Monday, February 3, 2014

Marvel Movie Trailers, As Seen During the Super Bowl

Doug:  What say we shift gears and give some "Ooohs" and "Aaaahs", and maybe even a "Say, what??" to the two Marvel movie trailers that debuted during Sunday's Super Bowl.  What sayest thou?


Humanbelly said...

I swear to you all-- I am not minding seeing Sally Field as a different interpretation of Aunt May. It's a completely unexpected curveball-- but I've always liked her so much (& I'm not being cute with that-- truly) that I'm automatically a willing participant in her performance. And I honestly did like the previous film. . . which I wasn't expecting to do at ALL.

BUT--- "Too Many Villains" Syndrome seems to be in full Outbreak here, yes?


Doug said...

I just can't take Andrew Garfield's tics; his mannerisms are so distracting to me. Which really disappoints me, as Emma Stone is the embodiment of Gwen Stacy.

But agreed, HB, that these movie producers cannot seem to get it through their thick skulls that a good movie can be made with only one quality baddie.

I like what I'm seeing from the Cap film, with only minimal knowledge of the Winter Soldier storyline. I don't care for Mecha-Falcon's look, however.


Karen said...

I'm excited about the Cap film (although I'm not thrilled with seeing Cap in that Super-Solider uniform, or the dull look of Falcon's outfit), and I thought that the action scenes from Spidey looked cool -and I really like Andrew Garfield! Not sure about all the villains though, and I still am not really sold on Jamie Foxx's Electro, but I'm hopeful.

The movie that has me concerned now is Days of Future Past -all the photos I've seen from it recently have me thinking way too many characters (even if they are only seen in passing) and all mostly in dull black leather outfits. Still, the last trailer looked pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Humanbelly, I WANT there to be multiple supervillians in a superhero movie! What, you wanna sit there and look at Lex Luthor or the Red Skull for two hours?
I say, bring on the bad guys!!

Anonymous said...

Say, off topic, sort of, but talking about supervillians, did anybody else dig that Superbowl ad (usually they're pretty awful) that featured three famous British actors famous for playing villains?
It woulda been even cooler if Malcolm Mcdowell, Ian Mckellan, Tim Roth, Christopher Lee, Sean Bean, Gary Oldman and Ian Mcshane showed up, but still pretty cool!

Edo Bosnar said...

"If they're shooting at you, they're bad!" Never have truer words been spoken...
Yes, the Cap movie looks like fun - so far none of the movies in the Avengers line (not counting the first Hulk movie) have disappointed me.

The Spidey film, though? As Karen noted, the action scenes look cool, but everything else makes me wary. I hate that sitcomish dialogue between Peter and Aunt May, the Rhino as a Transformer is frankly kind of silly, and as for Electro - I don't know. The look is pretty cool, but I always liked the way Max Dillon was characterized in the comics: just an amoral thug who wants to steal money and wreak some havoc in the process. This spurned Spidey-fan angle indicated by the preview is a little too depressing for my tastes...

Anonymous said...

I just saw the promo, where the Rhino is, apparently, a criminal version of Robocop. With a horn on his head.
But, let's wait and see. It might be good! I actually liked Thomas Haden Church as the Sandman, but that might be a minority opinion.

Anonymous said...

The Captain America trailer felt like a trailer, whereas the preview before Thor 2 made me feel as though the movie was starting. I did not see Thor 1 or Captain America in the theatres, thank you free preview weekends, but I did see Spider-Man and Thor 2 there. I will go to see these two. Allow me to chime in with everybody else, toooo maaannnneeeeey villains. I think we may have seen all of Electro's character arc in this preview. I concur with Doug, Emma nail Gwen but I'm also way too old school to accept her as Peter's high school girlfriend. That was Betty she was older and it didn't work out and she let him down easy. (So personal, so painful, sooooo many memories)

I think the coolest line for Sally Field/Aunt May to say to Peter would be something like "Peter, it's like you have all these different personalities wrapped up inside of you" and then he could go "Whaaat?"

Does anybody know if Marvel's going to go Lord Of The Rings and make Spider-Man 2 a four and half hour movie to cram all these villains in? That would make it work and I could see a gradual build up where he fights them all and then they return for one big grand battle royale...... it's just a two hour movie? Whaaaat?

The Prowler (just knows that Bates is gonna figure out it was the valet and put a beat down on him).

P.S. Were we supposed to express our concern about Days of Future Past? The last/only X-Man movie I liked was First Class.

William said...

Both films look like they are going to be pretty good. I might actually be a little more excited for the Cap movie than Spider-Man, but I'll have to see them both before I really decide.

It appears that they are at least getting Spider-Man's look right for this movie. However, they are taking a lot of liberties with the villains. The only thing that this movie version of Electro has in common with his comic book counterpart is his name and powers. Otherwise he's a completely different character - in looks, personality, motivation, and even race. Same thing goes for the Rhino. Looks to be a totally different character from the comics. So, really what's the point? They might as well just make up their own villains for the movies.

The Captain America movie looks like it's going to be a lot better than I thought it was. I never read the story it's based on, but from what I've seen it seems they've done a good job of bringing it to the screen. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the Falcon, even though he looks almost nothing like he does in the comics. But then that seems to be the status quo for comic book movies.

Garett said...

I liked the first Cap movie, and this one looks pretty good. I also liked the Winter Soldier story in the comics, so another reason to see this. No Georges St. Pierre in the preview though--was hoping to see him!

Spidey looks good here...the villain so-so...that last joke about the chimney was bad.

Doc Savage said...

I don't watch trailers. Most of them give away too much of the movie.

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