Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Incredibles

Karen: We've heard some love expressed for this Pixar film before around here. Now's your chance to really talk about it! Let's hear what you think. Personally, this is my favorite Pixar film by a long shot. I love the Bond homage with the villain's island, the Silver Age feel in the flashbacks, the ersatz-Fantastic Four...I could go on and on, but I'd rather hear what all of you have to say!


Chuck Wells said...

As entertaining as all of the Pixar films are, "The Incredibles" is and will continue to be my favorite for all of the reasons that you mentioned, plus exceptional voice casting.

Given that they've produced or greenlit sequels to a few of their other movies, I will hold out hope that we may see the gang return at some point.

david_b said...

'Incredibles' remains my fav of all Pixar films, worthy of rewatching multiple times.

I was impressed that the folks behind the FF movie had to keep looking at what the Pixar folks were doing, since the FF film was in final production when 'Incredibles' was released, and most stunts would have ended up very similar, effectively stymieing/stunting some proposed action sequences for the first FF film.

I love the breezy story-telling here, the full-on Pixar humor, overall character look, tender moments for Violet, the snazzy scene-stealing energy with Lucious (Frozone), you name it.

And Edna Mode was a hoot ("CAPES..??, No dahling, NO CAPES").

We're LONG OVERDUE for a sequel..

Edo Bosnar said...

Seriously, man, three Toy Stories, two Cars, four Shreks and a Puss-in-Boots spin-off (yeah, I know those are Dreamworks, but still), and only one Incredibles?!
And yes, I guess it's my favorite Pixar feature, although Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc. are tied in a really close second place.
Expanding on Chuck's observation on the exceptional voice casting, I have to add that this pertains in particular to Holly Hunter as Elastigirl - sheer and utter genius; Elastigirl is also by far my favorite character in the movie. She is truly the most heroic of the whole bunch.
I also like the much put-upon babysitter - I love that bit in the extras that shows all the stuff she went through with Jack-Jack while the rest of the family was away.

david_b said...

Wasn't that scene with Lucious and his wife's yelling WAY too cool (and painfully realistic...):



That had me rolling, as did most scenes in that film.

I SO wanted to find out what happened with the 'Underminer' and gigantic drill at the end, intentionally screaming 'FF versus Mole Man' all over again..? Apparently it was played out in some video game sequel 'Rise of the Underminer' but I'm not into video-gaming.

Inkstained Wretch said...

I saw the film with my then-girlfriend, who was French. She thought the fact that one of the villains was named "Bomb Voyage" was hilarious...

humanbelly said...

OMG, davidb, Lucious' wife has to be one of the best-realized unseen characters EVER-- especially considering how relatively brief her scenes are. I probably paraphrase it a bit, but a few lines later in the same exchange:

"We are talking about the Greater Good!!"

"Greater Good?? I am your WIFE! I am the GREATEST good you are EVER gonna get!!"

And I think if they ever came up with an Edna Mode film, my wife would sit through multiple consecutive viewings. Biggest. Fan. Ever. The fact that director Brad Bird did the voice himself (with more than one review suggesting that he was in danger of stealing his own movie)simply adds to the charm and delight. You have to assume that they auditioned plenty of actors, and after the umpteenth time of Brad instructing, "No, dahlink-- try it like thees--" someone finally suggested that, heck, he was by far the best choice himself. One of the very few criticisms you can make of the film is that you wanted to have just one more "Edna" scene-- but then the movie-stealing peril would be even more pronounced.

And do folks remember that there was Oscar-nomination talk for Holly Hunter for this role? It really ratcheted up the tinseltown debate over whether animated film performances could be considered at all (which began in earnest when James Woods deservedly DID get nominated for voicing Hades in Disney's HERCULES a few years prior).

My one quick question that I never quite picked up on: That Mirage hench-woman? Did she have some sort of superpower-- or was she just beautiful and sinister? A little vague on that point. . .


Anonymous said...

What a perfect film. Possibly too perfect for a sequel. I can't imagine how they could come close to capturing the magic a second time. I think some films, such as Casablanca, or The Big Lebowski, are just better off without sequels. Iron Man 3, I'm looking forward to. The marvel movies are designed for sequels, and they work well (I liked Iron Man 2. Not as good as the original, but it's been criticized to harshly, in my opinion). However, take other great films such as Jaws, or Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. The world would be a better place without our landfills being filled with those horrible sequels.

Is this the best superhero film of all time? It just might be. God, I loved every second of The Incredibles.

"Bob, a company is like an enormous clock. It only works if all the little cogs mesh together"

James Chatterton

William said...

I agree with everything everyone has said here. "The Incredibles" is not only my favorite Pixar movie, it's one of my favorite movies, period. And perhaps the greatest testament to this "incredible" film is that it is the all-time favorite movie of a friend of mine, and he's not even into comics at all.

I definitely agree that it is quite possibly the best super hero movie ever. I really can't express how much I loved this movie when I first saw it (and still do). It was like Brad Bird tapped into the brains of all us "Bronze Age Baby" types and pulled out the perfect movie. From the story, to the action scenes, to the humor and the style, it's one of the few movies I've ever seen where I wouldn't change a single second of it.

In fact, I'm almost glad they haven't made a sequel, for fear that if it wasn't as awesome, it might diminish the towering achievement of the original.

david_b said...

Agreed with all here (hb, LOVE that line as well....)

It had everything.. Broad humor, self-deprecating humor, melodrama, superheroes, suburban situations, superheroes, villains, outfits (no capes), superheroes, in-jokes about comic collectors ("I've signed just about everything you've put in front of me..."),tender reflective moments, exciting action, jetset Bond music, evil island, superheroes, you name it.

Simply a treat.

Earth66 said...

The scene with Elasti Girl and the kids in the jet still gives me goosebumps every viewing.

I laugh everytime I think of "Bomb Voyage." Every. Time.

The Incredibles is the best fantastic Four movie.


Redartz said...

Count me with all of you in praise for "The Incredibles". I consider it the best film from Pixar; and that is saying something, considering the high quality of their output. From the first viewing, everything about the movie bowled me over. It was as if someone had taken all my favorite genres and blended them with a beautifully animated result. As Karen noted, the Bond influence is apparent; the cool jazzy soundtrack would have been quite appropriate for one of the Connery films.

There are so many great scenes! Loved when Elasti-Girl was stuck, stretched between the doors of Syndrome's complex. There was Bob, poring over the mementos of his career. There are the scenes mentioned above; Frozone, Edna, and the missiles. There was Dash's dazzling sprint across the water, and so much more. "I'm still geeking out about it!"

Graham said...

I loved it. The whole family loved it. For this comic book guy, it was perfect, not a note out of place. While a sequel would be nice, I don't see how it could top the original.

William said...

See what you've done Karen? Now I'm going to have to watch The Incredibles again this weekend, even though I've seen at least half a dozen times.

"You married Elasti-Girl?!!... And got biz-ay!!"

david_b said...

That's got to be the best praise ever..:

"It seems like they wrote it for us.."

Like William, now I HAVE to watch it again this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that there is only one Incredibles (and one Monsters Inc, btw). Having said that, I think that the quality of Toy Story and Shrek wasn’t diminished much by the sequels (sure, you lost the new-ness of it, but that’s inevitable).

If we could absolutely ensure the same team and same quality, I’d love a sequel but if it was just Disney cashing in, then no thanks.

In fact, when I rule the world it will be illegal to make movies which...

Hey, wait a almost got me monologuing there.....


Anonymous said...

The sequel is the great Incredibles comic books, which are better than anything Marvel or DC are doing. Also I can let my kids read them, which beats out Marvel and DC again.

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