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Doug:  If there was ever a time when one felt like it was financially lucrative to drop $120 on comic-related goodness, today was it.  I got back from Wizard World Chicago about an hour ago, with a HAUL!!  How does a 67% discount on ALL purchases sound?  I thought so.  Below is the rundown; even further below that you can see my original shopping list.  You'll see that I was actually quite successful, and picked up several other surprises along the way, often with you the BAB reader in mind.

Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel vol. 3:  Cover $55, paid $20 (still in shrink wrap)
Legion of Super-Heroes Archives vol. 13:  Cover $60, paid $30 (still in shrink wrap)
Deadman Book One tpb:  Cover $20, paid $10
Wonder Woman by George Perez vol. 2:  Cover $20, paid $5
Crisis on Multiple Earths - the Team-Ups vol. 1:  Cover $15, paid $5
Crisis on Multiple Earths vol. 3:  Cover $15, paid $5
The Chronicles of Conan vol. 3:  Cover $16, paid $5
The Mighty Thor - the Eternals Saga:  Cover $25, paid $5
Hercules - Full Circle Premiere Hardcover:  Cover $20, paid $5 (still in shrink wrap)
Guardians of the Galaxy - the Power of Starhawk Premiere Hardcover:  Cover $25, paid $5 (still in shrink wrap)
The Adventures of Red Sonja vol. 1:  Cover $$20, paid $5
The Avengers Defenders War tpb:  Cover $25, paid $5
Captain America and the Falcon - Nomad:  Cover $25, paid $5
Essential Man-Thing vol. 1:  Cover $17, paid $5
Essential Defenders vol. 2:  Cover $17, paid $5

Doug:  I took $200 with me and brought $80 back home, primarily because I filled one of our reusable grocery bags to the brim.  It was a very good day...

Doug:  Under the category *Saw but either didn't have a paid ticket for an autograph or didn't feel like waiting in line* were Stan Lee, Neal Adams, George Perez, Arthur Suydam, Angel Medina, and Michael Golden.  In hindsight, and given that I had the Deadman book in my bag, I wish I'd given the 30-40 minutes to wait and meet Adams.  I'd never seen him at a con before.  Carlos Pacheco was around, but I never saw him.  I guess I've moved out of the autographs phase.


david_b said...

Wow and WOW, Doug.. Great Haul, sir..

I didn't know ol' Stan was there.. Would love to grab an autograph from the Master himself.

$20 for Mar-Vell Vol.3..? My jaw hit the ground on that deal. Glad you had a great day.

Gray said...

I had the opportunity to meet George Perez at the convention in New Orleans this past year and it was really a great experience. He was everything I had imagined him to be growing John Byrne type of experience at all. Got a great Spider Man sketch from him as well. I also got to shake hands with and speak to Micahel Golden...less of an overwhelming experience even though I have long been a fan of his. He was very busy sketching a pre ordered piece for a fan. Still seemed friendly and kindly listened to me tell him what an admirer I was of all his cover work and art from the 80's. And like you Doug, I was amazed at the number of dealers there that were offering many of my favorite comics for great prices!

Gray said...

Anyone else have any other convention experiences that they would like to share...I for one would like to hear them at length...I have only been to one convention and that was last year! I know that all of the long time posters to this amazing blog have to have some incredible tales...good and bad!

Anthony said...

I have to echo david_b's comment. $ 20 for Mar-vell Vol. 3 ! I would have been happy with that alone. Still hoping Marvel will decide to do a Thanos Masterwork series. I'm really surprised that they never released at least an Omnibus. Maybe with him as the big bad in either Avengers 2 or 3 or Guardians that will finally happen. I would also like to put in a request for a review of Thor The Eternal Saga in the near future.

Gray my second favorite convention experience ( The first was getting Caroline Munro's autograph at a Creation con years ago. ) was listening to Chris Claremont speak at another con. Peter David joined him onstage unexpectedly. After that Chris stuck around to talk with fans. I got him to autograph an X-Men comic. Our conversation was too loud and we were politely asked by a convention official if we would move out to the hall. Chris could have used that as an excuse to leave but instead we all moved to the hall without missing a beat and there the conversation continued. My third favorite experience was the Two Captain's convention with Shatner and Stewart on the same stage taking questions.

Karen said...

Wow, what a great haul!! We definitely have some more joint review possibilities now...

Edo Bosnar said...

Hate to be a downer here, but I just read on another site that the great Joe Kubert has passed away.

(And just to bring it back to the topic at hand, Doug, ever the cheapskate looking for bargains, I'm green with envy at all of those $5 deals you scored...)

johnlindwall said...

Nice haul! I love those $5 trade tables!! How were the crowds at the con? At San DIego it is sometimes hard to look through all of the trades comfortably or without someone else hovering nearby or obstructing.

Doug said...

John --

I snatched the Legion Archives and Deadman tpb right away off a 50% table. Knowing what Amazon and other outlets were charging, I felt that those were great deals and didn't feel I should wait. I mainly just browsed for the next 45 minutes or so until I came to a dealer who had ~30 longboxes stuffed with trades and HCs. I started thumbing through the first box and then heard the guy say "All hardcovers and paperbacks are 4 for $20!" I about dropped my teeth! I asked the fellow next to me if that was indeed what the vendor had said, and he assured me that it was. I then knew I was going to go through all of the boxes, and I ended up with a forearm-cramping stack of 12 books.

The Captain Marvel Masterworks came from a dealer who had all of his Archives (including those now published by Dark Horse, et al.) and Masterworks listed as 5 for $100. I found that CM book that I'd talked with Karen about privately, and since it was around 2:45 in the afternoon asked the guy if he'd take $20 just for it. He lamented "but I'm trying to push the 5 for $100 deal!", but soon relented when the Andy Jackson was waved under his nose. I left happy.

I would seriously have bought more, but I felt like the 16 books I brought home was quite a gaudy haul.

I never did see anyone dealing any of the Batman artists hardcovers (i.e. the Jim Aparo one I've been using), which made me sad as I really wanted to buy the Marshall Rogers edition.


PS: Tomorrow we'll run a potpourri post where everyone can discuss cons, Joe Kubert, meeting artists, etc.

Chris said...

Some real bargains there Greg.

Isn't it great being able to check to see if it's cheaper than listed on Amazon. It's what smartphones (as we call them in the UK) were made for!

If I bought a stack of books like that it would keep me going for months! I just get so little time to read.

Have you read any yet? Or, if not, what's on top of the pile?

Doug said...

Chris --

Mainly these are books I purchased for use on this blog, or to just pick-and-choose from over the next many months. I wouldn't say there is a timetable to get through any of them.

However, if I was going to sit down with one to read cover-to-cover, I'd probably pick the CA&F Nomad book. After that, I'm intrigued by the Essential Man-Thing book; the Marvel Firsts the 1970's books have me curious about Marvel's Bronze Age horror/monster comics.


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