Friday, December 27, 2013

The Gifting of Comic Book Love

Doug:  Well?  What did you get along the lines of products interesting to your fellow Bronze Age Babies?  Today we're going to brag on the geeky gifts bestowed upon us by our loved ones.

Doug:  In the "strange but true" category, I did not receive any Hallmark ornaments for the comic book tree this year.  I really can't tell you when the last time was that I could say that.  But it's fine -- there weren't any that I wanted.  But, if I see one at half price here in the post-Christmas clear-out I may break down and pick one up for myself.  What I did get were two tpbs: The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, George Perez, and Ron Lim, and Justice by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, and Doug Braithwaite.  I also received the 2013 edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.  It's been many a'year since I estimated the value of my collection, and as I'm still strongly considering selling it in some fashion I wanted to know a rough idea of what dealers would command for the books I own.  My mom bought me two pairs of socks -- a Superman-colored blue pair with the "S" shield at the top, and a black pair with the Batman logo at the top.  Lastly, my boys bought me the Marvel t-shirt you see pictured -- it's a great shirt, nice and soft!

Karen: I got some wonderful things for Christmas, but most of them were not at all comics-related. I did however get the book I had on my wishlist, Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz and it is fabulous! I spent at least an hour on Christmas day poring over that book, and certainly will spend some more time this weekend. The graphic design elements are very cool and it's fun seeing how Ortiz incorporates certain images (like the Enterprise's saucer-shaped hull) repeatedly into the posters, but in different ways.

Karen: I also got a really goofy and cool (not to mention hefty) Frankenstein Monster mug/stein! My husband knows me all too well. I'll be taking good care of this baby, as I drink my tea, soda, and what have you out of Frankie's big green noggin!

Karen: So spill -what cool stuff did you get?


Doc Savage said...

TpBs of the Trial of Yellowjacket and Absolute Vision (book one). Haven't read a lot of the first one and it's neat to have 25-35 issues in sequence including a few related Dr. Strange and Spider-Man comics that tie into the story.

Doc Savage said...

Also got "Captain Britain: Birth of a Legend" collecting the first bunch of weekly issues of Marvel UK's Captain Britain. Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida did some incredible Kirby simulations. The stories are very '70s Peter Parker and I'm enjoying it. I prefer the original costume to the later jackbooted nationalist thug look with the chin guard.

david_b said...

My wife wouldn't have the first clue on comic-related stuff unfortunately, so I consider my self-gifts of Shanna's original 1972 run and Allyn Brodsky's early Bronze Ironman/Daredevil crossover (IM 35/DD 73) as my Yuletide reading enjoyment.

My nephew did gift me a BluRay of Tim Burton's first Batman (was surprised with all the nice documentaries on there...); I in turn wrapped a recent purchase of Thor's Treasure Edition 10 (Thor 154-157, featuring Mangog and Ragnarok), since his new *serious* girlfriend has to quickly learn/appreciate Jack Kirby.

Serious relationship stuff here.., folks.

Most decidedly for non-comic tastes, I did receive a beautiful wool vest, a nice Amazon gift card and few other items.

J.A. Morris said...

My wife and I were so busy visiting relatives on Christmas that we haven't had time to give each other gifts yet. I'm hoping that, like Matt, I get an Absolute Vision tpb when we open our gifts tonight.

But so far, no comic-related stuff this time, but lots of "practical" gifts, which are really valuable at this point.

Tony said...

I got the TPB's of Magnus Robot Fighter Vol 1 and 2 and DC Archives of Shazam Vol 4 to complete the set.

david_b said...

Oooh, forgot to mention, I'd LOVE to grab that Marvel shirt somewhere as well, Doug.

It's pretty 'retroey-yummy'.

Edo Bosnar said...

Doug, love the shirt; and Karen, I envy you that Ortiz book (although personally, if I had the disposable income and enough wall space, I'd love to giant, framed, movie-poster sized copies).

Anyway, our household is going to have some pretty serious financial outlays come January, and my wife and I agreed on no gifts this Christmas. So besides treating ourselves to a rare dinner out at our favorite Chinese restaurant a few days before Christmas, we both stuck to that policy.
However, I guess two rather spur of the moment purchases I made in late November count as "self-gifts": the Joe Kubert Presents tpb, which is an absolutely beautiful book; also, I stumbled onto a really inexpensive copy of Dr. Strange Annual #1 from an online seller (and that's been on my want-list since forever), and I padded out the order with the Robin 3000 Elseworlds story by Byron Preiss and P. Craig Russell (also incredibly cheap), plus a few Elseworlds annuals and some other floppies I've been meaning to get for a while now. However, that package still hasn't arrived, and probably won't until after New Year's, given the general slowness of global postal service during the holidays.

Doug said...

Does anyone want to take a stab at the artists on the t-shirt I pictured? The Thor image is obviously by Kirby/Colletta. I'm uncertain of the other three, though. I see some Frank Robbins in the Cap image. Is the Hulk by Trimpe/Severin? And Iron Man by Johnny Craig, maybe? Help a brother out!

Matt C., that Trial of YJ tpb contains material I've closed-mindedly sworn to never read. Despite having a complete run of the title, as well as the dvd-rom, I simply will not touch those stories. Hank's been one of my favorite characters on the team through the years, and the character assassination that was heaped on him is just something I've chosen not to see firsthand (although I certainly know the ins-and-outs of the storyline).


david_b said...

Doug, another Hank-fan chiming in here.., not only do I agree with you on the Shooter storyline, but I was SO IRKED that a few years back, there was a reprint comic with only two Pym stories (where he becomes the 'new Wasp'..), an early TOA story where Hank and Janet first meet, and of course the Janet-slapping issue (ish 213).

Really..? Of the decades of stories, they have to pick ish 213 to define Hank to the current generations..?

It's almost like a 2hr JFK retrospect on cable almost solely focusing on his assasination in Dallas.

Doc Savage said...

I don't find it to be character assassination, but I never found Hank Pym especially interesting. For me the story made sense given the wacky various IDs and mental instability he previously displayed. Plus it gave me a reason to care about a character who otherwise I don't have much use for. I think it works pretty well if you're not going in with a mindset of "how dare they."

Karen said...

I am by no means a huge Hank Pym fan, but I do feel that the character has been dragged through the mud long enough. All anyone wants to focus on is the idea of "Hank Pym, wife-beater" which is just so off the mark. In fact, I've read speculation that one reason we might get a Scott Lang Ant Man in the movies rather than Pym is to avoid any media asking about the spousal abuse angle. Geez!

As for the t-shirt, that Iron Man image appears to come from the cover of Iron Man 47, which Comic Book Database credits to Vinnie Colletta and Gil Kane.

Anonymous said...

I got the SUPERHEROES book (from the TV docu about comic books). I love the inside art, and I've found a lot fewer errors than a DK reference book> ha-ha!

also a t-shirt with the cover of FF #166 on it!

and a Black Series 6-inch Boba Fett (that I really, really , really want to open up, but so far I've resisted.) Happy Holidays!


Garett said...

I received Stan Lee's How to Write Comics, which was great as I hadn't even heard of it! New book, has some nice art inside from various artists, and has quotes from different comic writers about their craft.

Yesterday before festivities I took advantage of the Boxing Day sales and picked up Jim Aparo Legends of the Dark Knight Volume 2--I like his art in the previous volume better but this still has some nice stuff in it. Also Simon and Kirby's Newsboy Legion--I liked their Crime stories so much, I'm on the hunt for more Simon and Kirby. The reproductions from these '40s stories look great, and there's a long intro by Joe Simon.

Edo Bosnar said...

Garett, that's a nice haul. In my opinion, you can pretty much never go wrong with an Aparo book, and I've been wanting to get some of those Simon & Kirby collections as well. I think those two were at their best when collaborating with each other.

C. Brown said...

I got a rock :(

Mike said...

Two cool scores this holiday: I got Enter the Dragon 40th Anniversary on Blu-ray, and a suh-weeet framed Neal Adams print of Batman and Robin swinging into action that a friend of mine was sitting on since he got it for me earlier in the year at Dragon Con. That was unbelievable.

Oh yeah, I also received some issues of the Metal Men from a friend, but I think they may be Silver Age and not Bronze.

Anonymous said...

I got the Marvel Masterworks The Black Panther Vol 1 - collecting Jungle Action #6 to 24.

I got the deluxe edition of Junot Diaz's This Is How You Lose Her illustrated by my favorite comic artist, Jaime Hernandez. Speaking of Los Bros Hernandez, I got yet another Love & Rockets collected hardcover, Dicks & Deedees (vol 20).

I got Kurt Busiek's Superman: Secret Identity - one of my favorite Superman Elseworlds TPB - highly recommended. And a package of 100 more resealable mylar bags -

Now all I really need for X-mas is permission from my wife to get yet another short box (I don't use long boxes - I find them very inconvenient).

MattComix said...

I actually got the same socks Doug did. For DVD's and Blu Ray I got Incredible Hulk Season 2, Six Million Dollar Man season 2, Doctor Who (new) Series 5. Also got some Marvel Masterworks volumes of Thor, a collection of Gil Kane's run on Action Comics, Avengers: Korvac Saga, and an Amazing Spider-Man collection that contains the storyline leading up to issue 200 that features the return of the burglar that killed Uncle Ben. Issue 200 works almost like a series finale for me. Everything after that point is for me very select issues and particular runs up to around the Clone Saga. Past that given the options for Peters present or future I think I'd rather just skip to his being the father of Mayday/Spider-Girl. That way no Gwen/Norman affair,deals with the devil, or Dan Slott using Doc Ock as his personal self insertion character.

Doc Savage said...

Funny...I pretty much use 199 as my cut-off point for Amazing Spidey. I didn't much care for 200 and after that, as you said, it's just some stories here and there. Such a shame...Spidey had a really good run for so long, then went down, down, down with occasional glimpses of greatness.

Doug said...

Matt, I agree with your cut-off. The first time I got out of comics, ASM #201 was the last new issue I bought. Once I got back in, I bought most of what I'd missed, but never warmed to them as much as I had earlier. You're right -- there were some hits, but it didn't seem to hold the same magic.

But was it the magazine, or was it me? I often ask myself that...


Comicsfan said...

I got a rock.

(Whoops, wrong holiday... :) )

I liked the Justice series a lot.

david_b said...

ASM..? Despite my misgivings about the original Clone saga's, I still collected some Spiderman up until the 170's, but interest just dropped off.

Both that and the dreaded distribution problems which plagued the mid-70s.

Teresa said...

I expressed interest in the "Modok's 11" TPB and got it for Christmas. The shocker was the MODOK coffee mug. On the box it states: "Mobile Organism Designed Only for Koffee"
But I'm not much of a "koffee" drinker, so it is used for Koako instead.
I can't wait to pull that thing out among the unaware. Let them stare at Modok while we drink and chat.

William said...

For me it was a very super-hero / comic-centric Christmas this year. Comic related stuff I got were multiple action figures ('cause that's kind of my thing) :) which included a DC Universe Classics Detective Batman (it's the one that is based on the Neal Adams look), classic Ra's Al Ghul (originally available only through Mattel's website), Marvel Legends Neo-Classic Iron Man, the DCC Batman Arkham Origins figure, and McFarlane Toys The Matrix: Chateau battle diorama. Other comic related stuff I got was the "Spider-Man: Mark of Tarantula" TPB, a Toon Tumbler Spider-Man glass, and last but not least the "Batman: Arkham Origins" video game for the PS3. I also got an Ebay and an Amazon gift card which I will most likely use to buy more comic related stuff.

William said...

Doug and Matt, I must respectfully disagree with you fine gentlemen. I thought Amazing Spider-Man had some totally awesome stories after issue #200. In fact, they include some of my all-time favorites. Especially the Stern / Romita Jr. and Defalco / Frenz runs. For me the book totally went off the rails closer to issue #300, (around the time Peter proposed to MJ, and she accepted). Uhg! What a brilliant idea to have Marvel's consummate loner, and hard luck kid, get married to a super model. Talk about destroying a character's entire persona.

Edo Bosnar said...

I have to agree with William about post-200 ASM. I thought quite a bit of that period was rather good, especially (obviously) when Stern took over as writer. Stern pretty much always vastly improves any title he works on. Case in point: the Avengers stories mentioned upthread. He really did a good job of redeeming Hank Pym and otherwise cleaning up the mess made by Shooter et al. in those roughly 2 dozen issues that followed #200.

And back on topic, Osvaldo: great haul for you, as well. Like I said in a recent thread, the Black Panther Masterworks book is probably the most prized item in my current collection. Great stories, great art and a beautifully produced book. Also, as a big fan of Elseworlds stories, I agree with you about Secret Identity. And it's always nice to read anything written and/or drawn by Los Bros Hernandez (although I like Gilbert's stuff a bit - just a bit - more than Jaime's).
By the way, on the subject of short boxes, do you actually buy specially made boxes? I'm asking because my current collection of floppies fits into 2 short boxes, and just use old printer paper boxes. Can't beat the price...

MattComix said...

My point was never to say that no good Spider-Man comics existed after 200. They're just fewer and farther between, especially as they start monkeying around with everything from the supporting cast to the costume to the history to even the basic concept and what person is in his damn head.

Not to mention the "hard luck" aspect gets gradually more and more blown completely out of proportion.

Doug said...

I agree with Matt. For me, the storyline with the Rose went a little long, and I'm still not sure about Ned Leeds as the Hobgoblin (or Jack O'Lantern, for that matter). But there were some definite fun times, and the post-300 comment is definitely true.


Anonymous said...

Edo, Do you mean the normal printer paper box that holds about eight packages in two piles? Do you stack the comics the same way or is there a way to stand them upright so they remain snug and easy to file through?

I am all for finding a free alternative, but yeah I generally just buy a short box - they aren't too expensive and they stack well and fit under my desk.

You can see exactly how I have my comics (not including trades) organized right now, here - the magazine-sized short box hold some gaming magazines and then the mag-sized comics from the 70s and some MAD mags from the 60s.

I hate long boxes b/c 1) they take up too much space and 2) they are hard to move around.

Edo Bosnar said...

Osvaldo, I stand them upright the same way as in a long box. There's a little extra space on either side, but I doesn't seem to cause any problems with the way they fit, and it's easy to file through them. Also, I've found the printer paper boxes are also suitable for slightly larger format books, like Marvel graphic novels (I only have three, but still) and other non-standard sized books.

Anonymous said...

Edo, Thanks! I'll have to try it - I have to admit though I am skeptical - they don't seem like they'd be tall enough - and I am kind of particular ;)

Doc Savage said...

I, too, didn't say there were NO good Spidey issues post-199, just that I don't feel they hold up as a sequence of 199 mostly good issues...more like a few hits mixed in with a lot of misses. The other guys said what I feel as well. I'm sure there are many good Spidey stories that could be told, but I'm not going to buy 37 lousy issues hoping to get 1 good one. Besides, by the time I get to 199, I barely remember the first ones and can start again from the beginning.

david_b said...

Edo, Middlespaces, I'm enjoying your entries here.

Makes me really love this community. I love the passion and fun everyone brings to the table here, quite seriously. Except for an occasional drive-by or stern observation, I really enjoy how we share topics of interest and opinions.

And, yes, it's really made my eBay buying go up each month. Fine example, 'been looking at that Modok coffee mug now... Oy.

Edo, I would like to see how your comics are filed in the paper ream boxes.. I can see they'd be tall enough obviously, but the width..?

Do you use two rows of comics..? THAT seems like a nice space saver.

Edo Bosnar said...

David - single row as in a long box. Actually, your wish (about seeing them) is my command. I remembered I had an ImageShack account that I used all of once about 4 years ago and it's apparently still active, so I posted pictures. Here's the link link.
Click each image to enlarge. If that doesn't work, here's direct links to each of the individual pics (which actually gives you better images):

As per Osvaldo's doubts about them being tall enough - yes, they are, but just barely. The funny thing is, when I went to check them this morning, I found that one box, the older one, has slightly smaller dimensions, i.e., the width and height are bit less than the newer one - I just may have to go to find another one of those slightly bigger boxes.
Another thing that occurred to me is that these boxes are made for the European A4 page size, which has slightly different dimensions (21 cm × 29.7 cm; 8.27" × 11.7") than the standard American 8.5 x 11" sheet - i.e., slightly narrower and slightly higher, which may explain why it's easier to store comics in them.

Edo Bosnar said...

Oops - just realized I double-uploaded an image. Here's a direct link to the fourth pic.

Anonymous said...

I'm late! I'm late... to post my Christmas gift comic. This year, my family gave to me (I'm singing this part) Marvel Essentials Spider-Man Vols 2 & 3. Which was cool since it's what I ordered from Amazon and then had my oldest daughter wrap (she did a superhero great job). They also gave my the gift of time (by going to see Grandma for 4 days), so I did what any father/husband would do with time on his hands: I went to the garage and tried to organize my comics!!!! This was the BEST GIFT EVER!!! Not only did I find my Dominion comics by Matasumi Shirow, I also found that I own the TPB of Days of Future Present as well as the four annuals they collect. I have way to many Power Pack and Micronauts (Vol 2) The New Journey. I have the entire Wildstorm Rising Event as well as Operation Galactic Storm (and aftermath). I have realized not only where all my money went when the girls were younger but I can't stop using parathensis(es)(es). It's a cry for help. I now have the problem of what to do next. Do I start reading box by box or do I get my scattered Blade of the Immortal and Strangers In Paradise in the same boxes? Do I take everything post 1990 and put them in the order they were released and read them as I bought them? 99 problems and a good reading light is one!!!! (I sang that part as well)

Merry New Year Everybody!!!!

The Prowler (from the old Spider-Man Crawlspace site)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those pics, Edo.

Note to Karen and Doug: We need a "How do you store/organize your collection?" w/ pictures! topic. Maybe I can make that happen in January's Choose Your Own Adventure time. :)

Anyway, Edo, I must have different paper boxes, b/c I just checked against one I have here in my home office and it was definitely not tall enough, but about an inch or more.

If I could figure out a way to turn it on its side and tape it together it'd work, but then it wouldn't have a lid that fits and a lid is important for stacking purposes and for keeping the cats out!

Edo Bosnar said...

Osvaldo, like I said, the different paper dimensions in Europe and the US means the American boxes are probably not high enough, which you just confirmed for me.
As for cats, heh, our cats do occasionally take naps on those boxes.

Doug said...

Osvaldo -

Check out this old post; no pics, though!

Apologies for just a URL; I'm on my Kindle only for a couple of days while visiting family :)


Doc Savage said...

I just file mine alphabetically by title and sequentially by issue number in whatever box or shelf or orange crate is handy.

Edo Bosnar said...

Doug, what do you mean by no pics? When I open that link, there's four really nice pics of your basement comics library.

Doug said...

Edo -

Two things: like a dummy, I just found the title I was looking for and didn't even open the post! Also, I assumed Osvaldo was talking about storing comic books. At any rate, it's certainly a topic worth revisiting!


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, Thanks for the link!

Just the kind of thing I was asking for - though I do think it is a topic that bears repeating as I did not see a lot of current regulars among the comments in that post AND I am really interested in photos and more details of organization.

For example, I don't organized alphabetically - well, I do within a box - but any given box can have a range of titles based around themes and time periods. So for example, solo books for core Avengers (like Hawkeye or Thor)go in the box with Avengers. I have an overlap of FF and Spidey books (along with Power Pac) in another box, b/c I see them having more of a historical connection than FF. with other titles. My X-Men box also has "weird" stuff, like Howard the Duck and Omega the Unknown.

Redartz said...

Quite late to this conversation, but am using my Christmas gift: a new tablet ( the better to read Bronze age Babies, of course)!

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