Friday, August 1, 2014

Discuss: Guardians of the Galaxy movie

Karen: The latest Marvel film is getting rave reviews -I even read praise for it from the likes of Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart! So you know the drill -feel free to share your thoughts BUT PLEASE - NO SPOILERS for the first few days that the film is out! I can say I am diggin' the soundtrack already...


Anonymous said...

At last a comic-book movie that looks faithful to the source material - no important characters left out (like Nightcrawler) and no messing around with the canon as so often happens with these films. I've read the Guardians comic and this seems like a spot-on adaptation with everybody perfectly cast. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be successful.

Humanbelly said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb, here, 'cause I know a fair number of my contemporaries have more of a purist perspective, and feel that the only true GotG are the bunch from the original Marvel SuperHeroes special & then the original Marvel Presents series. . . AND I've never read the re-launched, highly-praised series that this film is based on. . . but you know what? I don't think it matters. Unless I'm mistaken, this film doesn't preclude or eliminate the existence of the original team, it's just that it's THIS team's story. I'll go even further out on said limb, and posit that starting w/ this group was a VERY canny move, because it provides a wealth of in-continuity history and backstory to be mined for future films. "From out of the past, to reclaim their name and salvage their legacy comes. . . the ORIGINAL Guardians of the Galaxy-!!" (Medium close shot of Nikki w/ a ridiculous blaster, smirking "You are the tarnish, and WE'RE the removers, baby-!"

Really, I'm the biggest curmudgeon in the world, and I've been liking the looks of this from the earliest trailers. Can't BELIEVE it's this weekend, though-- cripes!


Edo Bosnar said...

I'll basically echo HB here: these aren't "my" Guardians, but really I don't care.
This movie just looks like a fun super-hero/space opera romp. Besides, I've been a Rocket Raccoon fan since, well, forever, and I'm so tickled that CGI makes it possible for him to appear in one of these movies. So I'm looking forward to seeing this - whenever that may be.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I am going to go see this movie, probably Sunday evening.

Firstly.1, I probably will be the only one from my family going.

B- This is not my Guardians Of The Galaxy. I'm going to go see the movie to support Marvel Studios and to see if they can make a movie that I will enjoy even though I have zero nostalgia invested. Even though it wasn't Marvel Studios, I liked Days Of Future Past. I've since seen First Class but that was with commercials and edited for TV.

C-ly, I want Marvel Studios to do well because they make good quality movies. My ultimate end game is for Marvel Studios to include Spider-Man X-Men and FF. (The dark side is that might lead to the movie version of Secret Wars).

Fourthly, "From the studio that brought you Iron Man Thor Captain America and The Avengers", geez Louise, what studio brought us The Incredible Hulk!?! WTF, is that franchise already in the dust bin!!!!

The Prowler (two cars park on the overpass, rocks hit the water like broken glass, I should've known right then it was too good to last, God, it's such a drag when you're living in the past).

Dr. Oyola said...

Hey Edo, what was Rocket Raccoon's early characterization like? Wasn't he a space cop of some kind?

From the film and little I have seen of him in the current comics he is the kind of character I hate - the snarky forever adolescent all ID kind of character - like Deadpool or Lobo or something, but cute. That is not how I remember him.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this movie, but am waiting for next week to avoid the crowds. I have a bunch of friends going tonight, but I declined the invitation.

Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, Osvaldo, as originally conceived by Mantlo, Rocket was sort of a cop in this outer-space insane asylum - as detailed in the mini-series from the mid-1980s. And, to the extent that I'm familiar with them, not really that much like Deadpool or Lobo.
And yes, I can see from the previews that the movie version is quite different. Personally, I would prefer something more like the original, but I'm willing to give him (and the movie as a whole) a chance.

david_b said...

Not in a hurry to go out and see, despite all the ravings, excitement, awesomeness, yada yada yada..

Just THRILLED to catch the glimpse of a 'certain fowl' at the end, finally done right.

(Sorry, doesn't take much to please us Gerber fans out there...)

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to be pedantic or anything, but... I don't recall Rocket Raccoon being much more than just a talking animal on another planet in his first appearance. Which was in that Sword in the Star back-up from a couple of mid 70s issues of Marvel Preview....

As for the GotG flick - haven't seen it yet, but am looking forward to it. As with other comments here, its not the Guardians I remember, but passing over them in favour of using Jim Starlin's Warlock - a much better comic - as source material works for me.


Humanbelly said...

Rocket Raccoon's first in-continuity appearance was a few years later in, of all places, Incredible Hulk #271. Quite frankly, this wasn't the book's greatest era by a long shot-- Bill Mantlo was trying hard to find some hook into both the book and the character that would work for him. This issue basically made the Hulk a supporting cast member in his own (20th anniversary issue!) book. I didn't care for it at the time-- it felt terribly forced. Talking funny animals and a subtle-as-a-brick Beatles motif? Yeesh-- square peg/round hole, Bill. About two months later I stopped actively reading completely.

I know I have the mini-series. . . and couldn't tell you a single thing about it. Honestly, as pat as this GotG version seems to be, I feel like I can buy into him and remember him more fondly.

MAN, though-- ALL of the reasonably close movie theaters in my area have "upgraded" to the whole plush-seating, luxury thing. . . so even matinees are running about $15 a ticket-! That's. . . a hard price to swallow for a movie, I have to say. . .


William said...

Went and saw today. Excellent movie, and very faithful to the comics.

I really wish all filmmakers would realize that the best and most successful comic book movies are the ones that stay closest to the source material.

Hear that 20th Century Fox? When your crappy Fantastic Four movie underperforms, don't blame it on the fans.

Doug said...

Both of my sons will be home this weekend ahead of leaving on family vacation for my in-laws' 50th anniversary. Those lads and I are tentatively taking in Guardians at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. We have to see it in 3D (which we usually avoid) due to the younger's work schedule. I'll post some thoughts when I get home.

HB, that matinee tomorrow, even in 3D, will probably cost us $8 apiece. I saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at the theater off the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro stop and it cost me $11 for a Saturday show at 12:30. But man -- what a nice place to watch a show!


Humanbelly said...

Wow, Doug-- I am coincidentally leaving in about 20 minutes to head for that very same Metro stop! (HBGirl's been doing a summer teen theater program at the old historic church on the other side of the block from the Fuddrucker's. On the north side of the National Portrait Gallery.)

I've not been in that movie theater before. There actually aren't that many in DC proper. But boy, that price doesn't surprise me at all. And yeah-- our whole family has given the general thumbs-down to 3D unless there's no other option. The biggest complaint across the board for us is that it makes the image noticeably and irresolvably DARKER, and it's literally harder to see what's going on. Rule one for any visual art-- don't shortchange the accessibility to the "visual" part of that equation!


dbutler16 said...

I haven't seen it but the trailer looks great plus, like Karen. I'm digging the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is out before a Justice League movie....DC is really dropping the ball...

Humanbelly said...

The Rocket Raccoon issue of the Incredible Hulk that I referenced above? My own unbagged, VG-ish condition (been read twice, I do believe, and is tightly packed with its brothers in a longbox) seems to be trading for hundreds. . . HUNDREDS!. . . of dollars!

Ten years ago, that was solid 2-for-a-dollar bin fodder---!

Man, it's Hulk #181 all over again. . .


Karen said...

We saw it yesterday at the IMAX with our 18 year old nephew and 13 year old niece, who are visiting from Texas. I think my husband and I liked it more than the kids did! Although they seemed to enjoy it too. It was pretty much what I expected -a big, goofy, fun movie. There are a ton of Marvel cosmic characters, alien races, planets, etc., referenced, which was really great to see. The story moved along well, and I fund myself feeling interested in the characters, particularly Starlord and Rocket. I liked what they did with Ronan and his role in the movie -I'll say no more. As I thought, the 70s music was also used well and brought a lot of energy to the movie (I hope the members of Redbone, Blue Swede, etc., will be getting some cash for this). I did think the after-credits clip was pretty lame though. But all in all, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Doug said...

Just got out of the picture about a half hour ago - we loved it! The thought of the Guardians and the Avengers teaming up in Avengers 3 (tell me it's not going to be called "The Infinity Gauntlet") and some scenes with Rocket, Groot, and the Hulk together is... freaking awesome in its potential!

I have issues with Yondu -- without spoiling anything, I simply do not know why they chose that name for that character. The yaka arrow was cool, however.

End scene -- not worth staying for. One of the few times Marvel has missed there, although as a tribute I suppose it was OK.

Nice to see the work of so many creators represented in this film: Lee, Kirby, Drake, Colan, Englehart, Mantlo, Giffen, Yan, Starlin, Gerber, Heck, and etc. That everyone got a mention in the end credits was very cool. Stan's cameo was fun as usual.

And that soundtrack... Best ever?


Anonymous said...

Best Ever?

I've still not seen the movie, that's on the schedule for today. But I "got" the soundtrack yesterday, will put it on my iPod and most likely listen to it when I return to work.

But if we're talking best ever: I would have to say my list for Movie Music would include James Horner's Aliens, Vangelis' Blade Runner, Andrew Powell's Lady Hawke, Tangerine Dream's Near Dark and Thief. Music in a movie, Risky Business, Vision Quest, Streets of Fire, Batman, and the Mac Daddy of them all....Purple Rain. Honorable Mention, Explosions In The Sky's Friday Night Lights.

So for me, Purple Rain is the best ever, but again, that's just my opinion as a US American.

The Prowler (still can't decide if flame broiling beats frying).

Martinex said...

Love the movie. And so did my son. Lots of fun and good humor. Best space action in a long time. Fun characters. Have to agree with Doug on Yondu though. A lot packed into this movie. First superhero movie that I can recall where so many characters have been introduced and it didn't seem crowded or too overblown. Even the minor characters had their own personalities and motivations. I'd recommend it. Still humming the soundtrack.

Humanbelly said...

Saw it w/ HB-- GIRL(!!!) yesterday (earliest matinee, non-3D: $9 each. . . )

Just about as perfect a fun summer film one could ever ask for. Nothing new to be found in the formula, of course-- but the execution was just about perfect. Films are a big, giant gestalt, of course-- but I'd like to point out that this is may be the first big, successful superhero film to have a woman carrying one of the primary writing credits. I'm loving that fact-- it's taken too long.

I was prepared to not like Rocket, or at least be put off by him. And HBGirl was INCREDIBLY skeptical of how he (or Groot) would work-- thinking it would be too much of a cutesy Pixar gimmick. But man, she bought into them immediately-- as did I! I do think having Rocket enter the scene initially as a voice, and not a visual, was a very canny way to introduce us to the character w/out having his appearance be a first-impression barrier.

And w/ that-- gotta run to work!


Karen said...

Although I did read the newer GOTG books a few years ago, I don't recall Starlord carrying around a Walkman -was that thought up just for the film? If so, it was a genius move. A great way to incorporate some songs that brought a lot of energy into the movie, and a perfect touchstone for the character. It just about blew my mind when a certain Bowie song (not the one you're thinking of) began playing during a scene in deep space!

Humanbelly said...

You SO got that right, Karen-!
Even though this is the new Millenial version of GotG on the screen, that soundtrack was nothing less than an aural valentine for all of us older Bronze-Agers-- giving us what was on the airwaves around the time that the Marvel Presents team was on the stands. And heck, even in the film, it's twice-removed! The mix tape that Peter's listening to in the "present" day was given to him back in 1988, and it was a mix of songs his MOTHER had loved when SHE was a teenager. Oddly enough, the biggest suspension of disbelief for me in the whole film was a) that a heavily-used cassette tape could survive w/ hi-fidelity for 25 years, b) the walkman would keep working (and batteries would be available), and c) the foam pads on the headphones wouldn't have utterly disintegrated. Happily, I simply justified all of it w/ an assumptive wave of the "Magic of Advanced Alien Technology" wand-- and thus never even needed to have it mentioned or explained.

See how easy it can be?

I don't think there could be a more perfect use of Blue Swede's "Oogah-Chakah" cover of Hooked On A Feelin"-! Geeze, I love that song-- remember standing in the pet department of Goldblatt's dept. store in Mishawaka Indiana the first time I ever heard it, thinking "What in the WORLD-??"

But yes, the soundtrack does a lot of the lifting when it comes to giving this film that familiar Retro-and-yet-Of-The-Moment sensation that was also so deliciously evident in film like Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Dr. Oyola said...

I didn't really like it.

It had some great character moments, but was mostly a mess of a movie with terrible pacing, paper-thin plot, and the visuals were a muck indiscernible movement.

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