Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pet Peeves

Karen: Usually we try to keep things positive around here. After all, the whole point of this blog is to talk about those things that make us happy -comics, films, music, and so on that have brought us pleasure since we were youngins. Sometimes we review books that aren't so good, but we still try to find something nice to say. But today's post is a chance to vent a bit about those little things that just drive you crazy -pet peeves. They don't have to be connected to our usual topics, it can be anything that gets under your skin. Here's a few of mine:
  • Vanity license plates that simply reiterate the  make or model of the car. I can see you are driving a Mustang, and I assume the car is yours, so why waste your money buying a plate that says "MyStang"? Or how about "momsvan"? Saw that too.  The absolute worst, though, was one I saw just last week on a BMW 325I. I snapped a quick pic of it on my phone. In case you can't tell, the plate said, I kid you not, "325IBMW". Really? You spent $50 or however much it is to tell me that? Like I couldn't tell what kind of car you were driving?! If you're going to have a personalized plate, for Pete's sake, express yourself! Say something about who you are!
  • Waiting 30, 40, 45 or more minutes after my scheduled doctor's appointment before I actually see the doctor. I'm on time, why can't they be?
  •  People who call Star Trek "Star Track."
  • People who cough or sneeze and make no effort to cover it up. Thanks for the germs buddy!
  • DJs who talk over the beginning of the song - like it's OK to talk because it's "just" music, no singing yet, and we'd rather hear their brilliant commentary! How many great intros have been ruined by these inconsiderate jerks?
Doug:  Karen offered me a chance to get in on this.  How about...?
  • Visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles?  Rude, slow, inefficient, expensive, rude, and did I mention slow?  Being a civil servant myself, these folks give state employees a bad name.  There's a guy at our local office who is sort of my idol and tax-sucking nemesis all rolled into one.  Seriously -- he comes back from his break, walks the length of the counter as if he's looking for something, talks to two of the workers who are helping people (interrupting the customers conversation), comes back down the counter, helps one person, walks back down the line, returns to his place, fidgets around, and then goes to the bathroom.  It's a monument to non-productivity.  Dire Straits sang about Money for Nothing...
  • When I go home from school, I use a neighborhood street that comes out to a main thoroughfare, but only about 1/2 a block away from a stoplight.  When I'm on my way home, the folks who work the 7 am shift are now on their way home, too, and traffic is very heavy.  Inevitably, I get behind some doofus trying to turn left onto the main road.  Traffic is so heavy, even when that light turns red, you then get the people from the opposite road making their right-on-red turn into the path I'd love to get on.  Left hand turn from the guy in front of me?  No chance...  So I sit, fuming.
  • When I coached youth sports, the kid who wanted to show everyone how good he is (which basically boiled down to mimicking some awful fundamentals he'd seen from a pro athlete on television) absolutely drove me nuts.  Just play the game, son.  And be a good teammate!
  • And of course, one we can all relate to:  reading issue #X, of course with a cliffhanger ending, and the next issue in the series that we found was naturally issue #Z.  Where o' where did issue #Y go??  No idea.
  • I think we can close this one out with one more "little" nitpick about modern comic art, and that's the Image-era and post-Image-era depiction of women in comics.  If you'd wondered about Kara's breast-reduction surgery, you are sadly mistaken; there's no way she could even see Supergirl...


Edo Bosnar said...

Both of you each mentioned peeves of mine that came to mind as soon as I saw the post title: Doug, yes, the never-found missing issue of a story comics story - really not just a pet peeve, more like the bane of all young comics readers who depended on grocery/convenience store spinner racks; and Karen, DJs talking over the beginning (or end) of songs. I'm with you on that a thousand times over - I especially hated it when they talked over really elaborate instrumental intros, like those to say, "Light My Fire" or "Riders on the Storm" (by the way, RIP Ray Manzarek).

A few of my pet peeves in traffic - more specific to where I'm living now (Croatia/Europe) than the US: drivers who come to an almost complete stop before speed bumps - I can't tell you how many times I've almost rear-ended these jokers; drivers who stop while already inside a traffic circle (rotary) to let other cars come in - thus causing mini traffic jams and defeating the whole purpose of the traffic circle. Alternatively, drivers who completely ignore the fact that they have to yield to cars already in a traffic circle and just drive right in (and count the people they're cutting off to have really good brakes and reflexes).

Another comics-related one that really bugged me as a little kid: those bagged comics 3-packs that were usually sold in drug stores, when it was hard or virtually impossible to tell what the third one in the middle was (often a title you didn't like, and probably a cliff-hanger issue to boot).

david_b said...

Edo, your mention of the bagged 3-packs makes me guilty to admit this, but I'm one of those kids who'd 'oh-so-carefully' rip them open to switch comics. Actually, kidding aside, I remember my Mom actually suggesting I do that, simply because half the bags were ripped open already, so she apparently didn't see the harm. I was able to collect Spidey 122, and a handful of other tasty back issues some 40yrs ago long before any store (especially in the midwest rural commmunities) would have back issues. Nowadays I'm sure they're in more 'controlled environments', but back then, no one really cared.

Peeves of mine, not really too many because I'm pretty rose-colored in my view of life. A couple of things come to mind..:

1) Sleeveless tshirts..: Ok, unless you're some hunky construction worker at a site and it's 100 degrees, WHO does this look attractive on..??? Men or women, doesn't matter.

2) Todays men's hairstyles: When hair is so tightly cropped, teens look like they have 'fuzzy heads'. No part, no style, just a fuzzy head of hair.

"C'mon teens/young adults.., look in the mirror ONCE in a while."

3) Woman with tats above the breasts (under the neckline..): Seriously, don't think much of any tattoos, but ladies.., NOT bein' sexist, but you ruin a wonderful upper chest area.

4) On that subject, folks who tattoo their faces. Then wonder why they're being stared at or can't get jobs.

5) "C'mon, dudes, can't seem to pull the pants up..??"

6) Lastly (for now...) I am blessed with a HUGE mancave with a 50" plasma for movies, so I don't have to put up with cell phones and texting in dark movie theaters.

Ok, on to the bonus round..: Just bought MTIO ish 6 with the Thing and Doc Strange yesterday. MAGNIFICENT Starlin cover, Starlin's still was one of the best Thing artists, always showing nice depth in his rock body.., and he really should have been on Strange's title (much cooler cosmic renditions than Frank Brunner ever did), but inside..?


Seriously..? No better combination was available..? I just got done praising Tuska the other day for his Iron Man stint, he's NOT a Thing artist, let me tell you.

But to have Esposito on inks over that..? After a nice run of Sal Buscema drawn issues with DD, Cap and Guardians..? Sheesh.

Ok, back to my coffee and work.

ZIRGAR said...

One of my major pet peeves is people who do not know the purpose or function of an automobile's turn signal. They use it just as they've begun the turn, when at that point it's obvious they are turning, so why bother? Or when a driver fails to use it when he/she takes a turn over to a "turn only" lane, but then that same driver uses the signal while in the "turn only" lane. AAAGGH!!

Anonymous said...

Well now I know what the new 52 is all about. Apparently it's the new 52DDDD!


Edo Bosnar said...

david_b, don't think opening didn't occur to me, but I got busted trying to do it once: I was about 8-9 years old, in a drug store, trying to figure out what that middle issue was, and began to try tearing open a little hole in the top, when all of sudden I hear the testy voice of the lady working the cash register (which was pretty close to the spinner rack) saying very slowly and deliberately, "Do. Not. Open. Those. Bags." It kind of made me leery of ever trying again...

And you mentioned another peeve that I share (and has been mentioned here before): the awesome cover art followed by middling or downright poor art inside the comic. For me, the grand prize winners in that category are those beautiful Legion of Super-heroes covers by George Perez, with interior art by Steve Ditko (don't get me wrong: I'm normally a big fan of Ditko's, but he was really unsuited for the Legion).

david_b said...

Ummmm, sorry DC's 'New 52'.., wasn't listening,

"What EXACTLY is colliding..?"

Give me the classic Bronze DD covers with Black Widow anyday.

david_b said...

Edo, I had a VERY similar experience at the same age. I was also in a small drug store, which JUST became my go-to spot for new comics in '73 and after spending a few minutes at the spinner rack, the crusty old lady behind the counter HAD to say those FAMOUS words all young comic readers just BEG to hear...:

"Y'know, this isn't a Library..'

I got scared with the tone of her voice (like the scratch upon a chalkboard), but it sure didn't stop me from frequenting the place (being the only shop close enough on my bike), suffice to say I sure made my selections and left quickly after that.

Incidentally, as for my bag-opening, it was in a huge department store, so there wasn't any elderly store clerks out patrolling, "feverishly protecting the beloved and sacred SANCTITY of those air-tight sealed bags of uncalculated value and wonder.."

Karen said...

Edo, I had that speed bump experience just yesterday after work while trying to leave the parking garage. The guy ahead of me surprised me by coming to a complete stop before each and every 3" high speed bump -the first time I had anyone do that here! I always give people plenty of room -I hate tail-gaters - but I came close to hitting the guy the first time because I had no idea the guy would feel the need to crawl over each bump. And he wasn't driving a low rider or anything like that, just some little sub-compact. Really weird, and added a few extra unwanted minutes to the commute.

I can't stand those traffic circles! We just don't have 'em out here in the west, but I encountered them when I was on the east coast and they were maddening. Particularly since they were full of folks with that 'east coast attitude' (sorry guys but there is a cultural difference across the country) and you'd think you were asking for their first-born by trying to move over in the dang thing.

Bruce said...

Okay, that Power Girl cover is just ridiculous.

However, I'm more bothered when traditionally classy heroines like Wonder Woman, Sue Richards, Zatanna, etc. are drawn like scantily-clad pin-up girls. Power Girl has always been portrayed as a bombshell (although perhaps not to this exaggerated degree), to the point where it's become a core part of her character. That's fine, but EVERY female hero shouldn't be a typecast as eye candy.

david_b said...

Karen, we're starting to get those circles in DROVES up here in Wisconsin..

I don't mind 'em too much yet.


Mike said...

Karen, as an East-Coaster that's been all over the USA I concur .. guilty as charged! Personally, I like the Mid-West, people seem a lot more polite there. The South is really nice but waaaayyy too laid back. I'd love to live down there, but I just don't think I have the patience. On the West though, I dunno ... I've ran into traffic outta LAX a couple of times and it is an absolute nightmare! ... seemed rather East coast to me ;)

The only pet peeve I can think of right now is the changing of established characters and their origins to try to make them more edgy, angry, and brutal to fit our pitiful culture, rather than getting creative and create all-new characters and up-lifting stories. I see this lack of creativity in comics as well as other forms of entertainment. This is why I'm a little concerned with the Man of Steel movie. I'm afraid they are gonna screw up Superman and drag him down. I really really hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to driving the thing I hate is when you are waiting at a red light and the moment it turns green the person behind you honks - like they don't even give it a full beat for you to notice, take your foot off the brake and hit the gas. I have a fantasy about just sitting there and waiting through the whole green light when that happens.

Or, who is worse? the person who drives slow in the passing lane or the person who tailgates you when you are stuck behind a slow person in the passing lane?

The list of cellphone-related pet peeves is too long to list ;)

For comics, the vast majority of modern paneling - it is like comic makers have forgotten about the sequential part of sequential art.

J.A. Morris said...

I'll start out with some "comic book" related pet peeves:

1.Batman's movie costume vs. Batman's comic book costume. Karen brought this up yesterday. Batman's costume is gray and black, or gray and blue. I guess it's been black in every movie because they think "gray costume=Adam West"? Stupid.

2."The Parker Luck". I love Spider-Man, he's probably my favorite character in the Bronze Age and any age. But the Parker Luck has always been my least favorite aspect of his stories.

3.The dreaded fill-in artist. This is related to something david_b posted. This always bugged me in comics and now bothers me when I'm reading a book of Bronze Age reprtints.
Part 1, drawn by Perez (or Byrne, or Buscema, or even a lesser-known but good artist like Pollard). Part 2, same artist. Part 3 will then be penciled by Heck, Tuska, badly over-inked by Chic Stone or Vince Colletta. Really kills the story.

4.Real world petpeeve:
Someone's talking about 2 things, like 2 sports teams. They'll say "Ohio State and USC are ranked #1 and #2, respectively, but they're really #1 and #1A".
Why aren't they #1A and 1B then?

5.Lastly (for now!), it may sound cliched but I really,really don't like to see people driving or texting. Especially if I'm on foot or biking on the same street. I doubt that conversation needs to take place at that exact moment.
When people whine "where are the flying cars, we were promised flying cars by 2000!" I say "thank goodness we don't have flying cars because they'd be crashing into each other because the "pilots" would be texting.

Doug said...

Being a high school teacher, I do have a lot of pet peeves associated with "the younger generation". Notably, the pants buttoned below the buttocks is a fad that I cannot believe has lasted as long as it has. The amount of time kids spend with a cellphone in their hand is ridiculous, and causes me to say often that texting, social media, reality television, etc. have us on the fast-track to the decline of Western civilization. Also as a contributing factor is their lack of knowledge or even care for the news. Seriously (and I know those of you not living in the States won't get this), I had several students in class this morning who knew nothing of the Oklahoma tornado that hit south of OK City on Monday. How exactly does one avoid a story like that?

I have come to the conclusion that if I had lived in the 1950's, I would have been the one clamoring for Elvis to be shot only from the waist up.


Maybe not that curmudgeonly...


Doug said...

By the way, Tom -- a kudo to your incredibly laugh-out-loud funny comment above.

I am thinking today's post and opportunity for sharing is therapeutic, no?


david_b said...

One nice switch was DC's Starfire covering up more for the Drugs issue for kids and initial drawings for a proposed '80s Titans cartoon..:

She still looked great, but the provocative outfit toned down (and breast reduction).

And in danger of sounding to curmudgeony.., as an old marathon runner, I wish runners in the parks around here would **actually** run on the concrete or asphalt paths in the park and NOT in the roadway. I've come close to running into 'em a few times.

J.A. Morris said...

Add Robbins to my list of artists I hate running into in Bronze Age sagas.

Karen said...

Frank Robbins is just one big pet peeve for me.

Anonymous said...

The proliferation of the female 'ass shot'in comics...why? I'm sure even good boys in the bible belt can sneak better...relief material, on their computers!

Garett said...

When I was a little kid, I called it Star Track, as I didn't know the word Trek. Karen, I agree about DJs butting in on songs...also at the end, when there's a beautiful ending and they'll start yapping before the last note...or, right after the last note is some electronic hyperactive sound that kicks in the station's jingle, totally eliminates the mood you just experienced.

Driving: pull in behind someone in the left lane at a red light. Light turns green...THEN they put on left turn signal! Wait behind them forever...

Last peeve: people of my generation who, when we were kids complained about the adults, and now that we're adults, complain about kids. I think the low pants are hilarious though.

david_b said...

Karen and J.A., I see your Robbins and raise you Heck on Bronze Age Titans and Batman Family.

As for ol' Frank I had some issues of him on Batman.

Yeah, it was as terrible as it sounds. He sure ruined the otherwise spectacular Nomad saga in CA&F. Never thought I'd be SO RELIEVED to see Herb Trimpe or later Sal Buscema himself come back (issues 184 and 188 respectively..).

Oh..... wait... I'm FEELING IT..

"..wait for it, wait for it.."

Yes, "the Kardashians"..., and how about 'Extreme Cougars" on TLC. Yes, a show on the Learning Channel about cougar moms.

Seriously. What is exactly being taught here..?

J.A. Morris said...

@david_b, nothing is being taught here, that's why they stopped calling it "The Learning Channel" and usually call it "TLC" so no one will ask what's being taught.

Redartz said...

Driving peeve: people who approach you with their brights on at night and never dim them. Just as bad: those who come up right behind you and keep their brights on, blinding you from every rear-view mirror angle.

Comics peeve: today's tendency to make most stories 5 or 6 issues long, just to fill out the eventual trade paperback. Let's have more one and two part stories ; not every tale needs to be an epic saga!

Doug said...

Garett said: "Last peeve: people of my generation who, when we were kids complained about the adults, and now that we're adults, complain about kids. I think the low pants are hilarious though."

Garett, I have a colleague who is fond of the term "cleavage in two places". You, sir, should try walking around a classroom of teenagers, seeing what human eyes were not meant to see (on people of all shapes and sizes) and try to maintain one's sense of dignity. I often ask 1) where are the parents?, and 2) cripes, kid -- did you walk past a mirror on your way out the door??


Doug said...

Echoing David and J.A. --

Yes, it used to be called "Music" Television.


Karen said...

My blogging pal Doug said "seeing what human eyes were not meant to see (on people of all shapes and sizes)" - boy, that's sure true at comic/sci-fi conventions, isn't it??

Doug said...

Let's just say that not everyone pulls of "slave girl Leia" like Carrie Fisher did...


Garett said...

Haha...well I can see that that experience could injure the eyes, Doug! : )

I wasn't taking a shot at you by the way...instead, people I know who don't see the diversity within generations. I see so many talented, creative, thoughtful kids and teens, especially in music. Not talking about big easy targets like Beiber, but young people in my city playing live venues...fantastic talent and attitudes. Also, when I was a kid, some kids would take cheap shots at some teachers, adults...and I could totally see that the kid was just being a dumbass. I learned to judge individuals on their merits and not what generation they belonged to--which was hard, as the Hippie vs. WW2 Generation split was such a big divide, and a big theme in movies, tv, and music back in the day--like Archie Bunker vs "Meathead" Mike on All in the Family.

Marc said...

Here are some of my pet peeves.

- Opening a comic to find the interior drawn by Al Milgrom. How did that guy get so much work in the 80s? On some A titles too!

- Practically any movie that comes out nowadays is a remake.

- Don't get me started on traffic. I live in Los Angeles, and everyday is a traffic nightmare here.

Karen said...

Marc, my husband knows I desperately want to return to California, but I've told him that really means the Bay Area, or maybe San Diego, not Los Angeles. When he asks why, I just say: "The 405."

Marc said...

Karen - that dreaded freeway!!! you really have to avoid it if you want to retain your sanity living here.

BTW, I love this blog! I stumbled upon it a month ago and it is now one of my go to reads every day.

One more pet peeve, having to prove I'm not a robot... uggh

Anonymous said...

I agree with quite a few things already mentioned, but my big two are hypocrisy and conformity...they cause nothing but trouble and I hate 'em both with a passion.

Mike W.

david_b said...

Marc, Welcome Aboard the Good Ship BAB.

Al Milgrom..? Ok, add Greg LaRocque to that (occasionally Bob Hall), deflating the greatness (nearly ruining) both Avengers and WCA for a good LONG time.

"Who told these guys they could draw..?"

Oh, also 'bike helmets'. YES, I know they help prevent injuries, but with those and those special child car seats parents are REQUIRED to buy, plus a child under 80lbs is not allowed to ride in the front seat (seriously, my wife is a nanny, and has to abide by these regs when shuttling her kids around..).

Somehow, SOMEHOW, we all managed to survive those dismal Dark Ages of our youth forty-some years ago with only 'Mr Yuck' stickers.

No kidding ~ We.. somehow.. managed to survive.

C'mon, group hug everyone.

Doug said...

Garett --

No trouble -- didn't take it any other way. I just wanted to share a great word picture with everyone. Share my pain, man!

Echoing the "captcha" images. Lately my Yahoo mail has asked me to do that 80% of the time when I send an email, even if it's a reply.

And a welcome from me, too, Marc! Be active!


Teresa said...

I was behind two cars that were side by side at a stoplight.
The light turns green... Neither car moves.
I can see both drivers are looking down at their phones.
They are side by side waiting for the other car to move as the "go" cue.
5 seconds into the green light, I honked the horn. Both drivers jumped in their seats. Grr..

Power Girl: A boob window would be inconvenient and kinda awful. All kinds of things would get in there. So gross. Especially if you are flying. It would be full of bug paste. Just sayin'

Karen said...

It happens all the time now that I see drivers behind me with their heads down, texting. I almost always move to another lane. They worry me more than someone who's had a few beers. At least that person is usually looking up.

Anonymous said...

Hmm down here in Trinidad the local zoo recently placed a ban on men who wear saggy pants which exposes their underwear. Apparently, the zoo was inundated with complaints from patrons.

I personally don't like the trend in Hollywood nowadays when studios attempt to remake every movie under the sun; many times, it's really just a crude attempt to cash in on the success of an earlier film without any reverence or respect to the original source material.

As for driving, well, down here we have our fair share of inconsiderate drivers - many drive way too fast, and don't even get me started on those idiots who drink and drive! T & T is a small country but we have many big country problems such as traffic, crime (including a horrendous murder rate), corruption in government and the private sector, a proliferation of illegal drugs and guns, illiteracy, school violence & delinquency, bullying and the list goes on and on ........

So you see, I got a tonload of pet peeves!

- Mike 'thinking of running for mayor' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Rip Jagger said...


Whew! Had to get that out of my system. Feel much better now.

Now for a few peeves in comics and movies.

Making Spider-Man an Avenger. Spidey is a loner, that's core to his story. He's not a joiner.

Making Batman a lunatic. Batman is best when he's the smartest guy in the room, not the craziest.

Making Wolverine a member of every team in the Marvel Universe. Enough already! He popular, I get it, but Jeezus!

Making the Hulk red, or gray*, or blue, or amber or whatever color he is this month. The Hulk is green thank you very much. Keep him that way.

(*Actually I liked the gray one.)

Rip Off

david_b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
david_b said...

I know we have to put this column to bed, but it should be a regular edition..

Ok, one more volley:

I look at my young nephews cross-eyed when they're bragging about getting high scores in 'Medal of Honor' and all these war-playing, machine-gun firin' video games, going on and on about the realism about knockin' a guy off the tower, then kinda sniff their collective noses at my military service, saying 'oh, military is evil, I don't want to kill people'..

I don't care if you're 'anti-war', I happen to be as well.

Just put down your virtual submachine gun and let that barrel cool down a tad while you're telling me this.

What did Mike W. mention above about hypocrites..?

Doug said...

David, I agree with you.

In a similar vein, Hollywood keeps pumping out these movies where important American landmarks are blown to bits by terrorists. I guess after 12 1/2 years they don't think the images from 9/11 are still raw.

I would disagree. It is sad what passes for "entertainment" sometimes.


Tony said...

People who don't use their turn signals. Oh, that 75,000$ suv DIDN'T come with tun signals? Turn signals are optional on that Porsche?

Garett said...

"Pet" peeve: yappy little dogs!

Garett said...

One more, I'm more peeved than I thought: That the JLA/Avengers book in '83, with art by Perez, never got finished, because the editors couldn't get their act together. I was just looking at the first 21 completed pencil pages, and drooling over prime Perez art on these great characters!!

Others here may know more about it, but it looks like Jim Shooter was the culprit, delaying and being finicky until Perez quit the project, peeved!

Doug said...

As I arrived to school this morning, there was another, unfamiliar car parked in my numbered and reserved spot.

Doug = not happy.


david_b said...

Did'ja call to get 'em towed..?

I'm sure you're not one of those weirdos who behind the car, sir.

Anonymous said...

I thought of a comic book one that has always bugged me...Iron Man is what...Tony Stark's bodyguard??? I always thought that a bodyguard was someone who would be right next to someone at all times. So Stark has this high-priced, super modern, invincible bodyguard who is never seen with him. Hmmm...


david_b said...

Ooops, meant to write 'who PARK behind the offending car'..

Doug said...

Parked behind them, David, in turn blocking them in? I did consider it, but that would have brought hardship to my comrades who also park in that lot (it's a small space, only around 15 cars park there).

And, to make it even worse, if I'd been slightly late they would have been gone!


david_b said...

Agreed, I'm typically not rude enough to have 'em towed ('typically.....').

Just a printed note ("THIS.. IS.. NOT.. YOUR.. PARKING.. SPACE..") stuck on their windshield should suffice.

And jot down their license plate.

Doug said...

Oooh -- another good driving one!

The people at the supermarket who do not return their grocery cart to the receptacle on a gale-force windy day, instead leaving it to act as a projectile around the parking lot.


humanbelly said...

Boy, this is the thread that wouldn't quit, isn't it? May I add a couple of late contenders?

(Hmm- would the first be, "People who post on expired threads-???" Heh.)

Comic Artist Let-down: For awhile in the '80's, that guy was Keith Giffen once he'd gone into his "minimal/expressionistic" phase. It seems like he was put onto just about any title that was within about two or three months of its final issue. I had one pal say to me, "Keith Giffen? Isn't he that artist they put on a book when they want to kill it?".

Driving: Omigod, I live in the DC Metro area, and often have to make the 13-mile drive straight down from my house (right at the capital Beltway) to the heart of the city. A 13 mile drive that routinely takes just over an hour. Everything mentione previously, and more. Times five. Well, except the proliferation of traffic circles here really has dramatically improved a number of particularly bad intersections-- I'm likin' 'em.

Ooo--gotta run, daughter's here!


Edo Bosnar said...

HB, since I brought up traffic circles, I should clarify that I like them as well - as you noted, they generally improve traffic flow. But like I said, what bugs me is people who are unclear on concept. A case in point that happened to me about a year ago: I approached a traffic circle, saw a car already in it, got to the yield line and stopped, and then saw that the guy in the circle stopped as well (to let me in, I guess? Doubly stupid, since it was a Saturday and there were hardly any cars around anyway). I had to make a waving motion with my hands to get him to go - like he was supposed to in the first place. Arrrgh!

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