Sunday, February 9, 2014

@Shellhead -- Super-Hero Twitter Handles!

Doug:  As most of our readers know, Bronze Age Babies took the social networking plunge several months ago by getting a Twitter handle.  It's not very creative, simply @bronzeagebabies.  But after all, we're sort of an enterprise (yeah, the money just rolls in...) and want people to be able to easily find us.  We mainly use the account to publicize our daily posts, as well as to put the word out on some of the good conversations we've had here in the past.  People seem to like being alerted to our old comic book reviews as well.  Perhaps the most notable event stemming from our entry to the Twitterverse is our being approached to join a number of other blogs in the second Super-Blog Team-Up, coming to this space on February 19th.  It's gratifying that what Karen and I do here has been recognized by other successful bloggers.

Doug:  Anyway, I thought it would be fun today to make up some Twitter handles for our favorite four-color heroes, super-baddies, and even supporting cast members.  I used an obvious one in the title of today's post -- I know our readers can be infinitely more creative than that!  So have fun with it; of course keep it clean (which 99% of the time we do), and make us all smile today.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

@iceicebaby (Bobby Drake) @heyitsmepeteyp (Peter Parker) @firewoman (Frankie Raye) @hohoho (Bruce Banner) @rubberbandman (Reed Richards) @hammerdonthurtem (Don Blake) @iamtitanium (Boris Bullski)

The Prowler (still owning a flip phone).


Doc Savage said...

Don't know anything about Twittering...not sure I understand the rules: does one just put a "@" in front of a joke then?

Edo Bosnar said...

Not into Twitter at all (or is it @all?), but I thought of two, which I'll let everyone else figure out:

Steve Does Comics said...

I think there's a fairly obvious on, isn't there? The @om.

mr. oyola said...

Jeez, I don't think I can top or even match Prowler's! Funny stuff.

Steve Does Comics said...

Argh! That should have said, "a fairly obvious one," not, "on."

Anonymous said...

Lessee here ....

@Iwillsmash (Hulk)
@rubyeyes (Cyclops)
@gillsrock (Namor)
@biglumpy (The Thing)
@goddambat (Batman)
@amazonsrule (Wonder Woman)
@webswebswebs (Spider-Man)
@shhhkow (Iron Fist)
@tickleclaws (Wolverine)
@cromdude1 (Conan)
@vishanti_guy (Dr Strange)

- Mike 'web_dragon on Twitter' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Doc Savage said...

As a Ditko fan, I can dig it.

But what about Shag?

Doug said...

Long live the Legion:

@phantomzonesux -- Mon-el
@lovemetwotimes -- Duo Damsel
@rustkills -- Ferro Lad
@jonsboy -- Superboy
@karmachameleon -- Chameleon Boy
@itsasmallworld -- Shrinking Violet


Edo Bosnar said...

Steve, re: @om. Brilliant.

And as for the Legion, Doug, here's Sunboy's:

I really like these minimalist handles. For example:

@X (Prof. Xavier - duh)

@Ω (either Omega the Unknown or the Omegamen's group account)

@♥♥ (Jack of Hearts)

@☺ (Comedian - from the Watchmen)

And of course, I can't believe I forgot E-man's:

Humanbelly said...

@eatmydust (Sandman)
@geeyourhairsmellsterrific (Medusa)
@if_looks_could_kill (Cyclops)
@marvelousdancefora (MoonKnight)
@napalminthemorning (Valkyrie)
@itsallaboutME (Jamie Madrox)


Anonymous said...

Hands down winner has to be @om!!! That would rock!!!

Here's a few more:

@=---> (Clint Barton) @ (Sue Storm) @OO (Kara Zor-L) @loveatfirststing (JanetVanDyne) @snikkt (Logan) @muchomas (Fred Dukes) @missstinger (JanetVanDyne) @icantBstopped (Cain Marko)

The Prowler (@chocolatespidey)

abraxas9971 said...

@bigredcheese(Captain Marvel/Shazam)
@POP!(Impossible Man)

abraxas9971 said...

Humanbelly, I just had a flash of Robert Duvall in Valkyries armor.


Humanbelly said...

Oh lordy, abraxas, let us all hope to not dream about that tonight, now. . .


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