Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thor and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes -- Trailers

Doug: I saw this over at Rob Allstetter's Comics Continuum yesterday. If you click below the photo, you'll be taken to the page where Rob's posted a 2-minute trailer to the new Disney XD Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. That show will debut this fall. It looks pretty good -- lots of super-baddies that you'll recognize. I do wish, however, that they could have gotten a differnt voice actor for Iron Man. Ol' IM just doesn't sound like I "hear" him. But that's a small complaint. Enjoy!

NOTE: At 3:45 this afternoon, I saw the trailer for the May 2011 Thor movie, as was shown at Comicon International this past weekend over at Enjoy! Double NOTE -- The trailer is a bit over five minutes in length; depending on your connection speed, wireless gremlins, etc. it may take awhile to download.


J.A. Morris said...

I hadn't heard about this show,thanks for linking. It'll help me get over the cancellations of both 'Spectacular Spider-Man' and 'Batman:Brave and the Bold'.
I didn't recognize all the villains,but I was able to pick out Loki(obviously),Arnim Zola,Constrictor,Whirlwind,Red Ghost,Grim Reaper,Grey Gargoyle,Wrecker and Griffin. Maybe someone else can post the other villains that appeared in the trailer? Thanks.
I agree with you about Iron Man's voice,but the worst thing for me was the theme music. But I presume that'll only play during the opening credits.
Looks a million times better than the 90s Avengers series(the one with different costumes and a lackluster line-up)so that's a good start!

ChrisPV said...

That theme is pretty atrocious. I still can't figure out why folks haven't learned the lesson of the Timm cartoons: No lyrics in the theme. Instrumentals are so much better at conveying the necessary emotion. Heck, remember the X-Men cartoon from the 90's? That's one of my favorite themes ever. Music to wreck Sentinels to. This? I'll be muting the TV during the opening credits each week.

And yeah, Iron Man's just a little too...I dunno, soft maybe? Not enough force in his voice.

MaGnUs said...

The trailer looks very, very nice.

Karen said...

I'm very impressed by the Thor trailer. I got to see it three times before it was pulled. Asgard looks magnificent, and the Destroyer + awesome! I always felt that Kirby was inspired by Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still when he designed the Destroyer, and that scene really amplified that feeling!Chris Hemsworth really looks like Thor - I'm hoping his acting will be up to the part as well.

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