Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Spider-Man, Captain America and Thor Movie Photos!

Doug: Hey, everyone! I saw these pictures Thursday and Friday over at and thought I'd pass them on. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Underwhelmed. Looks like I'll be skipping at least two of these. From what I've read about Capt. America, they're planning to de-emphasize the "America" part, so why bother. Spider-Man looks like "Twilight" in tights, so I'm probably not in the correct bracket for it.


Joe Ackerman said...

I'll be giving Thor a go, took me a while to get over my initial "where's the Kirby?" reservations, and I'm kinda looking forward to it now.

in all fairness, I'm not really interested in a WWII Captain America film, 'specially one that isn't gonna have any Nazis in it, but I'll probably see it.

and I think Darpy's right about Spider-Man, it doesn't look like it's aimed at me. but I'll proabably see it.

so, yeah, it's Thor all the way for me, then.

Karen said...

I'm worried about the Cap film. Didn't like the selection of Chris Evans, I don't care for the costume, and if all this talk of "No Nazis" in a WWII film is true, I'm going to be seriously annoyed.

So far I like what I've seen of Thor. I don't understand the need for the changes in the Spider-Man costume though. It's such a classic, why mess with it?


ChrisPV said...

I know it's immature, but I can't help but giggle at the new Spidey suit. Without the belt, that red bit in the front is basically a big ol' arrow pointing right at his crotch.

Doug said...

Tobey Maguire had a Romita-look to him in that suit. This kid's body just screams Ditko, McFarlane, or Bagley. Very long and way too lean.

Speaking of the belt, if you look at that chap's left hip, doesn't there seem to be some red there? And I'm with Karen on the no-need costume change. I just don't get it.

Knowing that the look of the Cap costume is based on The Ultimates, I'm OK with it. From what I've seen, the Thor movie looks the best.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, the complaint that Spider-Man looks like "Twilight" is pretty funny.

Because the last thing we want Spider-Man to be is an angst-ridden drama about teenagers. That would be awful!

Doug said...

Eric, that is an excellent point.


ChrisPV said...

I think there's a difference between Stan Lee angst and Stephanie Meyer angst. Stan writes characters that are flawed, but still generally likable. Heck, once we lost Ditko (never cared for his art-yeah I know it's heresy) all of Spidey's supporting cast got more well-rounded. Gwen became sweet, MJ became shallow but basically good-hearted, Flash finally grew up some. Twilight is chock full of characters who are either rock stupid, mean-spirited, or both. Bella is one of the most vapid people ever put to page or screen.

As for the other movies? I'm really psyched. I think the Cap suit looks really good; it's a great cross between the traditional outfit and a more practical military uniform. I would've laid even money on the wings not making it in at all, so even painted on is a victory in my book. And as Thor is my favoritest Avenger ever, I'm sold on that movie opening weekend no matter what they do!

Anonymous said...

Not complaining about the "Twilight" approach for the new Spidey movie.....just saying it's not MY cup of tea. Millions of movie-goers would disagree, obviously.

I DO have a problem with the C.A. movie de-emphasizing the America part, as I read in an interview with the director a few months ago and doing a WW II movie w/o Nazis makes me think of the recent Avengers cartoon episode that I saw. What are you going to make the movie about if you take away those two concepts from the character.

ChrisPV said...

I'm personally hoping that Hydra is seen as a sort of Thule society. A part of the overall Nazi menace that does its own thing, but still very much part and parcel with Hitler's overall ideology. If it's just some nebulous terrorist organization, I shall be very, very cross. And I think everyone's bending over backwards to make it sound like this isn't a standard flag waving America-first sort of film that they're de-emphasizing it in all of the press. Dude's name is still Captain America, it'll come up. They just don't want a Mark Millar "DO YOU THINK THIS A STANDS FOR FRANCE!" thing going on.

(Millar's a hack.)

Doug said...

Just read this on the web -- Spider-Man will use mechanical webshooters in the new film franchise. If you look at the picture in this post, you'll see two shiny spots on the inside of Peter's wrists. Those, I would guess, would be the fixtures from where the web fluid will fire.

So that's good news for me.


Fred W. Hill said...

Regarding Chris' comments on Spider-Man, during the last year of Ditko's run (when he was doing all the plotting himself), Flash did show some signs of growing up and being something more than just a bullying jerk. Mainly, there was a scene from just before they graduated from high school where they were caught fighting at school. Flash is shown being genuinely surprised when Peter takes all the blame but rather than let "Puny Parker" take all the punishment, Flash decides to do the right thing and tell the principal the full story, letting Peter off the hook. Seems like such a small thing, but considering how one-dimensional Flash had previously been depicted it was a pretty big step, one which Stan & Gerry Conway followed up on, ever slowly transforming Flash into a likeable character and one of Peter's best friends. Alas that later writers have apparently transformed him back into a one-dimensional creep.

John Glenn Taylor said...

No, no thanks, and hell no.

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