Sunday, December 1, 2013

BAB Bulletins: The Days of Future Past film, and More

Karen: Happy Sunday to you. Hope you've had a nice holiday. We've got a few items to discuss. First up, there's a website for the upcoming X-Men film, Days of Future Past, called the Bent Bullet, and it's a nifty piece of viral marketing. It provides some clues about the film's plot, and some folks are calling it distasteful (particularly given the time of year the whole thing was released). Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think of it. I will say that the premise does seem similar to elements of the original plot of the DOFP comics, if sensationalized. 

Karen: And what about some of the rumors flying about the Ant Man film -like for instance, the idea of casting Paul Rudd as the hero? That's not an actor who springs to mind for me when I think of the character -at least not if we're going with Hank Pym, and portraying him as super-smart, capable, and heroic. I hope they are not playing this film completely for laughs, but some of the things I'm hearing makes me wonder.

Karen: Since we had four days off, my husband and I went and saw "Thor: The Dark World" again and enjoyed it this time around as well. We began talking about the Nine Realms afterwards, and since it had been some time since I had read any Norse mythology I could only think of 8 of the 9 (I forgot Alfheim). I did a little internet hunting and found this fun graphic over on IGN (IGN Nine Realms). Check it out; it's pretty nifty. You never know when you might find yourself lost in Muspelheim.


Edo Bosnar said...

That video is pretty cool, actually. However, I doubt think the movie will live up to to that hype - by and large, I've found the X-movies mostly disappointing.
As for Rudd playing Hank, man, I hope that's just a false rumor. I don't know who I'd cast for the part, but certainly not someone who's best known as a comedic actor.

William said...

Edo, I don't know how I feel about Rudd playing Ant-Man, sometimes those comedic actors can have some pretty decent chops. For example, in hindsight, I think that Michael Keaton (a mostly comedic actor) turned out to be the best live-action Batman of all the actors who played the role (including Bale).

As for the X-Men DOFP - I agree that the premise of Magneto being involved in the assassination of JFK is at best in poor taste, and at worst yet another bad idea from the people who always seem to be in charge of making these X-Men movies. Since Singer is returning, I was kind of looking forward to this one, but after that video came out, my enthusiasm waned somewhat.

I finally saw Thor this past Wednesday, and I thought it was much better than the first one. More character development, more action, a better story. Good stuff.

William said...

The following contains ***THOR MOVIE SPOILERS***

I have a question about the ending of Thor: TDW. What the heck happened there? I see that Loki is back (as if anyone really thought he was dead), and apparently he is posing as Odin and is sitting on the Throne of Asgard. So, what the hel happened to Odin? Was Loki posing as Odin the whole time? Or, did he come back from Fartallheim (or whatever it's called) and take Odin out? I totally didn't get that bit.

BTW, it sure seems easy to kill these practically "immortal" god-like beings. One little sword through the chest, or back, or wherever and it's Valhalla here I come. Aren't these the same beings who routinely take on the likes of dragons, and frost giants, and the Juggernaut, with nary a scratch? But one dark elf with a pig-sticker can easily murder the queen of Asgard.

Edo Bosnar said...

William, I definitely agree with you about Keaton as the best live-action Batman. However, I just can't see Rudd pulling it off, unless the movie is - as Karen suggests - played for laughs. And in that case, it just makes me feel bad for poor old Hank Pym. That would mean that not only does the poor guy get no respect in the comics, he won't get any in the movies either.

Anonymous said...

Midgard, home to humans, best known for comicbooks! LOL

I say give Paul Rudd a break. Like the other commentators said, sometimes comedians can surprise you with a great performance, ala Michael Keaton in his turn as Batman. I tend to agree however that they shouldn't make the Antman movie as an all out comedy.

- Mike 'midgard eater of food' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Doc Savage said...

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man doesn't bother me at all. He's played dramatic roles plenty of times. As long as the actor is good and the script is good and the direction is good, it works. Can't imagine it being worse than Iron Man 3. Besides, Ant-Man is a bit comical. The guy rides around on Ants named after hippie harmony singers.

Anonymous said...

I like Paul Rudd despite being in some bad movies, he's also showed his range in some good ones - so I, for one, am all for him being cast as Ant-Man.

He seems like a good level of celebrity for the part, short of a total unknown, which is what I'd like best, though it is never gonna happen.

Greg said...

I'm one of those who thinks the is in poor taste. I was really put off by it when I saw it, just a visceral reaction. I think they should stick with fictional assassinations. If I remember the original story, the point was to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Sen. Kelly. They should stick with that if you ask me. I realize we can't have word for word adaptations, I don't expect that, but they should hew closer than they do, in my view. I was not impressed with the trailer either. I thought the Captain America: Winter soldier trailer looked great, and this one looks terrible to me. Just my opinion.

I don't know much about Rudd, so can't really say, but I think an Ant-Man movie sounds kinda good. Are they going with Scott Lang as the character?

david_b said...

I'm... thinkin' it might be good, from the standpoint that Avengers flick and the Thor flicks (and last Hulk film..) seem to have the right mix of good writing, heroics and motivation.

I doubt they'd turn it into a comedy if the Antman series dovetails with the Avengers series.

(I'm hopin', I'm hopin'....)

J.A. Morris said...

I'm optimistic about the X-movie, Jackman, Stewart & McKellen are good actors who can make even lackluster movies entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for that handy guide to the Nine Worlds. I think that bopping between one level and another could be confusing for tourists, and, let's face it, if you end up in the wrong level by accident, your ass is grass.
If you're lucky you might end up with the trolls, as opposed to Hela or Surtur, and even then you'd have better luck getting out of a South American jail cell.

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