Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marvel TV and Movie Talk

Karen: Did anyone see Jaime Alexander as Sif on Agents of SHIELD this week? Any thoughts?

Karen: We haven't had any talk about the recent Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. It's definitely not the Bronze Age lineup. Are you planning to see the film? What do you think the general public will think of a talking raccoon and a tree-man?


Humanbelly said...

Y'know, GotG might do pretty well. It comes across as being less for us Bronze Agers in tone, and more in line w/ the humor, attitude and tone of the current iteration of young hipster culture. That's not necessarily objectively "good"-- but Transformer films have been, for the most part, flat out dreadful, and that franchise has MINTED coin.

Really, it looks okay to me, and it's hard to tell from trailers anymore, regardless. I like the fact that it's an introductory trailer that doesn't give away the whole film. I do think that the irreverent tone (particularly from the StarLord guy) is just on the cusp of being too forced and self-aware, which could completely kill its appeal (this really clobbered the first few episodes of Agents of SHIELD for me.). Although I like ol' John C Reilly a lot, I feel like using him here might play into that calculated-to-be-offbeat tone, and makes it feel just a touch contrived. The problem is, even when the guy plays dead straight, his voice is just innately comic. (This was one of the many problems w/ DARK WATER 'way back, in fact.)

Heh-- have to admit that was pulled right in by the use of Blue Swede's "ooga-chaka" version of HOOKED ON A FEELIN'. That's an inspired bit of random-yet-spot-on scoring, and it was edited into the trailer just perfectly.

HB- w/ a guarded thumbs-up

Fred W. Hill said...

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Agents of SHIELD but that's mainly because I rarely watch tv at all anymore and the times I saw them was when visiting with a friend. Neither have I read any of the mags featuring the current incarnation of the GOTG but I'm curious enough about the upcoming film to want to check it out. Certainly a curious mix of heroes. I just hope this version of Drax has a more interesting personality than he had when I last read up on him in the Warlock & the Infinity Watch series of 20+ years ago.

mr. oyola said...

I am really looking forward to GotG, but like HB says - you never know from a trailer. . . But as far as trailers go, it did its job and drummed up interest.

I am watching Agents of Shield, but more out of habit than pleasure. The only pleasure I get from it really are the Marvel U Easter eggs that are snuck in each episode - like the reference to the Kree in the last one.

J.A. Morris said...

I'm a bit disappointed that the Guardians are an entirely different lineup than the Bronze Age version (as they have been in the comics for a while). But it seems hard to screw this up. Space battles? Superheroes in space? Should be a no-brainer, and I've always liked Drax & Rocket Raccoon.

As for SHIELD, this was the best episode of the series so far. I've been generally disappointed with the direction of the show. I don't really give a damn about Skye's parents or how Coulson survived. I want to see SHIELD agents taking on super-powered criminals every week. Back-stories don't matter so much to me.

Edo Bosnar said...

I really, really love the original Guardians, and find it disappointing that the movie will use the new team from the more current comics. And I don't like what I've seen of Star Lord in this preview. That said, I still think this might be worth watching, because 1) I just love Rocket Raccoon and 2) I like Drax quite a bit as well. Add that to - as J.A. notes - space battles, and it could be quite enjoyable.

Who knows when I'll see it, though? After all, I finally got around to seeing Iron Man 3 last night...

Sean Budde said...

No mention of the upcoming X-Men "Days of Future Past" movie based on a Bronze Age storyline (X-Men #141-142). Is it going to suck that much, that people aren't even talking about it? I don't like the black leather costumes any less than you all. I think their costumes shouls at least resemble the classic costumes of the X-Men comics, a little bit.

Anonymous said...

The fight between Sif and Lorelei was pretty good...who knew Lorelei could mix it up? Ward and May's fight wasn't as tense, since I knew it would end before either of them was killed.

Mike W.

Karen said...

Hey Sean, we discussed the Days of Future Past film briefly back in December ( But everyone should feel free to talk about it now. Once the film opens we'll also run a post to discuss what we all thought about it.

Anonymous said...

I have my fingers crossed with GoTG. I know it's not the line-up I think of, but I hope it will be a good movie nonetheless. My hope is built upon the belief that the pressure to produce a HUGE blockbuster is not as great since many of the Marvel movies have banked. A strong movie that holds its own will suffice until the next mega-Avengers movie comes along. And the tiny thread that is being woven throughout the Marvel movies is still cool. By this I mean the Collector was in the finale of Thor and plays a part in GoTG.

I have enjoyed watching Marvel's Agents TV show. I think the up and down of the first episodes have been smoothed out. I just think it may be too late to save the show. I think it's great that May's character is played by an actress that's within the age range of the character. I also thought the moment between May and Coulson in his car during the stakeout was a hoot. And when she went to do the macho sew herself up, that he pulled out the first aid kit. His dressing down of Ward was both subtle and pointed at the same time.

Jamie Alexander!!! I loved that she picked up the thread from Thor 2 about Asgardian technology and Terrian technology being two bricks in the same wall albeit, Asgardian being much higher. Her surprise that her sword split was another great moment. Plus if you remember that May made the comment that she doesn't carry a gun and that if she needs one she just take one with Lorelei needing a sword and just taking half of Sif's was a neat callback. I also like that when there is a fight, people have cuts and bruises. I'm not as on board with the knockout guns. We're SHIELD we immobilize just doesn't seem to work for me. And the blue guy looked like Dr Manhattan to me.

Sean, I'm not sure if I can get on board with the Wolverine-centered Days of Future Past. I don't know if they're going to combine the three issue Wolverine Days of Future Past mini-series with X-Men 141-142 of just insert Wolverine into 141-142. I've had a problem with Jackman as Wolverine since day one. He's just too dang tall.

I don't always read a comic with Wolverine in it but when I do, he should be under 5' 4". Ahh, who am I kidding, every Marvel comic has Wolverine in it.

The Prowler (still doing so many things out of habit and not pleasure).

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm with JA and Edo - to me it just ain't the GotG without Yondu, Charlie 27, Vance Astro and Martinex there.

However, if the current trend continues, this movie should be successful anyway, talking raccoons and tree men and all. I have an old issue of the Hulk with Rocket Raccoon in it, and that's enough for me! I missed the Sif episode of Agents of Shield.

- Mike 'forget GotG, when will we ever see a Defenders movie?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know one of my favorite actors, John C. Reilly will be playing Rhomann Dey,(a real character from the original NOVA series). I admit, as much as I think I know about the MU, I had to look that name up.

If anyone enjoys the absurd/freak out humor of Tim and Eric from Adult Swim, you should see John C Reilly's portrayal of Dr Steve Brule on the program CHECK IT OUT.

He's a great actor, and a comic genius, IMO.

Thanks for the GofG trailer, looks pretty good, but I hope there's at least a nod to the original line-up (maybe the inclusion of the old space species' of Martinex, Yondu, etc.)


Sean Budde said...
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