Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stan the Man

Doug: Say, Bronze-o-philes! Whilst leafing through some old Secret Society of Super-Villains, I came across issue #8 with art by Rich Buckler and Bob Layton. If you've never heard the story, when Jack Kirby left Marvel to go to DC, he created a character called Funky Flashman, a most-thinly veiled dig at his old partner, Stan Lee. Well, under the pencils and inks of Buckler and Layton, this character wasn't a dig -- it was the whole shovel, baby! Check it out for yourself!

Oh, yeah -- and Monday's Galactus Day!!


The Groovy Agent said...

Whether you want it or not, you've won the Kreativ Blogger Award! Congrats! See my 2/1/10 post!

Karen said...

Thanks Groove! It's good to feel appreciated!

Anonymous said...

In this panel he looks like a cross between Stan Lee and Sonny Bono!

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