Friday, February 28, 2014

TV's New Flash


Doug: Sheesh! It's like a Postapalooza around here today!

Doug: Entertainment Weekly has the first photo of the Flash costume (well, kinda) as well as a brief article. What sayest thou?


Doc Savage said...


Humanbelly said...

Oh, MattMattMattMattMatt. . .

C'mon now, there's really too little revealed here to go instantly negative, don'tcha think? They're a-trying, they are-!

I kind of like the deeper red, as it makes it look more like something someone would actually wear. Good choice losing the head-protrusions-- as with Cap's wings, they simply don't translate well onto a live, 3-dimensional person. The leather look, though, doesn't carry well for me. Leather says "heavy" or "durable", not "blindingly fast". I imagine the inspiration has more to do with high-speed motorcycles as opposed to high-speed runners-- and it's probably pretty easy to justify contextually-- but it simply goes against both instinct and universal experience in terms of running fast.

HOWEVER-- if the show itself works, the costume choice wouldn't be a make-or-break issue for me. (Wait, film or TV show, here?) I, for one, am DELIGHTED to see it going into production!


Doc Savage said...

It's yet another "comic book costumes are stupid, we'll fix it" move. ALL SUPERHERO COSTUMES ARE STUPID IN THE REAL WORLD. So if you're going to buy into it at all, go all the way. This half-hearted stuff is just a sign of embarrassment at working in the genre. It's Nolanism.

dbutler16 said...

I like it. It's not as cool as the comic book costume, of course, but at least he's not wearing black leather.

mr. oyola said...

If I were Flash I'd wear leather, too - ever get roadburn? That shiz hurts!

Looks pretty good to me from the profile, but it will be the head on full-body look that will determine it.

david_b said...

Not too shabby.., I still love the Wesley Shipp costume from the tv show, but this'll work.

The only problem I had with Shipp series was the very essence of the Flash was supposed to be more 'leg' than overall bulk. Carmine always intentionally drew him less bulky to emphasise the legs and speed.

I didn't like this new cowl at first, but it grows on you.

dbutler16 said...

I agree with all that david_b said.

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