Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Right Tool for the Job

Karen: Many super-heroes use weapons, devices, or other tools in their battle against evil. Indeed, some would have no powers at all without them, such as Green Lantern. Without his power ring, Hal Jordan is just a test pilot-which is still pretty exciting, but won't help him when facing the likes of Sinestro.

Karen: Do you have a favorite super-hero weapon? There are so many to choose from: Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer, Batman's utility belt, the Lantern's ring, Spider-Man's web-shooters, Hawkeye or Green Arrow's gimmicky arrows, Dr. Strange's cloak and amulet...the list goes on and on. Iron Man's entire suit could be thrown in to this discussion! Whether they are mystical or technological, a hero's tools often come to define him or her. Who is Thor without Mjolnir? Wonder Woman without her bracelets? Captain America never felt right to me when he was using that solid light shield. And a Batman without a souped-up vehicle? Just not as cool.

Karen: Let's discuss this: which weapons/gadgets do you like the most? Which are so iconic, that the character just wouldn't be right without them? And which ones do you think are over-played?


Anonymous said...

The Silver Surfer's surfboard is cool. Not as the "center of his power" as in that unspeakably bad movie, but just as a mentally-controlled and unbreakable flying thing that you forget about until it smacks you in the back of the head.

Extra credit: the Black Racer's skis

Anonymous said...

Green Lantern's question about it for me, even though it doesn't work against a particular color (dumb). I just always thought that having a ring that you use to do or make anything was beyond cool.


david_b said...

You all seem to come up with the best ideas for discussion..!!

Wow. I'd agree with GL's ring, hands down. Allowing him to fly in space, slap baddies with huge hammers, etc..

Although it wasn't from a favorite incarnation of mine, Hank Pym's ability to shrink items into his pocket (during his red outfitted WCA days). Still, he originally invented the gas to shrink or grow himself, so that was cool as well.

Close runner up would be Batman's utility belt: Typically holding anything from shark repellant to a PB&J sandwich...?

"The man always DID come prepared..."

Karen said...

For sheer power, I love Thor's hammer.

As a symbol, I think Cap's shield has no rivals.

For overall usefulness, I would have to give it to the Lantern's ring.

But the kid in me still loves Batman's utility belt!


Karen said...

Here's a question for you: Am I the only one who thinks that Wonder Woman's bracelets no longer have any purpose? DC has increased her power over the years, and my understanding now is that she's essentially invulnerable. So what does she need the bracelets for? It made sense when she was still more human and could be hurt by bullets. But now, they seem to be mainly decorative.


Doug said...

I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to be hit by Thor's hammer. Did any of you watch the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes prequel where Thor fought the Wrecking Crew? Egad!

I have to go with the Power Ring as well. What's not to like? It can do anything!

Although Reed Richards' MacGyver-like brain wouldn't be a bad thing to have, either...


david_b said...

"But now, they seem to be mainly decorative.."

Well, y'know, perhaps not prudent for a fight with Dr. Light, but a night on the town..?

With some dangly earrings, the bracelets really do the trick.

("Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize...")

Seriously, I've never followed WW's power or history, so like all other comic heroes in the last 20yrs, who can keep up with all the revisioning..??

Anonymous said...

I love the way Dr Strange's cloak would float over to him.


Kid A said...

For me it is most definitely Iron Man's armor. It absolutely embodies what the character is about. That and Tony Stark's moustache. Women are defenseless against it.

Joplin John said...

"...All those who chose to oppose his shield must YIELD!!"

Anonymous said...

I thought about Doctor Spectrum’s gem but I think it actually turned out that the gem was in the driving seat, right? So Dr. Spectrum was actually the accessory.

Doc Strange has a few cool items, not just the cloak, but the orb & the amulet.

The nega-bands. Did we ever find out where they came from? How did Mar-Vell find out about them? And what actually was their main purpose? I always got the impression that flipping Mar Vell to Rick Jones and back again was just a happy side effect.

The soul gems also seemed to have a lot of unexplored back story. It probably got explored (badly) after I left.

For sheer interest, I think I’d go for the Black Knight’s ebony blade. It was a thousand years old, had a psychic connection to him, I loved the fact that it could slice through, repel, absorb, and generally mess with anything, but best of all even HE had no idea of what it was capable of. When it suddenly absorbed someone’s energy bolts and then blew them into the middle of next week, he was as surprised as anybody.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read this thread.

When Karen says " And a Batman without a souped-up vehicle? Just not as cool."

....can anyone else hear Val Kilmer in their head ??


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