Friday, October 18, 2013

Superman 75th Anniversary Tribute Cartoon

Karen: Hey kids, has everyone seen this neat little tribute film by Bruce Timm and Zach Snyder?


MattComix said...

I totally loved it ....until it go the New 52.

Also wish Byrne's Superman had been represented though technically he was with the Doomsday portion since that is of the same vintage. Just maybe having the cover of Man Of Steel number 1 before going into the Death/Return imagery might have been nice.

Would kill to see a new cartoon done in that take on the Fleisher style. Also liked the way George and Chris were represented. God I miss being a Superman fan. I mean still I am but now I have to qualify it and that bugs me. But I guess that's the same with most of the big two heroes for me at this point.

Unknown said...

After watching it, I am so pumped! (and on the heels of the PBS Special too!) Wished it could have been a little longer to include the LSH and a nod to "Lois & Clark" (the show and the wedding) and "Smallville"... but overall, it brought a smile to my face.

(Except for the "New 52", which I quickly gave up on after the second month... To me, there was no joy in DC or Superman, post-52)

Murray said...

It was a sweet little homage, except for the last twenty seconds or so. "New 52". "Man of Steel". Bleh. Talk about ending on a sour note.

Hmm...maybe I could snip that bit off, but leave that nice tribute logo...

david_b said...

Awesome tribute. Pretty much echoing the same lament for the ending..

William said...

Love that little video and I've watched several times. I agree that having no representation of the John Byrne Superman was a pretty big omission. I think the Byrne era was as important as any of the others represented. Heck, Byrne's Superman was even on the cover of Time magazine. I think that would be worth a nod. I wonder if it was some kind of intentional jab at Byrne?

I also wholeheartedly agree that they could have left out the horrible New 52 and "Man of Steel" movie versions. What a bummer of a way to end a great piece. It's like it suddenly goes from being about the real Superman to some weird alternate reality versions. It also clearly illustrates the fact that Superman hadn't really changed much in 75 years (until now).

It just goes to show that DC is determined to shove the new versions of the DC heroes down the throat of the collective public whether we want them or not. How sad that they would choose to throw away such a rich history and loyal fan following.

It angers me all over again that the people who are now in charge at DC have the gall to tamper with the most iconic characters ever created and think they can somehow do it better, or improve on it. Talk about egos. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

And if they couldn't keep Superman going after 75 years without radically changing his appearance and core personality, then they are the problem, not Superman, and they should all be FIRED!! (Dan Didio I'm looking at you). Then someone who actually has some real talent and respect for the characters (and the fans) should be brought in to run things.

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