Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year from the Bronze Age Babies!

Happy New Year 2015!

 Tomorrow we're in full VACATION MODE and it will be up to the readers to carry the conversations. Get ready...

And, here is some more promotional artwork for Avengers: Age of Ultron to follow yesterday's revelations. Enjoy! 


Anonymous said...
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Doug said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

Tomorrow our vacation begins. You'll see the first in our "BAB Firsts" series of classic posts. Spider-Man takes on the Man-Wolf in our first partner review. We also have new material on the weekend to get this thing started: Saturday the first few people in will get to set some broader conversations for the day in the Open Forum. Sunday I've actually tried to kick that day off with a few Random Thoughts -- whatever's on your mind, say it!

Thanks in advance -again- for what you'll provide over the next 30 days. We are looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

@Colin: That's Hellcat's (ex-)husband, Mad Dog aka Buzz Baxter. I think he was Patsy's "love interest" back in the romance comics in the 60s, then he appeared in some Amazing Adventures tales with Patsy and Beast. Eventually he turned into a bad guy and fought the Defenders (he even interrupted Patsy's wedding to Daimon Hellstrom). I'm not sure why they look so friendly in that drawing, though.

In fact, that drawing looks kind of weird that by Hembeck? It looks kind of "caricatured"...not to mention Hembeck's probably the only one who'd put Captain Ultra front and centre!

Mike W.

Edo Bosnar said...

Happy New Year to Doug, Karen and everyone else from Eureka, California (flew in a few days ago to help my parents move from one end of CA to another). Today is the first day I've had time to check my emails, etc. I'll try to check in as much as possible over the coming days - looking forward to all the conversations in the coming month.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Doug, Karen and all the BAB community!

Love the HulkBuster armour!

- Mike 'takes a holiday around lunchtime everyday' from Trinidad & Tobago.

The Prowler said...

If I cannot Bring you Comfort,
Then at least I bring you Hope
For Nothing is more Precious
Than the time we have, and so...

We all must learn from small misfortune
Count the blessings that are real
Let the bells ring out for Christmas
At the Closing Of the Year.

Let the Bells Ring out for Christmas
At the Closing of the Year

(I don't care if its the first act of Henry the Fifth).

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