Friday, October 11, 2013

NYCC - Images for New Marvel Legends

Doug:  I was surfing the Hasbro images from this weekend's New York City Comicon and came across some interesting ones.  I've been out of the market for these since shortly after Hasbro acquired the license and the price point pushed up to around $15, but I still enjoy looking at them and checking the toy aisles every now and again. 

Doug:  Below you'll see pix of the build-a-figure Mandroid from the Captain America: Winter Soldier line.  I guess you have to buy series 1 & 2 to put this monster together.  Next to that bruiser is a re-worked Hydra agent from the same series.  You'll also see a full-figure image of Electro from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man flick.  Speaking of figures, how about this Felicia Hardy Black Cat?


Garett said...

That Hydra guy looks pretty cool. I don't collect figures, but I did pick up a Mordru recently that reminded me of the JLA/JSA/Legion teamup in the '70s...more Dillin!

david_b said...

I'd agree on the Hydra guy.. I do love that they made TWO classic Hydras (differentiated by facial expressions). A tad more expensive than most Legends figures, so I'll have to wait a spell to finally build my Hydra army..

(Secretly, David_B is rubbing his fists, snickering 'Bwwaaaaaah, haaaa, haaa..' or however it's spelled..)

As for Black Cat..? Jeez can you have that cut any lower...?? She must really get a lot of chest colds in wintertime..

About as bad as some of the 2-pack Widow sculpts, also pretty expensive.

STILL waiting on a Swordsman/Mantis combo, and perhaps some decent FF sculpts ~ I haven't liked any of the FF Legends offerings thus far.. The Avengers by comparison have been pretty spot on.

giantsizegeek said...

Just what every mother wants their kid to have - the busty Black Cat figure!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Puck, Blizzard, Zemo II, Radioactive Man, Tiger Shark and Batroc are going to get 6-inch figures in the (near) future. And there's probably going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy wave. I'm only interested in the comic book versions, not the movie versions.

And there's a modern Thunderbolts box-set with a sweet Satana figure (also featuring major boobage).


giantsizegeek said...

Ha!!!! No idea about that Satana action figure until you mentioned it.

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