Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can I Get a Little Relevance Here?

Doug: A couple of weeks ago Karen and I were discussing potential blog posts when the topic of socially relevant songs came up. We bandied about several titles, and who knows? Perhaps we have a "Top 10" or a "5 to Love" sort of post in your future.

But what got me thinking about it again was this little ditty from Styx (it was only a short while ago that I profiled them as one of Illinois' famous Bronze Age bands) that came over the iPod while I was cutting the grass yesterday. It made me think how it could very well have been written in reaction to our political climate in the States today. You have the line about gasoline prices, the selfishness of youth -- undefeatable, living in the moment... Then you get to the line about the Great Society -- is that pride in the reforms of the Lyndon Johnson administration, or is it entitlement? And how about the distrust and misinformation propagated by the left against the right, and vice versa?

So see what you think -- the lyrics are below, and if you click here you can catch a sound clip of the introduction.

Borrowed Time
Written by Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung
From the album Cornerstone, released in October 1979

Yeah yeah!
Don't look now, but here come the '80's!

I was so cool back in '65
I had it made 'cause I understood what to do to survive
I had my car, and I made the scene
Didn't give a damn about no gasoline
They can go to hell

My friend we never thought about the world
And its realities
The promised land was ours
We were the Great Society

I'm so confused by the things I read,
I need the truth
But the truth is, I don't know who to believe
The left says yes, and the right says no
I'm in between and the more I learn
Well, the less that I know
I got to make a show

Livin' high, living fine
Livin' high on borrowed time

Yes! No!
Yes! No!
No! Yes!
No! Yes!

Faith be with me now
I'm just a dreamer in a dreamland
Faith be with me now
I'm just a dreamer in a dreamland

'Cause we're
Livin' high
Livin' fine (You know I'm livin' fine)
Livin' high (Yes I'm livin' high)
On borrowed time (On borrowed time)

Livin' high (Whoohoo!)
Livin' fine (Ahhh!)

Livin' high
On Lake Shore Drive (Midnight ride)
Livin' high (We're livin' high)
On Leslie Lane (Let's go back and play it again!)
Livin' high (We're livin' high)
On Red Bud Trail (On Red Bud, Red Bud Trail!)
Livin' high
On Central Drive (He's on Central Drive!)
Livin' high (We're livin', livin' high)
On Prestwick Drive (Catch me on Prestwick Drive!...)
Livin' high (...gettin' in and drivin' my Mercedes...)
Livin' fine (...up and down and up and down -- sh*t! I don't....)


Mart said...

Talking of songs, I just realised, someone is a Sondheim fan!

Edo Bosnar said...

Your post made me go listen to the song on YouTube - haven't heard this song since HS back in the early '80s. I forgot how cool it is, from the intro to the last chord.
And I agree, not only the music, but the lyrics really seem to stand the test of time. Great stuff...

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