Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Megos Cometh Again -- or the Next Best Thing!

Just a quickie this morning -- saw some cool pics of upcoming product from Mattel and wanted to post it. As you know, I was a Mego fan as a child -- played 'em until they exploded! DC Retro-Action Heroes are about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public -- check out some of the press shots!

Here is the original information as I found it on yesterday:

Check out these prototype images. You'll see they're not recreations, but updates lovingly based on the old style. In some cases, Mattel will even improve their iconic features, like adding a more accurate belt buckle for Green Arrow, or an "s" curl in the hair of Superman.

There will be three waves of four figures in 2010, starting with the characters pictured above in Wave 1: Superman, Sinestro, Lex Luthor, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).

Green Arrow will be the first release, and he'll be offered at on December 15th. This will be followed by a line at Toys"R"Us and select online retailers in the spring.

So, no idea what they will cost -- probably significantly more than the $4 my mom used to pay when I was getting these back in the early 1970's! But hey, they are cool and I'm sure these will find a place in the hearts of many a middle-aged collector!

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