Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goals Achieved, and New Resolutions

Doug: Here we sit, on the cusp of a New Year. I generally don't pay much attention to "special" days like January 1st. To me, it's just a date on the calendar. Take my birthday for example. I know some people get all bent out of shape if they don't get the family out to dinner on THE DAY. Me, whatever whenever. So while I might be in the minority on such things, this time of year seems a time to regularly reflect on what just was as well as look forward to what might be. Here in BAB land, that might have a little something to do with comics, music, DVDs, etc.

Doug: One goal I sort of achieved was the dissolution of my comics collection. While I still have around 125 books staring at me, the project I started in August of 2014 is basically done. As I mentioned yesterday I am moving now into other things. You want some Slurpee cups? Stick around -- those may just hit eBay sometime in 2015. Another goal I had was to read The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke. While I generally enjoyed it, I found it a little different than I'd anticipated. Previously I'd only seen the DVD of the same name -- to say it condensed the story would be an understatement. Lastly here, and I've said this a bunch, my decision to finally seek out Ed Brubaker's Winter Soldier material was a wise one. I'm looking forward to continuing that exploration in the coming weeks and months.

Doug: So what else is on my horizon? Some of you are going to laugh, some will be incredulous... I want to read Don McGregor's "Panther's Rage" storyline. I have never read it. I came to Jungle Action after that long arc had concluded. I bought the Black Panther Marvel Masterworks a few years ago (it's a massive book), and have never committed to plowing through it. I really want to check that off my to-read list in 2016.

Doug: I want to commit to myself to continue reading stuff that's out of my normal superhero wheelhouse. I've remarked over and over how much I enjoyed Marvel's Monster of Frankenstein series, and my first foray into Swamp Thing was intriguing. I'd like to get back into the two Adam Strange Archives that I purchased. And I still have quite a few Joe Kubert Tarzan stories to read. What's on my bookshelves right now could keep me pretty busy.

Doug: The cinema will beckon several times, as the next Captain America flick, The Legend of Tarzan, and Dr. Strange will be slam dunks. I will most likely see X-Men: Apocalypse. But I guarantee that I am totally up in the air on whether or not to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a first-run film. My enthusiasm is virtually non-existent for that one.

Doug: OK, enough of my musings -- what are you thankful for and/or looking forward to as 2015 yields to 2016?


MattComix said...

Not looking forward to 2016 being the year of hero vs. hero. So sick and tired of that card being played in the comics ad nauseam and now of course it's spilling into other media.

Honestly, I might wait for netflix on Civil War and BvS. ..maybe Hulu for BvS.

Edo Bosnar said...

Heh, early this year I made a sort of resolution to seriously cut down on my book buying, just because I have so much stuff piled up to read, both comics and 'normal' books, that I'm wondering if I'll manage it in this lifetime (and damn the internet for making so many bargains - even for my limited budget - available).
I've stuck to that resolve for the most part, but there have been some exceptions here and there. Mainly, in early December I stumbled onto an eBay seller in Germany offering, among many other things, the first three Fantastic Four Visionaries by Byrne for a starting price of 1 euro each. I ended up winning the bids on them (the final price for each book was something between $5-6 for each book) and with postage the whole thing came to a little less than $30 (which is usually what it would have cost to get just one of those whenever I've looked). The point of this story is that now I'm looking forward to finally re-reading these stories for the first time since the early 1980s. Other comics reading priorities in the coming year are: the Orion by Simonson omnibus, the Iron Fist and Power Man & Iron Fist Epic collections and a few things I've had sitting on the shelf for many years now but never got around to reading, especially a few SF books by Druillet and Moebius, as well as and Frank Espinosa's Rocketo.

By the way, Doug, why do you seem almost ashamed of wanting to read Panther's Rage? I still think that's one of the great story arcs of the Bronze Age (and I have that Masterworks edition as well; it's both a massive and beautifully produced book). Also, your comments about New Frontier have me wondering: did you like it more or less than the DVD version? I've never seen the latter, but I absolutely adored the comic series.

J.A. Morris said...

Doug, I didn't read 'The Panther's Rage until the Masterwork came out either. I think you'll enjoy it, even if McGregor's narration gets a little purple at times.

Edo, I just read the Power Man & Iron Fist collection. It's lots of fun even if it doesn't contain any "epic" storylines.

Anonymous said...
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Redartz said...

You're not alone, Doug- I've never read "Panther's Rage" either. Want to, but first I have to acquire it in some format or other...
As for New Frontier, I've not read the book, but absolutely love the DVD. Have watched it numerous times (that's saying something, considering how many DVD's we have with only one viewing. Perhaps that is a resolution for the new year- clearing out the DVDs).

Edo- nice deal on those FF books! Great reading there. Over the past couple years I've reacquired most of Byrne's run, now thinking it would have been more practical to just get the collected editions. Guess I'm still a sucker for newsprint.

Looking back: have added far fewer comics to the collection than in previous years, but much more in the tpb/graphic novel format. Actually reduced the size of my collection by a long box or so; following Doug's example of ebay selling.

Looking ahead: Will be continuing this selloff in 2016, but I doubtless will add some books to the collection. Particularly via Indiana Comic Con in April; whose guest list keeps getting better; they just added Neal Adams. Really looking forward to "Dr. Strange", the first couple images released recently look terrific. And in that spirit, "may the Omnipotent Oshtur watch over us all throughout the New Year"...

david_b said...

Doug, I'm looking forward to buying the Panther Masterworks.., I know it's expensive, but I love how thoughtful and narrative MacGregor got in those pages, a far cry from your normal Bullpen output back in the day.

I actually bought my Jungle Tales 6 originally off the newsstand, awesome cover.

As for 2016, I'm excited about paying down some loans from this last year. Still loving my new house and looking at investing some cash on minor updating. Redartz, I'm strongly considering that Indy Comic Con in April as well, will see how bills go; I might even come in my Galactica warrior uniform, will see.

I did pick up that famous Esquire 1966 College issue with the beautiful Silver Age Marvel art, only for $30, and hoping to get that splash page matted/framed this next year. It's gorgeous, here's a link in case you're wondering what I'm referring to..:

david_b said...

Sorry Zuvembies.., meant to refer to 'Jungle Action 6', not Jungle Tales.

GARETT said...

Hey Colin, thanks for mentioning the Flash Gordon serial-- watching that'll be my 2016 resolution! : )

Some reading highlights from this year:
Iron Fist by Claremont/Byrne
E-man by Cuti/Staton
Moon Knight by Moench/Sienkiewicz

I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend by Martin Short

The Force Awakens (going to see this again in 2016)
The Imitation Game
Straight Outta Compton

Anonymous said...

Doug, I have those Panther's Rage issues in a longbox somewhere. You've inspired me to dig them out and give them a re-read.

And I'm with MattComix about 2016 being the year of hero vs. hero. Ugh.

Happy New Year everyone!


Doug said...

Edo --

Thanks to Colin, who rightly interpreted my thoughts on Panther's Rage. No, I'm not at all denigrating the arc. In fact, I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I've never read it and want to correct that in 2016. So no worries -- as of now I'm on board with it!

Concerning today's fare, I cobbled my thoughts together about 1:00 am last night when I noticed that we didn't have anything ready for today. In my haste I added a label at the bottom of the post for The Dark Knight Returns, but made no mention of it in the body of the post. I'd also like to revisit that series in the coming months. I also need to re-read Alex Ross's (and others) Justice. I read it as it was published, but need to check it out in the packaged form. As I got older, my mind did not handle installment reading all that well. Thank goodness for collected editions.

And count me among those who would love to see the Flash Gordon serial! I have not watched those episodes in almost 40 years but have very fond memories of them. That is a great goal to have.

To all of our readers, be well in the coming year. We really appreciate you each and every day.


Martinex1 said...

So many great ideas to consider. I too have never read Panther's Rage. Should add that to my list. Edomthat was a great deal on the Byrne Visionaries.

For me I've been enjoying reading some old Doom Patrol and need to read the Grant Morrison and John Byrne runs. I also want to read Moore's Swamp Thing as I never had. Probably more DC in my future. Plus there's been a lot of discussion of E Man and I have no knowledge of that character. So maybe that.

For movies I am looking forward to Dr. Strange the most. Saw some photos of the character and I have to say the costume is about the best I've seen since Iron Man. I hope ther e is some true Ditko wackiness. Of course I will see Captain America also. And probably Tarzan. I liked what I've seen in the trailer. No desire to see Superman and Batman either.

This year I have to get my collection in order, seems to have gotten a little out of sorts. I keep finding books I forgot I have. That's bad.

I didn't do as much writing as I'd like this year so trying to get back on track, and I have a ton of Springtime chores ahead for me. And at work I need to brainstorm new ice cream flavors.

Cheers all. Happy and healthy and successful New Year to all! (Still have no idea what Auld Lang Syne is about, maybe I should look that up too).

Doug said...

Wait a sec! "Ice cream flavors"?

Sounds like there could be a taste-testing at that Indy Con in April for all of us Midwestern BABsters! I'm in.


Martinex1 said...

Ha ha. Yes. Would be glad to get input. Just finished up winter flavors like pumpkin pie and cranberry mint, so now on to the summer frozen treats. If anybody is in Chicago area for C2E2, let me know. Have skipped the last two years but we will see how it goes.

Edo Bosnar said...

Sorry for the misunderstanding, Doug. As I said before, the Panther MW is a gorgeous book, and I think you'll like the story.

And yeah, "brainstorming new ice cream flavors?" I want to work where Martinex works. I can be the taste-tester guy once you come up with new flavors...

Redartz said...

Hey, count me in too! What could be better than comics: comics and ice cream! As long as you don't drip Blue Moon on your cover...

Anonymous said...

New ice cream flavours? How about Chicken and Telephone? (Yeah, I stole that from Neil Gaiman.)

I've never read McGregor's Black Panther stuff either (or his War of the Worlds for that matter), so maybe I'll try to get to it this year some time. I agree with you on New Frontiers...great book (though I've never seen the DVD).

As for looking forward, a lot of the good stuff has been mentioned already. I'm also looking forward to some good TV this year: 2nd season of Daredevil (with Punisher and Elektra); Luke Cage (and hopefully Iron Fist); season 2 of Agent Carter; Legends of Tomorrow...I'm gonna be booked up every night of the week!

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone.

Mike Wilson

Doug said...

Edo, I didn't answer your other question --

The New Frontier DVD is a really condensed version of the comic series. I felt the comic series was way more science fiction-y than what made it to film. I also felt that the comics did a much better job with the Batman/J'onn J'onnz relationship than did the DVD. Obviously space is a consideration on a DVD, where it's not as big a factor in the text/pretty pictures version. Both are strong as stories, but if you want the whole enchilada, then you need to read the comic version.

And another recommendation for everyone: I bought Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes on a Black Friday sale (same sale where I got the JLA: Earth 2 book). The hardcover reprints the 6-issue series by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. It was pretty good. Those of you who like Superman and/or dig the Legion will like it. For me the best point? Frank drew Superman as looking like Christopher Reeve. Awesome -- the one true Superman!


William said...

The main goal I accomplished this year was buying a home. My wife has been wanting our own place for many years, and we were finally able to make it happen back in March.

As for this coming year, I mostly want to lose some weight (as usual). But like many of you I also have a ton of reading material that has built up over the last couple of years.

I have many many TPBs and Hardcovers to either start reading (or finish reading) such as:

Epic Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1
Epic Spider-Man: Ghosts of the Past
Spier-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Vol. 1
Ant-Man: Scott Lang
Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers
Legends of the Dark Knight: Alan Davis
Tales of the Batman: Don Newton
Batman Illustrated: Neal Adams Vol. 1 (already read Vol. 2-3)
The New Teen Titans Vols. 1-3
The Creeper by Steve Ditko
Alpha Flight Classics John Byrne: Vol. 2 and 3
Ninjak Vol. 1
Invincible: The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1
and several volumes of Mark Waid's Daredevil series, and well as some classic Avengers stuff.

Whew! And I'm sure I've forgotten at least one or two things.

So, it appears I have no small amount of classic comic-book reading goodness to catch up on. But it should be fun to try.

William said...

That first line was supposed to read "My wife and I have been wanting…" sorry.

Martinex1 said...

Wait, I see a January 14th post about the Avengers and Ultron! I must have really had a great New Years celebration because I've either missed the last two weeks or time traveled! I think something wacky is going on with the board.

Doug said...

Thanks, friend! Whoo -- let the cat out of the bag there!

The Blogger gremlins got me. I was laboring through the first couple of weeks of our annual vacation, dipping back into last October's request for suggestions of post ideas, as well as planting our 4-part review of The Bride of Ultron arc. I have no idea why Blogger temporarily published a post scheduled for 1/14/16, but they did!

All good now. Carry on...


The Prowler said...

For much of 2016, I want to keep scanning, scanning scanning. Then, edit scans, edit scans, edit scans.

I also want to find the third (and final) Nella Last book, "Nella Last in the 1950s". I stumbled across the first two volumes in a Half Price Bookstore. Turned out to be a really good read. No pictures though.

Dang, I got a lot of things to finish reading. I think I need to stay away from Half Price Bookstore.

Combat Judo!!!! This could be the year!!!!

Getting gooder at English and all that stuff. You know, things like that.

Too all BABers here, Happy New Year, and to those across the pond, Merry New Year to you!!!

(In this space I leave Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra doing their rendition of Auld Lang Syne).

Anonymous said...

I hereby resolve not to have any resolutions .......... :)

Well, shucks, I don't have many things I want to accomplish for the new year, just trying to change stuff that I couldn't do this past year!

First thing, try to finish reading all those books & comics I've bought over this past year! I usually buy books in bunches, and I've noticed my reading pace has slowed down a lot due to other activities. Gotta speed up my pace.

Second, try to catch up on fixing up my house. William, congrats on getting your own house. Now comes the hard part - maintaining it! My lawn is a disaster; just bought a new lawnmower so I'll be busy mowing into the new year.

Third, yes, like William, try to lose some weight! I've been guilty of overindulging for the holidays but man Trinidadian food is so addictive!

Hmm, Martinex1, I envy you man, your business card must read 'professional ice cream flavour maker' on it!

- Mike 'how about honey mustard chocolate chip flavour?' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Martinex1 said...

Ha, Mike from T&T, it would nice if my card said something like that or perhaps "Captain Cold"

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