Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Super Blog Team-Up Post that Wasn't, and Bar the Doors

Doug: The Dreaded Deadline Doom. Creator changes. Cancelled titles. New directions for your favorite teams, heroes, and books.

Doug: All of those things have conspired in the past to give us a "Wait, what?!?" feeling. Those stopping by today for the promised second BAB entry in this summer's Super Blog Team-Up extravaganza may be wondering where it is. In the big picture, the SBTU group decided to postpone the event to mid-August. Several bloggers who will participate found that today was not going to work for them, so in the interest of quality a later date has been agreed upon.

Doug: Truth from this corner, however, is the post didn't get written. And it won't be written. The conspiracies against us in the present include time, family, vacations, and other general pursuits... but the bottom line is that we don't have a post for you today, nor will we for the foreseeable future. And lest anyone read into these comments, there are no troubles in BAB-land; Karen and I correspond as we have for the past dozen or so years, if a bit more infrequently now.

Doug: What we'd hoped to bring you was a review of the Paul Dini/Alex Ross treasury JLA: Liberty and Justice. If you've been around these parts for some time, you'll recall that we've reviewed the Superman, Batman, and Captain Marvel books in that wonderful series. It was always our hope to finish the run by reviewing the Wonder Woman and JLA volumes. Sadly, we didn't get round to them.

Doug: While it was a lot of fun to be "back" in May, today's post is also our last, at least until some undetermined future notice. The Bronze Age Babies are going back into retirement. So while we'd love to say we'll see you tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, we can't. But... never say never.

You all take care!

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Edo Bosnar said...

Well, darn...

Doug said...

Yeah, Edo, we know. It was just too difficult with mine and Karen's schedules to get anything pulled together. I believe the SBTU folks decided on a later date in mid-August, but we still couldn't manage that. So...

But retirement ain't all bad.

See you at BitBA and around! Be well!


multipleman said...

Do you ever plan on finishing that post? Maybe as a secret X-Mas present?

multipleman said...

As an amendum to my previous comment, you could post something every few months on ere or for special occasions. (Trust me I’ve rea people ask when the blog will return before, a gif every several months would make them delighted)

I’m not trying to force you, I just really think you should give this blog some love every once in a while, even if it takes a year.

Doug said...

Multipleman -

Thanks for your kind thoughts. At this point however, with all that Karen and I each have on our personal plates, the BAB will most likely remain dormant.

Thanks for stopping by!


Multiple Man said...

“At this point however, with all that Karen and I each have on our personal plates, the BAB will most likely remain dormant.”

Again, not trying to force you, but simple solution to that; simply do what I suggested when you have time. No offence but you sound like it’s impossible.

Doug said...

At the risk of heading into an online argument, I think Karen and I will be the judges of our personal time and interests. And I appreciate your not trying to "force" us to take our own time to schedule, correspond, read, research, write, revise, scan, crop, situate, review, publish, and moderate any discussion that comes along.

Please visit Back in the Bronze Age, where two of the writers from this blog run a really nice space. They publish four times each week, and most of the commenters you'll find in our archives now call that place home. That blog went live the day after we closed shop here and has quite ably filled any void left by the Bronze Age Babies.


Doug said...

Karen and I are also on Twitter regularly throughout the day, participating in many conversations that relate to material we discussed during the life of this blog. Our presence online now trends much more to that platform. You can find this blog by searching @bronzeagebabies.



Multiple Man said...

I understand that, but I still think you should post something every few months, or at least once each year.

There’s this guy on a site called DeviantArt that also decided to retire, but he came semi-out of it and he decided to post one major story every year. Maybe you could do that too. Again, not trying to force, but it’s my opinion.

Shapilier said...

RIP Stan Lee he will be missed by us all. What’s everyone’s favorite issue written by him? I gotta go with either Avengers #6 or JiM 116 ‘Trial of the Gods’.

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