Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Face-Off: Kid Invaders Taking On Teen Titans!

Doug: Simple one today, friends.  In the battle of sidekicks, who would win a tussle between Robin, the Boy Wonder, and Bucky Barnes?  And, does this junior fire vs. water brouhaha live up to battles seen by the older generation?  Who ya got?  And, if you decide you'd like to delve further into match-ups involving Golden Girl or the Human Top (c'mon -- you remember the Kid Commandos, don't you?), feel free!


david_b said...

"Feel free..?"

I'm an American, I always feel free.

(sorry folks, couldn't resist...)

Teen Tussles..? Robin versus Bucky? Nice match-up, I'd give it easily to Robin. Reasons are 1) way too many gadgets/devices in his utility belt, 2) those killer cowlicks (ugh, couldn't handle that woefully-dated Mego head sculpt with the cowlicks, big eyes and silly smirk..), 3) killer periodontal qualities (catching that bat-a-rang in his mouth in the TV series when Gorshin's Riddler had him falling from that high ledge..) and 4) he even took Bruce Lee as Kato to task..

Granted, NOT that anyone would believe Robin (or anyone) could take down a young Bruce Lee, but mega-points for depicting it.

Toro versus Garth..? Yeah.., I'd give it to Toro. Blazin' heroes always seem to have the natural edge on waterbound heroes. It's just a tad too convenient a concept to always expect that, unless you're hovering over a lake or ocean, that someone like Garth or Subby'd have enough water to throw up at you to extinquish the flames especially when someone liek Johnny Storm goes into his 'nova-intensity' mode or something.

Edo Bosnar said...

Hmmm, I'm more of a Marvel boy, but I'd have to give the Teen Titans the edge here. Robin and Bucky could go either way, Toro could take Aqualad easy, but let's face it: Wonder Girl, who as far as I know is basically a young version of Wonder Woman in terms of power, could mop up the floor with all of the Kid Commandos by herself. Even Toro wouldn't present too much of a problem for her, since she could probably use Speedy as a human shield while she maneuvers into position to lasso him.

Doug said...

I know we joke from time to time around here about Aquaman and how he pales in comparison to the rest of the "original seven" (and really, next to even guys like Elongated Man...), but I really had to laugh when I reviewed TT #4 in our Zany Bob Haney series and Aqualad got taken out easily and immediately. And in a pool, if I recall!

Match -- Toro!

David B -- loved the humor in your comments. Best cowlick, for sure!


david_b said...

Granted, nothing seem easier a target than Aquaman and Aqualad, but any visit to the Aquashrine.. (http://www.aquamanshrine.net/) will soon make you an 'Aqua-believer'. LOVE those fantastic Silver Age Cardy covers.

As for ol' Garth, I still firmly attest that when he was replaced by Speedy in TT ish 19, a key element to the sophmoric innocence, hip charm, and energetic team synergy of the original Titans was lost. What Garth lacked in superheroic versatility, he certainly made up in team-skills and personality.

Teresa said...

Based on the Captain America/Batman book by John Byrne, I vote for Robin.
Bucky was tough and a soldier.
Robin was smarter, clever and acrobatic.
I highly recommend Cap/Bat book. Byrne takes great care with those Golden Age characters.

I always liked Torro. His mentor was an android. That's who was teaching him about people. Torro was a brutal little warrior.
Aqualad: He's a washed out Aquaman, so no real opinion.

Edo Bosnar said...

Teresa, I love the Batman & Captain America book. That is far and away the best Marvel/DC crossover.

MattComix said...

Hero vs. hero is so out of control in the actual fiction at his point that even casual speculation isn't fun anymore. Especially with the upcoming Superman/Batman which is starting to sound more and more like a WWE pay-per-view with a special effects budget.

Not that I ever really understood the desire for people to see heroes beat each other up instead of the real threat anyway. Sure it can be fun for first meetings in that classic Marvel meet-misunderstanding-resolve-team-up sense. Past that it makes everybody involved look kinda stupid.

So I'm gonna say the Kid Invaders and the Teen Titans team-up to kick tons of villain ass. The End.

Doug said...

Whoa... thought I had my Matts mixed up there for a second.

Just kidding! ;)


Doug said...

Funny coincidence: The day after this post ran, Ross over at Super-Team Family posted this cover --

Good stuff!


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