Monday, September 8, 2014

Is This the Avengers: Age of Ultron Vision?

Doug: I saw this shot over at Marvelous News, so figured I'd bring it over here for a little dissecting. What sayest the masses? (And a hearty "Thank you!" to Karen for providing the image below; the version I had, which you can see at the link above, had Sideshow Collectibles' watermarks all over it.).


Humanbelly said...

I can't quite tell if this art or a photo or an amalgam of both-- but that's really okay.

And this look works fine for me. It's certainly "busy-ed up" from his classic, original costume--- but I like the fact that it's using the classic as a clear starting point, and then going for a more. . .I don't know. . . "real world" look. Although I'd still prefer the simpler chest ornament. What's kind of cool is that it also manages to convey the ambiguity of where exactly it's "costume" and where exactly it's "Vision". I think it was years and years before we realized Vizh was actually a bright red guy all over.

Man, watch him pull a Rocket Raccoon, and be the breakout character of the film-!


Karen said...

HB, my first remark when I saw the costume was, "Couldn't they have left the chest diamond alone?"

But honestly, I'm amazed at how closely it hews to the comic original. If this is truly what we can expect in the film, I am surprised and pleased.

Anonymous said...

OMG it's the Vision! It's images like these that bring out the inner fanboy (and girls too) in all of us. Yes, it's the classic costume tweaked a little, but to me it looks just fine.

Karen, I really don't miss the chest diamond, but I'm glad they kept the forehead jewel (which is his power input conduit if I remember correctly) and the iconic green and yellow colour scheme. I can live with the minor tweaks to the costume; the real test is viewing it for the first time and recognizing it as the Vision.

- Mike 'Avengers sequel Assemble!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

William Preston said...

I love it. All except for the lawn dart on his chest.

Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, I agree with William P. about the lawn dart, but otherwise it looks quite good to me as well.

david_b said...

My first reaction is, 'LOVE IT'.

It's faithful enough to the original design (so stoooopid black leather audience appeasements..), and it's frankly near-perfect.

"Now...., I wager they'll roll out our heroes in those '90s leather jackets around what, 4th or 5th movie..?"

Robert L. said...

I really like the design of the costume. I hope that this version of The Vision at least follows some of what happened in the comics. Remembering him in the Kree/Skrull War Saga drawn by Neal Adams..he was quite a pivotal character. I'd like to think that director Joss Wheadon will make an adaptation that will please comic fans....

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