Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wonder Woman -first peek

Karen: Direct from San Diego Comic Con, our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, from the Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice film. Comments?? Personally, I'd like some color in the outfit, but I am a bit surprised it is as faithful to the comics version as it is  -there's even a tiara.


Doug said...

Gotta be tough to fight crime in heels like that... I'm digging the Perez-era Greek vibe in that pic, though.

I saw another image, apparently stolen from a video board (illegal recording, I'm assuming) of what looked to be a very Dark Knight Returns version of a battle between Batman and Superman. And rather than the Batman having eyeballs as he's had in all seven recent feature films, this Affleck cowl had white eyes -- just like in the comics. It actually looked pretty cool, at least nostalgically.


William said...

Meh, aside from the tiara it looks a little too generic. But then again I've pretty much given up on ever being happy with the costume designs in most live action superhero movies. Especially the DC stuff.

William said...

One more thing. Why are movie directors so afraid of color? Regular people wear colorful clothes, like red shirts, green shirts, blue shirts, blue jeans, purple skirts, yellow blouses, etc. etc.

So, why can't superheroes wear some color? For some reason they have deemed bright colors "uncool" or "unrealistic". Heck, we couldn't even get Wolverine in a version of his classic brown costume. But we get brown suited Wonder Woman. {sigh}

William Preston said...

The absence of color in the costumes of Superman, Batman, and WW for this film means that, finally, my dog and I can have the same viewing experience.

Dr. Oyola said...

Need more color, no heels and lose the sword.

Humanbelly said...

Agh-- I want to costume designers to GROW THE FLIP UP!

The stupid 6" heels just invalidate the entire design for me. I can't take it seriously because it completely de-legitimizes everything else-- it tells me that the over-riding priority is "sex sells", and not "what is appropriate for this character". Edo, you mentioned Xena, and I did a quick search for her footwear (hard to find images, actually!)-- and by god, she was generally wearing either period low-heeled (1/2"-?) boots, or strappy sandal-type flats. PRACTICAL footwear that, guess what?, still had plenty of in-character sex appeal.

Now, given that the iconic Wonder Woman outfit is a bit of a forehead-slapper anyhow, I wouldn't expect a bunch of additional armor or padding (exposed thighs? Bare shoulders? Exposed throat?? How long you gonna live-???). But like everyone else, I can't understand keeping THAT rather generic outfit model, yet losing ALL color, which is what one associates with the character. AND, let's face it, is a crucial element to almost any marketing campaign. I'm sure the promotional folks are pounding their heads against their drafting boards at this very moment, having been presented w/ a monochromatic grey/brown leather palette to, uh, run with.


david_b said...

Two arguments..

Heels..? I believe Lynda Carter wore them as well, but she obviously had the height and stature not to need 'em too high.

Scared of color..? Good point I've been trying to make with all the muted X-costumes, Cap's relatively subdued-color scheme, etc.. People enjoy seeing the classic designs and color. If producers are STRONG enough to make them work, folks will accept it. You have to show some courage to say, 'Hey, this is the outfit, it's classic, deal with it'.

Big argument to this early on was the first Trek (TMP) movie, which I still love. Robert Wise made some comment that if you used the original loud colors from TOS on the big screen, you'd lose focus on the actor's facial emotions, etc. Caca, if you ask me. Harve Bennett's far more successful follow-up Trek films proved that wrong, because he basically set the tone and said, 'these are the uniforms we're going with'.

William, great comments on the dog-friendly aspect. Looking forward to my NEW mancave, cuddled up with the dog and suds watching this on DVD at home.

Kid said...

Looks like a drag queen to me. (Not that I know any personally, I hasten to add.)

Karen said...

I could see the heels if she Gal Gadot was 5'4" or so, but she's 5'9", so it seems unnecessary to put her up on KISS-like 5" stacks. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a warrior.

Maybe the costume will change later on and get some color? She appears to be in Hades here -just a guess -so once she spends some time on Earth, perhaps we'll get the more traditional red, blue, and gold look? Then again, Superman's colors are pretty muted.

I don't really like Wonder Woman with a sword but I think she's been carrying one fairly regularly for over 20 years now, so I guess I can live with it. Mostly, I hope the actress can carry off the regal qualities of the character. It will not be easy to do in a convincing manner.

William P. -I got a good chuckle about you and your dog watching this film together!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I kinda like it, at least compared to the blue legging exercise outfit that the TV reboot version was gonna have.

I don't have a problem with the muted colours on this outfit; if the producers feel that bright colours wouldn't work then more subdued colours are OK with me. At least WW looks somewhat like a warrior here. Edo, you're probably right - the costume designers could have been influenced by 300 and other recent gladiator movies.

As for the heels, I'm leaning more towards liking them. And the sword? Well, isn't WW supposed to be an Amazonian princess? These are my impressions from viewing just one picture. I'd wait to see the whole movie before I make any more judgements on her attire.

Hope this movie does well, but I still think DC is trailing behind the merry Marvel movie juggernaut franchise empire.

- Mike '100 captcha tries ... and still failed' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Humanbelly said...

Mike, your point about waiting until we see the true product is well-taken. I distinctly remember all of us having cows about what Cap's uniform and some of Iron Man's armors looked like in early-released publicity photos-- and that ended up not being the finished product. 'Course, just the opposite was true w/ recent Superman (looked sadly the same as the early publicity releases), so that may not bode well.

You know who would maybe have been good, in spite of her age? Angelina Jolie (once she got back in good health). There's a regal sense of self that is just innately there in some actors- and I do think that she has it. Plus, GREAT voice. But this young woman? I don't know her-- and she looks right on the cusp of Victoria's Secret-esque type of beautiful. This role SO needs to be actress-first, and let the make-up folks enhance any necessary beauty (they've been doin' it for over 100 years-- heck, they made Dustin Hoffman a plausibly. . . attractive. . . ish. . . woman. . . )


William Preston said...

I don't know anything about this actress, but the best thing about the Supes movie was Antje Traue. Too bad they wasted her talents there, because she'd have been an awesome Wonder Woman.

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