Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Greatest Event in Sports

Doug: If you want my opinion, the third Thursday and Friday of March should be national holidays here in the good ol' U.S. of A. That's when the 1st round of the NCAA Basketball Championship tournament begins.

I've often read that nothing slows down business in America like office pools, and people sneaking a peek at the games on the Internet.
I have been known (don't worry about ratting me out - the principal knows) to assign some seatwork on those two days so that the television can be on in the classroom. Yes, I am the idol of millions...

There really is no other event in American sports like the NCAA Tournament. This year 68 schools will vie for the chance to be a true champion -- three weeks of games at locations throughout the nation, and for the first time ever, all televised. While the Super Bowl gets more attention, I'm not sure another event captures the imagination of the nation as much as this, when at tip-off everyone's school has a chance to be The One. Upsets are common, and offer more excitement to this particular event than any of the one-day championships or even series that are played out in the professional sports.
As we say at this time of year: Let the Madness begin!

What is your favorite sporting event? I'm sure since we have many international readers that we'll get a wide array of responses, so this should be fun.


J.A. Morris said...

No question,it's the best sporting event. I love the NFL & NHL,but the Big Dance is special. Almost every year,some no name school knocks off a basketball factory. I work at VCU,their win against Duke in '07 was amazing. I hope another "mid-major" makes a run like Butler did last year.
It's also great because it's a single-elimination tournament, not a best of 7 format.

jcpowell said...

I agree, THE tournament is the best sports has to offer. I remember staying home from school *koff, koff* to watch the first rounds, good times! Last years title game with Butler nearly upsetting Duke was awesome ... I'm still pained however when I see that last second NC State shot from '83 though. :(

Edo Bosnar said...

I used to like watching hoops, both NBA and NCAA, but kind of lost interest over the years...
Anyway, since you asked for some more "global" opinions, I'll say the World Cup & European Cup (in soccer, if there's any uncertainty). I actually enjoyed last summer's World Cup quite a bit, esp. the outcome: I thought it was cool that Spain won back-to-back Euro and World Cups.
Also, since I've been living in Croatia, I've come to appreciate a few sports I almost hardly knew existed while I was in the US, like water-polo and handball (which the Croatian teams are usually quite good at, as in they win titles and stuff). The European championships in both are surprisingly exciting.

Inkstained Wretch said...

Even the people I know with no interest in sports at all watch the NFL's Superbowl every year. Heck, we even had a good, highly competitive game this year!

Ric said...

LOVE the NCAA tournament!! Like Doug, I always say the first two days of the tourney are the two best sports days of the year! I have the luxury (sometimes its a curse) of being my own boss, so I routinely schedule myself off on the first round games. I can't wait!!

As if the sheer excitement of the tournament isnt' enough, the tournament is also an opportunity for entering into a few pools for annual bragging rights. The pools spice it up just a little more!

Finally, it's even better if your team is participating in the tournament. Every participating team has a chance to win it on Selection Sunday! My team is the Florida Gators... so I've experienced my NCAA basketball nirvana recently! (and NCAA football nirvana, too! --- not to rub it in!!)


Anonymous said...

LOve my Eagles, but since they ditched Dawkins and Westbrook, and tough guys like Runyan, Trotter, Tra Thomas---i dunno, they don't have the personality anymore.

But the Phillies are the talk of the town these days, and they have personality, you just gotta love em (unless you don't). Can't wait to go to another parade, the only day in Philly when EVERYONE was smiling.


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