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For all of your Questions, Kudos, Criticisms, and Conundrums!!


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david_b said...

Tribute to Mr. Glen Larson anyone..

Starting with 'Alias Smith and Jones'.., he was an industry juggernaut with all his shows..., too numerous to mention.

I did a memorial on my Facebook page (David Bolter).

I trust most will remember him, like Irwin Allen and Gene Rodenberry before him, as a 'master storyteller'...

Karen said...

Larson was certainly prolific. When I heard of his passing, the first show I thought of was Battlestar Galactica, but he also created Knight Rider, Magnum PI, the Fall Guy, and of course, the Six Million Dollar Man. What an amazing creative individual.

Garett said...

How about Omega the Unknown? I finally got around to reading the TPB and enjoyed the unusual story, and good art by Jim Mooney. Interesting that it's co-written by Mary Skrenes, who created two main female supporting characters.

Garett said...

Howard the Duck review?

Edo Bosnar said...

Garett, I love how you're popping in here and dropping suggestions for various titles somehow involving one of my personal favorites, Steve Gerber. Wouldn't mind some reviews of Howard or Omega myself (I have that same tpb you mentioned - think I only paid about $4 for it), but I think it depends on what Karen or Doug have read and/or have in their personal libraries.
Also, not a suggestion for anything new, but I wouldn't mind some more posts on favorite SF and/or fantasy writers.

Karen said...

I don't want to speak for my blog compadre, but personally I am Gerber-ed out. The last few Gerber reviews we did will hold me quite a while. I have Omega somewhere (I think) but just not a big enough fan to find it and review it. And I was never a Howard fan. Sorry but that's the truth.

Edo, I appreciate your interest in the Science Fiction/Fantasy authors posts, but I think you and I were the only ones who liked them! But maybe I'll try it again sometime. I honestly can't predict what will be a hit and what won't any more!

Garett said...

Hey Edo and Karen. I read a few Howards as a kid and thought they were fun, and I just picked up the rerelease of the Howard Omnibus last week. So far it's great! Love art by Brunner and Colan, and I'm connecting with Gerber's writing right now. I haven't read his Defenders at all, but I may get the Essentials to check it out after Howard.

Edo Bosnar said...

Karen, no problems.
Garett, I wouldn't mind having that Howard omnibus myself, but I already have the Essential Howard, and it's a bit too expensive for material that I already have. Besides, right now I'm saving up for the upcoming Simonson Orion omnibus - I've been waiting too long for that to get published, so I'm going to buy it new rather than wait for a marked-down used or remaindered copy to show up somewhere (which is what I normally do).

Garett said...

Hey Edo, that Orion Omnibus should be great! I've just read the first bit of that story. I'd like to hear what you think of the omnibus when you get it.

For Doug and Karen, how about a review of Doctor Strange 1-5? Super Brunner art and Englehart story. I have the inexpensive reprint that came out in '83-- good reproduction and colors.

Doug said...

Hi, Garett --

As Karen said, you'll get no Howard the Duck from me - never read a single issue. I'm also not a huge Gerber fan. His work has begun to feel like a broken record to me. I am all about social injustice and the ills of life, but I don't necessarily want to be beaten over the head with that in a comic book. A little is OK, don't get me wrong. But I really felt like I was slogging through those five issues of Guardians of the Galaxy that we reviewed a few months ago.

And sadly, no Dr. Strange from me, either. Never had any of that. I mainly followed ol' Stephen in the Defenders, and rarely if ever solo.

I know -- I'm not much of a Bronze Age Baby!!


Garett said...

Ok Doug, well I'll keep sending in suggestions. I'm not a Doctor Strange fan in particular, but these issues are a knockout. I picked up this reprint for 50 cents a few weeks ago, so if you ever run across it, I'd recommend it! : )

Also I looked up Frank Brunner this morning and was surprised at how little comic book work he's done, at least interiors. He went into animation in Hollywood. I hate when awesome comic artists leave!

Doug said...

Anonymous -

My apologies about the broken links. You must be the most coincidental spelunker out there, as just last week I altered those two posts for re-publication in January as part of our annual vacation. You'll be able to read them and leave a comment on them in a few weeks.



Garett said...

Name your Top 10 comics or series of the Bronze Age. Has this been done yet?

Colin Bray said...

Thanks to Karen and Doug plus all contributors for a fantastic blog. One question/suggestion - after reading back go February 2013 I'm getting tired of manually scrolling back through all more recent posts.

Is there a search function so that I can avoid doing this each time? Or if not is it possible one can be added?

Thanks again for all the hours of bronze age pleasure.


Doug said...

Hi, Colin, and welcome!

If I understand you correctly, you just want to be able to jump around the blog's history? Hopefully right?

There should be a search box at the very top of your screen if you're using the desktop version of the site. That works pretty well for specific topics, although I do not always find it reliable.

The best way is to scroll down the sidebar until you get to the log of our posts ("Blog Archive"). These will appear with the current month's titles at the top, and then the following years below: 2014, 2013, 2012, on down to 2009. You can open any of those years, then the months within those years to see the output for a given month/year.

At the top of the page, under the masthead, are a series of links. The "BAB Library of Reviews" will take you to an alphabetical listing of every comic, book, video, etc. that we've reviewed since June 2009. There are over 500 links on that page.

Please let us know if this is not the information you were seeking.


Colin Bray said...

Thank you Doug, that's just the ticket.

I have previously been reading via the mobile version and didn't find the index whenever I logged into the desktop to look for it.

With this info I look forward to reading all the way back to your origin story!

Edo Bosnar said...

Oh, yeah, Colin, the origin story is awesome! I love the part where Karen and Doug got bitten by a radioactive baby from the Bronze Age, and then pledged to use their newly-acquired powers to bring joy to the lives of Bronze Age comics fans everywhere ... :P

Dr. Oyola said...

Just posting this to say. .. I never knew this was here and now I found 217 posts going back four years! Wow!

david_b said...

Wow.., guess no one uses the suggestion box much these days..

Just a nice link for the "Star Trek at 50" columns, especially for those transporter episodes (just missed 'The Enemy Within', I know, I know..).

A nice breezy explanation on how those Transporters are actually death chambers waiting to claim more lives which, if you discuss whether Data has a soul (Measure of a Man, NG's 2nd year classic), it comes into more relevance.

Karen said...

Thanks David. Fun clip. I've pretty much thought that about the transporter for years now. McCoy had every right to object to stepping onto the platform!

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