Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This Cover Made Me Buy This Comic Book

Doug: I was reminded of this book whilst reading last week's Arc of Triumph (Defenders #s 22-25); it's included in the Essential Defenders, volume 2. Gaze upon the greatness that was Jazzy Johnny Romita in the Bronze Age! I need to read this again, as I've not read it since it was published and it's long since left my possession!


J.A. Morris said...

So, Valkyrie killed the Thing, right? Based on this cover she must have.

Anonymous said...

Well, Steve Does Comics' latest post features Marvel UK's Planet Of The Apes No.5 and THAT was the cover that made me buy that comic - WOW, there's a comic about the TV show !!!!...er, not quite but it's called Planet of the Apes so that's good enough. Actually, finding imported U.S. Marvel comics in '70s Britain often wasn't easy so I'd just buy any I saw and be thankful, never mind the covers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, is this post about covers that made us buy a certain comic or are we just supposed to be admiring that Marvel Two-In-One cover ?

Doug said...

Colin --


But really, it's just something I threw together in a few minutes because I saw the cover, waxed nostalgic, and figured I'd post it. Whatever happens from here on, happens.


Edo Bosnar said...

I read those first dozen or so Marvel Two-in-Ones written by Gerber after the fact. They were pretty good for the most part. And that is indeed a striking cover.
As for my own "cover made me buy it," I have to go with the first one in which this was the case: Marvel Team-up #38. The little 7 year-old me just found that cover so captivating - I had to have that issue.
During that phase in my comics reading, except for Spider-man, I just bought a lot of random comics based on the cool covers. And my eyed tended to be drawn to covers that had lots of colorful costumed characters on them, so DC got a lot of my early patronage, with covers like this, this, and this.

Humanbelly said...

Awwww heck, Colin-- I'd be up for both, myself!

One thing the cover reminds me of is that Romita Sr (like Sal B) was one of those artists who could pretty much draw any Marvel hero or character, and they would look "right", y'know? IIRC, his short post-Kirby run on FF was the only time I can recall negative fan reaction to his work on a book-- and having read those issues, I daresay it was more attributable to the situation rather than the quality of the art.
On this cover, though-- what the heck is goin' on with "Family-Size" Executioner-?? I mean, he's a big, big guy, sure-- but he's always been a NORMAL-scale big guy! Was this an aspect of the story within? Gosh, and did Val always wear ballet slippers?? (The lacing, in fact, would suggest point-shoes-- but they're not clunky-looking enough. . . ) Why am I not remembering that? That's so hilariously incongruous with her being a fearsome warrior figure. Someone who (more or less) sensibly wears protective armored breast cones is gonna leap into battle with a bit of silk daintily wrapped about her tootsies-?? I imagine the reason Ben DIDN'T get killed right then is because he took the initiative at that moment and stepped on Val's foot as she closed in for the coop-dee-gracie. . .

"Cover That Made Me Buy The Book"-? I know I mentioned this recently, but it was absolutely WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #18. I had no idea the book even existed, but for some reason that dueling-wolfmen cover totally grabbed me and never left my hand as I headed for the checkout. I'm darned sure I didn't look carefully at the pages within, either. I would have bet good money that it was also a JRsr cover, but it turns out it was a (young?) Ron Wilson w/ Frank Giacoia-- doing their best Romita impersonation.

Another example would be SKULL THE SLAYER #1. Apart from the blossoming craze to acquire First Issues of almost any inane title, this cover was like catnip for almost any geeky/goobery 14-year-old boy out there-- Bare-chested Hero! Painfully Cliched "Warrior" Title! Time Travel! Dinosaurs!! Quite surprisingly, no scantily-clad imperiled damsel (although, sheesh, she was certainly amply-unclothed in the story!). And I do really like the Kubert-like effect achieved with Kane/Milgrom art team.

Oh dear--- and now one must get back to work, eh?


Doug said...

HB --

I couldn't agree more on several of the points you made. I think the size at which the Executioner is drawn is one of the main draws of the cover. For me, the red at the top also makes it pop. And, I've always loved the font on ol' Ben Grimm's cover logo.

The Jazzy One was the purveyor of the Marvel House style in the Bronze Age. His work was everywhere, but notably on much of the licensed products that attached themselves to the Marvel characters.


William said...

Doug, I have Marvel Two-In-One #7 in a digital format. I can send you a copy if want. It's nice and high-res and easily readable. Just let me know.

Is there a way to send you guys attachments through the BAB site?

On the other subject of the day, I don't think I've ever bought a book just for the cover. I've looked at hundreds (if not thousands) of books because I liked the cover, but if I didn't like what was on the inside then I didn't buy it. At least as far as I can recall.

Doug said...

William --

We have a blog-dedicated email address over on the sidebar. So far Comicsfan and the Prowler have even made use of it!


Karen said...

When I was first buying comics, it was always the covers that got me to buy the book! I bought a lot of stuff that I wound up not liking very much too. It took me a couple of years to become more discerning. but every once in a while, I still bought a book because the cover was so darn cool.

Of course, we've also discussed the many times a cover had art that was way better than the interior art...

Garett said...

Love Romita's covers! I bought some comics for just the cover back in the day, but now the images are so easy to find on the net that there's no need. I've never been a Curt Swan fan, but I've picked up comics with a sweet Neal Adams or Garcia Lopez Superman cover. Also horror covers by Adams or Bernie Wrightson. Here are some cool covers:

Humanbelly said...

Oh! Avengers #128! Although I'd read a good chunk of the previous year's offering from that book elsewhere, that floating-head gem just jumped right off the spinner rack for me. If I were to hazard a guess, I think I have a green/gold/purple vulnerability-- that color scheme just presses a primordial "like" tab in my hind-brain. . .


david_b said...

Oh, the ones that pop into my head were...

Batman 251
Marvel Feature 11
FF 138
ASM 122
Avengers 114, 117
MTU 13 AND 14
Subby (with another Spidey cover) ish 69

Anonymous said...

Werewolf By Night 32. Werewolf and Moon Knight fighting!!! Cover caught my eye and I couldn't resist. As I looked over Mike's Amazing for other titles on sale that month, May '75, I also picked up FF, Marvel Double Feature, Marvel Spectacular, Marvel Tales (reprint of WHO's first appearance?) and Luke Cage Power Man!!! I would venture to guess, all because of the covers. And of course, Spider-Man cause I had to buy Spider-Man!!!!

HB, just a little point from a dad who's sat through many a ballet class, they're toe-shoes on which one goes on point. As always, I have your back and stand prepared to follow you through any door. Allons-y!!!!

The Prowler (I bet you're wondering how I knew, bout your plans to make me blue).

Humanbelly said...

Ha! Y'know what, Prowl? I caught my point/toe-shoe error myself after I'd posted (too late!), and felt like such a doof-! Yes, until this year HBGirl was also a mainstay member of a local competitive dance troupe-- but something had to give, grade-wise, and theater has now gained ascendency.

Hmm. Will I miss the weekend-long major competitions? Nnnnno, afraid I can't say that I will, in the long run.

Boy, WWBN is a title that somehow had a REALLY high proportion of good covers in ratio with its short run and often-dreadful interior art. . . ! Ah, that poor title--- how does it manage to keep coming up 'round here?


William said...

Doug, I sent that digi-comic your way. If you check your BAB Yahoo e-mail it should be there.

Dr. Oyola said...

I just bought a comic today because of the cover. .. well, because I remembered the cover as being to one of the first superhero comics I ever got (and definitely the first issue of Avengers I ever got), plus it was only a buck.

Avengers #184

Edo Bosnar said...

Not my first issue of Avengers, Osvaldo, but man, that cover evokes some fun memories. I was so loving Avengers at that point.

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