outfit), which I bought a nice shiny custom box and acrylic display case for, all from celebrating my 'Summer of Pym'.

As for Legion.., would love to see a swimsuit Saturn Girl as well.

Jason said...

Absolutely. Now I just need $180, lol.

John Lindwall said...

I'm a huge bronze-age Legion fan. Not so much a toy collector but these things look terrific! I am thrilled and shocked that they'd model these after the 70s costumes (generally).

I agree that Saturn Girl should be in her hot pink "bikini" costume, and that she seems too tall here.

Cosmic Boy: Wow, they actually managed to make him look tough in his pink duds! lol. However, he really should be wearing his man-corset that Mike Grell designed for him. I love that look.

I wish Tyroc has been included, pixie boots and all.

It would be hilarious to see a Bouncing Boy figure!

Maybe the next set could be some villains!?! FATAL FIVE, baby! Imagine the big Validus figure posed in combat with Colossal Boy! Charma and Grimbor (faves of mine) would be fun. Maybe even a Computo along with a disintegrating Triplicate Girl? heehee

dbutler16 said...

These look truly awesome, but I can't believe they have Proty and yet only one female member! I totally agree about Mon-El. I would also like to see Phantom Girl, Shadow Lass, Sun Boy, and Element Lad, at a minimum. It looks like a Silver Age lineup, so I guess I needn't request Blok, the White Witch, or Dawnstar. I also like Quislet, though he'd be tiny indeed. Also, if they had Triplicate Girl, would you get three of the same action figure?

starfoxxx said...

Frickin' awesome! Dawnstar would be nice, though. I'm very jealous of anyone who possesses this.

Also, nice to know the Wal-Mart Goliath I got for $20 a few years ago is a hot item.

I'm currently hunting for LOOSE Marvel Legends; Hawkeye, Ant-man, and Taskmaster.

William said...

I would never consider myself a big LOSH fan. The only time I was ever really into them was in the early 90's, when Keith Giffen was writing the book and Jason Pearson was penciling. (Love Pearson's early work). I also used to read the one word "Legion" comic from around that same time. In fact a friend of mine gave me a Chris Sprouse original Legion page for Christmas one year. That really sums up my entire experience with the team. However, I am a big action figure guy, and I love the looks of that box-set. I didn't get one, but if it was still readily available, I might seriously be tempted to ask the wife for one for Christmas. It's just such a unique item that it would be cool to own one. I'd definitely pay $180 for it, but not $400 (which is what it is currently going for on Ebay).

I'm surprised to learn that the blue and yellow Goliath is going for nearly $90 on Ebay these days. I luckily picked one up when they were in stores, and they actually shelf-warmed for a while at my Wal-Mart back then. I never got the Giant-Man BAF, so I was very happy to get Goliath. He goes great with Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and the variant green costume Quicksilver, to fill out my Avengers 2.0 team.

Karen said...

$180 is too much for me. They are nice though. I do think it's a good selection of characters, with the exception of Matter Eater Lad. I'd replace him with Shadow Lass or Dawnstar. And put Saturn Girl her bikini, and Cham in his red and purple outfit.

Chuck Wells said...

Pity! I love the Bronze Age Legion designs by Dave Cockrum and had I known that this set was forthcoming, I would have sprung for (whether I felt they were worth the price or not).

The DC Direct figures ruined me for buying toys, as I attempted to pull together a set of the Justice Society of America (starting with their original clunky golden age Sandman), it became increasignly apparent that the figures just would stand up on shelves, plus trying to pose them led to too much breakage right out of the package. When Green Lantern's arm broke at the elbow the first time I tried to put his lantern in his hand AND when Flash's leg broke at the knee the first time I moved it. I gave up!

It was even harder with the Alex Ross Justice series, man those looked awesome, but after weakening enough to buy three (Superman, Sinestro & Barry "Flash" Allen), one more appendage immediately broke after moving the figure for posing on the included stand.

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