Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from the Bronze Age Babies!

Here's to you, a wish for the very best for 2011!

Rock On --
Karen and Doug


joe ackerman said...

happy new year, guys! & keep up the cracking good work!

cerebus660 said...

Have a great New Year, Karen and Doug! All the best for 2011.

Edo Bosnar said...

Thanks Karen & Doug. Have a great year & thanks again for the great blog.

Doug said...

All --

We appreciate the kudos, and will continue to pass on some comic-related love in the coming months. We hope we continue to be a little 5-minute diversion in what can sometimes be a cruel world.

Stay well,


Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Karen and Doug.

I love the blog.


david_b said...

This has been the BEST blog for me.. Loving the Marvelmania talk, although I know it's not limited to just that.

Both this, 'Life of the Beatles' blog, and the MegoMuseum have been my daily checks (religously..), even commenting on older posts of significant interest.

Thanks much Doug and Karen. Your insights and moderating ROCK through and through.

All Hail, Doug and Karen.

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