Monday, September 14, 2009

Part Two: Oh, Those Togs Are a Wonder, All Right...

Doug: Fashion police here again. This week our ol' pal Simon Williams is the victim, er -- honoree. We sometimes wonder if those ruby glasses don't affect Wondy's vision.

Karen: I don't even know where to begin with Wonder Man. I don't think the guy has ever had a really good outfit. His original Christmas tree costume looks absolutely brilliant in comparison with some of the stuff that came later. The safari jacket never made any sense. The Beast's (aka George Perez') costume for Wondy was a garish thing. But Wonder Mullet has to be the worst. It didn't look good on Superman and it sure doesn't look good on this imitation Superman.

Doug: I am at a loss as well. I suppose if nailed down, I'd choose the outfit in the very front of the group photo above. It's pretty standard superhero fare. I have to agree with my partner that the safari jacket-look, despite the numerous color scheme fiascos, is my least favorite. But, for whatever reason I did like the costume designed by the Beast (image to the right) about the best. Of course, one big blast to the chest later and that suit was a thing of the past -- it's at that point that the jacket entered the Wonder-mythos, I believe.

Doug: There are a few characters who have worn many different costumes over their careers -- the Wasp and Catwoman come immediately to mind. But at least those girls were bound to have a sense of fashion sooner or later! Ol' Simon just struggled; and all of the time!!

Karen: Verdict: Wonder Man is the Mount St. Helens of costumed heroes! Fashion disaster!

Doug: Ditto. Even Cosmic Boy, in all his pink glory, had a leg up on Wondy's closet.


Felicity Walker said...

Fun article! Hope to find part one linked here somewhere.

Bronze Age Babies is a good premise for the blog!

Doug said...

Hey, Felicity --

Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully by now you've found your way down the page to the Cosmic Boy post.

Let us know what else you like/don't like -- feedback is always good!



Karen said...

Hi Felicity!

Glad you enjoyed the Wonder Man article. Please let us know what you thought about our fashion review on Cosmic Boy!


Felicity Walker said...

It took some searching, but I did find the Cosmic Boy first chapter. And enjoyed it! Probably the least silly looking uniform was the one from the Keith Giffen era, but I hate to say that because I prefer the Swan era art so much more! The one with all the exposed flesh does indeed look like drag!

Felicity Walker said...

And I hope to see this feature continue!

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