Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Full Look at the CW's Flash

Doug: A couple of weeks ago we posted the mask; today (courtesy of the folks at www.comicscontinuum.com) we post the whole enchilada.  What sayest thou now?


Humanbelly said...

Nnnnnnnno. No-- it's got some problems for me-- although they're nowhere at all near deal-breaking level for me.

The helmet I'm still just fine with-- who knows what he might need to protect his noggin from while going hyper-fast? But the rest of his uniform has too much "stuff" on it, y'know? It gives every impression of trying to look "cool" rather than trying to look "fast". Regardless of how much bodily protection the Flash might need, ease-of-running still has to be his primary consideration, and all of the fancy trim and heavy-looking extra layers simply don't suggest super-speed to me. They look like they'd add a heck of a lot of drag. I feel like they're missing the obvious example of basing the design more on what Olympic speed skaters wear. Well or, or course, his absolutely form-fitting original costume.

Y'know the one change that could kind of work for me? Goggles of some sort-- just seems like a given. . .


Humanbelly said...

"What sayest thou now?"

Hmm. That doesn't quite ring true, does it.

Perhaps, "What doest thou sayeth now?"-? Or, "Now what doest thou sayeth?"

And of course, Shakespeare was perfectly capable of using, "What do you say now?" or "Now what do you say?"

Heh-- what I pill I'm being. So sorry, Doug!


david_b said...



I sayeth NAY, my brother HB.

Anonymous said...

I think Humanbelly's got a point here - he would need goggles to protect his eyes if he's travelling at superspeed. Of course, not oversized ones like what Formula 1 racers wore circa 1950, maybe smaller, less obtrusive ones. So, I say thee .... maybe!

My first reaction on seeing the whole costume was "hey nobody told me the Phantom was gonna play the Flash!". Seriously, though, the colour looks okay, not as bright red as the 1990s John Wesley Shipp version, so they got that right. Bonus points too for making a streamlined costume. One of the biggest nitpicks I had over that earlier costume was its bulk - the extra padded muscles made Shipp look too blocky. Sure, he's a superhero but not Superman or the Hulk. He's basically the world's fastest runner, so it makes sense for the Flash to be a lean, wiry guy.

The only negative aspect for me is the texture. On certain parts it looks like a rubber-type material was used. This reminds me of the first Amazing Spider-Man movie with Andrew Garfield when Spidey's costume resembled a basketball. Not a nice look in my opinion. Overall, I give this new Flash costume a 7 out of 10.

- Mike 'when do we see Mirror Master?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Rip Jagger said...

I like the sleek look here. It's better than the muscle-bound version from a few decades ago. That was accurate in design but not spirit. But then the Flash like all superheroes got more and more muscle-bound in the comics despite his lean beginnings.

Rip Off

dbutler16 said...

It's OK, but not great. The red is too dark, and there's not enough yellow/gold in it. Why must everything be dark these days?

david_b said...

No goggles.., we all seem to complain when tv-movie renditions make changes to our beloved characters and their uniforms ('70s Captain America, anyone..?), so when did Barry or Wally ever wear goggles..?

William said...

It's not too bad. At least he's actually wearing a costume. And that costume somewhat resembles his look in the comics. I'm just surprised he's not wearing a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet with a lightning bolt on it, or some such.

William said...

I take back what I said earlier. I just got a really good look at the new Flash TV show suit, and it's beyond horrible. It looks like a really bad cos-play effort or a loose fitting version of the DD movie costume with a lightning bolt emblem on the chest.

See for yourself.


It makes the suit from the 90's show looks positively awesome by comparison.

Karen said...

In that second set of pictures, it looks like he's wearing a jacket. I don't get that. It seems to me the Flash should have a very sleek look, and this suit looks far too busy and heavy.

But than again, I probably won't be watching, as I haven't watched Arrow (the show that wishes it was Batman).

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