Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hey, That's a Great-Looking Bust!

Doug: Your co-host(ess) Karen remarked last year about the resurgence in interest in the Batman television show from 1966. With recent licensing deals completed, there is a veritable cornucopia of Batman-TV products already on the market and also shortly winging our way. While some of it is pricey, it's nonetheless wonderfully nostalgic. Today I submit to you a series of three busts coming soon via Diamond Select Toys. They are not being geared toward this guy, as the $45-60 price point (shop around, effendi) is beyond my means or desires at present. But wow! -they sure are detailed and very pretty to look at!


david_b said...

Both West and Ward sculpts are the best, I'd say.

Interesting they haven't delved into any of Craig's Batgirl. I wonder if licensing for her is still being worked out, unless they're saving her stuff for later to perhaps sustain interest.

Anyone know for sure..?

Waiting on the DVD release. I even bought one of those Amazon credit cards to get the $50 credit (to use towards the pre-sale price..).

Anonymous said...

Holy Batsculptures Batman!

Wow these busts look really detailed - you can tell they were modelled from the actual actors from the series, Adam West , Burt Ward and of course Cesar Romero.

- Mike 'Pengy baby' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Doc Savage said...

From the title of the post, I assumed we were going to be talking about Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Close, I guess. I prefer dolls to busts. I got the whole set of Batman '66 dolls. Love 'em. So nice to have THE ONE TRUE BATMAN at last! Those are neat, but nothing I'd ever get. How big are they?

Can't wait for the TV DVD although I already have a fantastic bootleg made straight from the master tapes (so they say, and I believe it based on the incredible quality and network logos before each episode).

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