Monday, June 22, 2020

The Bronze Age Babies Blog - Newly Remastered!

Doug: Friends, after much time and labor, Karen and I are pleased to announce that the Bronze Age Babies has received a much needed facelift. We want to invite all visitors new and old to spend some time spelunking through our history - our sidebar has a feature that should make that relatively easy, and our Library of Reviews is of course at the top of this page. Even if you were with us from the start 11 years ago, we think you'll find that almost all posts have a new look.

Doug: Our problem was largely twofold: First, the site we had used since the beginning for our display of comic book covers ceased operations near the end of 2019. That created holes and/or broken links in well over 1000 posts. When you're visual-heavy as we have always been, not good. Additionally, many of the YouTube videos we'd linked over the years relied on Shockwave. Not a thing anymore. So sprinkled throughout our history were several blank spaces where a topical clip should have been located.

Doug: While I'm sure we didn't find every single element that needed attention, I can say that we've found and corrected over 95% of those situations. We would be in your debt if, upon discovering something we've missed, you'd drop us a comment on that specific post. We'll see it, and will promptly direct our attention. We've always treasured this space for the community it generated - why stop now? Thank you in advance!

Doug: And come back on Wednesday of this week to enjoy our first new content in two years. Karen and I will present a retrospective of Planet of the Apes posts dealing with toys and other periphery products that helped our imaginations to expand on the mythos created by the films. We'll also be in operation at my space, Black & White and Bronze Comics, and at Karen's new blog, Echoes from the Satellite. June 24 is Super Blog Team-Up, and you know we try to bring it on those days! Hopefully you'll think we've succeeded.


dbutler16 said...

I'm sure the site you used to display your comic book covers must have been I'm still in shock over its demise. I used that site soooo much, and still haven't found a suitable substitute for many of the data searches I used to perform on it.

Looking forward to your new post! I have to admit I've never read a Planet of the Apes comics, but I've been trying to broaden my horizons past the superhero fare in the past couple of years, so I will have to get around to reading some some of those filthy, stinking apes soon.

Doug said...

Hello, old friend!

It was indeed the Comic Book Database and yes - we are sad about it's end. Full disclosure, though, is that we'd just always linked to images hosted by others rather than embedding images in our blog. Live and learn, but a whole lot of hours later I think we have the place spruced up and pretty again.

Hope to hear from you again soon!


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