Saturday, August 10, 2013

Word Association -- Do-It-Yourself

Doug:  Here's a little game you can play, solitaire-style -- and then we'll build it out and into a discussion.  We've all done word associations before...  I say "Red", you say the first thing that pops into your head, like "apple", or "firetruck".  I thought today it would be fun to do this with comics and other pop-culture related topics.

Doug:  Here's the way it will work, and I'll start.  I'll give you a couple of word associations of my own, and then I'm going to leave you with a couple of prompts.  Any commenter today can address my prompts, but what I'd like to get going is a conversation that stretches over the weekend where we respond to the commenter before, then give some of our own opinions on word associations, but then leave something for the next commenter as we go.  So below, I say "Roy Thomas" and "Conan", but you come along and say "No, no, no -- when I hear 'Roy Thomas' I think of the Invaders".  That's cool -- the game goes on, but we build these little topics for discussion as we roll along.  Shoot, by the time the fifth or sixth commenter comes along, who knows what we'll be conversing/arguing about?

Doug:  So, here's what I have to say, and then what I'd like the next person to start with --

Roy Thomas -- Kree/Skrull War (ha!  I already changed my mind!)
Kid Flash -- Secret Society of Super-Villains

And here's what I'm leaving:

Tom & Jerry
The Atom

Doug:  Have fun!


Humanbelly said...

Well. . . I live on the east coast, and I've woken up 'WAAAY too early for a Saturday, so let me see if I have this right, Doug. Now, do we want to continue your initial string, or do we want to superimpose our own association? Both ways are kinda cool. To wit, with the string:

Roy Thomas-- Kree/Skrull War-- Neal Adams
Kid Flash-- SecSocSupVil-- rogues gallery

. . .or with substitution:

Roy Thomas-- The Glob
Kid Flash-- Carmine Infantino

Hmm, then:

Tom & Jerry-- cold cereal
The Atom-- Gil Kane

And I'll leave:

Mad Magazine

Is this the right ballpark?


Colin Jones said...

She Hulk- pointless, Mad Magazine - I've heard of it,don't know what it is. I'll leave Ms.Marvel and the Hulk TV show.

Anonymous said...

Roy Thomas-Avengers. Neal Adams-Batman. Kid Flash-Teen Titans. Tom & Jerry-slapstick. Atom-Gil Kane. She-Hulk-Looney Tunes. Mad Magazine-Sergio Aragones. Ms. Marvel-Supergirl. Hulk TV show-"Don't make me angry..."

redartz said...

I will follow HB's example:
Following the string:

Ms. Marvel- Avengers
Hulk tv show- Bill Bixby
She-Hulk- Fantastic Four
Mad Magazine- Spy vs. Spy

And my contribution:
Jonny Quest
Dr. Demento

themiddlespaces said...

This is going to get messy fast! I love a mess! ;)

Kid Flash makes me think of when Wally West took over as Flash b/c Barry Allen sacrificed himself in COIE. While I am not a huge fan of that "fix" - I do feel his death and becoming the lightning bolt that created him was kind of cool and has been ruined by bringing him back in the current era.

On that note, I would continue the string by saying "Time Loop."

She-Hulk: top 5 favorite Marvel characters

Mad Magazine - 60s politics and satire (I inherited a huge pile of these from my uncle who was a teen in the 60s)

Ms. Marvel - stomach cut-out costume - Black Goliath

Tom & Jerry - the mammy character
Johnny Quest - Lance Bannon/Dr. Quest same-sex marriage

I'll leave:

Devil Dinosaur
Night Nurse

(I think I did this wrong)

Edo Bosnar said...

Here's some thoughts on the contributions above:
Roy Thomas - All Star Squadron and Golden Age fanboyism in general.

Tom & Jerry - HB, I'm still trying to figure out what cold cereal has to do with Tom Petty and Jerry Garcia ... :P

Mad Magazine - Al Jaffee

Hulk TV show - *David* Banner?!

Dr. Demento - Napoleon XIV's "They Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!" (and every other song on his first compilation album, Dr. Demento's Delights).

On Osvaldo's contribution:
Night Nurse - why wasn't she turned into a superhero like Patsy Walker?
Devil Dinosaur - Nextwave

My own contributions:
The Champions
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Colin Jones said...

Edo, I heard that Bruce Banner was renamed " David " on the TV show because it was decided that Bruce sounded too gay !

Doug said...

Love it! Man, this is already all over the place. Some thoughts --

Kid Flash -- hated the lil' Flash outfit!
The Atom -- telephone line
She-Hulk -- just silly comics
Mad Magazine -- also for me, Spy vs. Spy
Ms. Marvel -- Avengers #200
Hulk on TV = Marvel's TV Sensation!
Neal Adams - also Batman for me
Johnny Quest - never watched it!
Dr. Demento - only somewhat familiar
Devil Dinosaur - red?
Night Nurse - never read it
The Champions - Rampage
Buck Rogers in 25th Century - Flash Gordon movie

And, for you:

Dreaded Deadline Doom
Happy Days


Matt Celis said...

Kid Flash - Aqualad
Atom - Gil kane
She-Hulk - copyright lawyers
Mad magazine - Bill Gaines
Ms. Marvel - Supergirl
TV Hulk - Ferrigno
neal Adams - bad geology
Jonny Quest - Alex Toth
Dr. Demento - Dr. Detroit
Devil Dinosaur - Moon Boy
Night nurse - sounds like porno
Champions - headband
Buck Rogers - Wilma Deering
Dreaded Deadline Doom - work
happy days - Aaay


detective chimp

Doug said...

Aquaman - Subby lite
Detective Chimp - Cheetah meets Sherlock Holmes


Steve Does Comics said...

I don't have a clue what's going on but I'll do what I think I'm supposed to do:

Kid Flash -- The Teen Titans' debut fighting that man with power over tornadoes.

The Atom -- Give yourself the power to grow, you mug, not the power to shrink!

She-Hulk -- Inadvisable blood tranfusions.

Mad Magazine -- Crazy Magazine.

Ms. Marvel -- Navels and cummerbunds.

Hulk on TV -- Rargh! Grr! Rargh! And other such inarticulacy.

Neal Adams -- There is no continental drift. The world is merely getting bigger.

Johnny Quest - Marine Boy.

Dr. Demento -- Domestos.

Devil Dinosaur -- Jack Kirby.

Night Nurse -- Cough medicine.

The Champions - Alexandra Bastedo in front of a fountain.

Buck Rogers in 25th Century -- Erin Gray's spray-on spacesuits.

Dreaded Deadline Doom -- Jim Shooter's determination to avoid it.

Happy Days -- Tom Bosley and Tracy Nelson in The Father Dowling Mysteries.

Aquaman -- Back-up strip to Jim Aparo's Spectre in "Weird" Adventure Comics.

Detective Chimp -- Manimal.

And my new bits:

Red Sonja
Frank Frazetta.

Steve Does Comics said...

Oops! I forgot to do Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry -- Being smashed in the face with a frying pan.

Rip Jagger said...

Kid Flash - Yellow Kid
Atom - Phone travel
She-Hulk - Suntan
Mad magazine - What Me Worry
Ms. Marvel - Una Wannabe
TV Hulk - Bad toupee
Neal Adams - Ben Casey
Jonny Quest - Doug Wildey
Dr. Demento - Weird music
Devil Dinosaur - Kirby Kitsch
Night Nurse - Angel of "Have Mercy"
Champions - Bad construction
Buck Rogers - Time traveler
Dreaded Deadline Doom - Painful experience
Happy Days - Richie Cunningham

New ones

Steve Ditko - Ayn Rand
Justice League Satellite - 22,300 mile orbit

Rip Off

themiddlespaces said...

New ones and ones I missed:

Dr. Demento - Weird Al
Champions - complex Superhero RPG
Buck Rogers - Duck Dodgers as Green Lantern
Dreaded Deadline Doom - Dissertation
Happy Days - Shark-jumping
Steve Ditko - nerd
Justice League Satellite - Boom Tube
Aquaman - This video but also this video:
Detective Chimp - Gorillas on the cover sells!

Adding two more:

J Jonah Jameson

Matt Celis said...

Red Sonja - Frank Thorne
Frank Frazetta - cheap paperbacks
Ditko - Spidey
jLA satellite - when things went awry

Edo Bosnar said...

Ah, yes, two of you got the right answer/association for Buck Rogers (and yes, in this case there is a right answer): Erin Gray as Wilma Deering (also acceptable: Pamela Hensley as Princess Ardala).

And there's new ones, excellent:
Aquaman - Jim Aparo
Detective Chimp - Angel & Ape
Red Sonja - chainmail blouse by BWS
Frank Frazetta - callipygian women
Steve Ditko - cool fingers and eyes
JLA satellite - Elongated Man on monitor duty eating a sandwich and talking to himself
J. Jonah Jameson - Jasper Sitwell
Watchmen - don't worry, be happy

Doug said...

Red Sonja -- whoa, that's cold!
Ditko -- weirdness personified
JJJ -- still like his appearance in Marvels
Watchmen -- pretty rough stuff


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'll go with:

Roy Thomas--Alter Ego
Tom & Jerry--Gene Kelly
Kid Flash--Wolfman/Perez
Atom--Gil Kane
She-Hulk--torn hospital gown
MAD--Alfred E. Neuman
Ms. Marvel--Now Magazine
TV Hulk--Ferrigno
Neal Adams--Batman
Jonny Quest--never saw it
Dr. Demento--not familiar with him
Devil Dinosaur--stupid
Night Nurse--affair with Dr. Strange
Buck Rogers--Ardala (hubba hubba)
Deadline Doom--Marvel in the 70s
Happy Days--eyyyyyy!
Aquaman--sleeps with the fishes
Detective Chimp--alcoholic ape
Red Sonja--Belit
Frazetta--Ballantine Tarzan covers
Ditko--spidey in the 60s
JLA Satellite--teleporter

And my own additions: gorillas and Shang Chi

Mike W.

Matt Celis said...

JJJ - "threat or menace?"
Watchmen - Charlton gone awry
gorillas - Grodd!
Shang Chi - unfortunately tied up by copyright issues

Steve Does Comics said...

Red Sonja -- John Buscema.

Frank Frazetta -- The Frost Giant's Daughter.

Ditko -- Jonathan Ross's In Search Of Steve Ditko.

JLA Satellite -- That story where Santa Claus gets blown up by that bloke with the key fixation.

JJJ -- Joe Robertson.

Watchmen -- Dr Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Scooby and Shaggy-vans that smell like weed
Daphne and Velma-Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres
Fred-cult leader

Anonymous said...

Kool-Aid Man-H.P. Lovecraft
Mr. Peanut-foul cosmic abomination

Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber-walking time-bomb

Anonymous said...

Not sure this is being done 'right', but will try and add to it.

Roy Thomas - Lots of output.
Kid Flash - I like this color combination better than The Flash.
Tom & Jerry - 1st appearance of Yakee Doodle? Maamaaa...
Atom - I've seemed to overlook characters like this, but liked the Micronauts.
She-Hulk - That one cover's really neat!
MAD - Satyrical Star Trek
Ms. Marvel - Good (Great?) Sex
Hulk on TV - Always Wandering

Johnny Quest - Cartoon Network
Demento - Roly Poly Fishheads
Night Nurse - Might really be a good porno.
Devil Dinosaur - Red Dinosaur / Nostalgia
Champions - Tried to 'fight' Godzilla, right?
Buck Rogers - TV show? Acting might be good for pornographic movies.
Dreaded Deadline Doom - As stressful as trying to maintain this string will become?
Happy Days - Jawas in Richie Cunningham's Closet During Dream

Aquaman - Atlantis / Root Races / 'Lost' History
Detective Chimp - Let me introduce you to the Marvel Family!
Red Sonja - Beautiful and Strong-Willed
Frazetta - Hot, Voluptuous Women
Ditko - Imagination and Style
JLA Satellite - Sign of the Times?
JJ Jameson - Man Wolf
Watchmen - (& Miracleman)... Utopian Propaganda / Speculative Fiction

Gorillas - Ultra-Humanite
Shang Chi - Did Not Read, But Great Art
Shaggy and Scooby - Obviously Stoners
Daphne- Glamorous & Beautiful CAN Be Intelligent
Velma - More Stereo-types
Fred - The Neck Scarf-- Could I Pull That Off?
Kool-Aid Man - An Old One?
Mr. Peanut - I remember my mom had boxes of Mr. Peanut ragdolls, as a little kid in the early 70's.
Justin Bieber - Easy to attack these people- and sometimes understandable- but 'The System' is complicit in destroying people-- and 'creative' people, especially, are going to suffer (I think they tend to realize this 'facade' more readily).

Godaiken (Deluxe Bandai Robots)- Managed to get one one of these when I was young.
The Prisoner (TV Series) - Alienation and Conformity

ADAM 'Looking for a Way Out' Here & No-Where

Marc said...

I'm enjoying reading these, so I'll add my 2¢.

Roy Thomas - John Byrne Captain America Story Arc
Kid Flash - Wally West
Tom & Jerry - "Is you is, or is you ain't my baby?"
Atom - petri dish
She Hulk - My Marvel Crush
MAD - Alfred E. Neuman
Ms. Marvel - Binary
Hulk on TV - "Mr. Mcgee you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
Johnny Quest - Raja
Dr. Demento - N/A
Night Nurse - Gregory Issacs
Devil Dinosaur - don't know this one
Champions - The B side super hero team
Buck Rogers - bebebbebebeee (twigi)
Dreaded Deadline Doom - Victor Von Doom
Happy Days - Leather Tuscadero
Aquaman - has nothing on Namor
Detective Chimp - any relation to Lancelot Link?
Red Sonja - Kinda like Conan only hotter.
Frazetta - G.O.A.T.!!!
Ditko - Spidey
JLA Satelite - don't read much DC
JJ Jameson - "PARKERRRRR!!!!"
Watchmen - Moore
Gorillas - Grodd
Shang Chi - Zeck
Shaggy and Scooby - munchies
Daphne - purple mini skirt
Velma - knee high socks
Fred - who wears an ascot?
Kool-Aid Man - tastes terrible
Mr. Peanut - top hat and monocle
Justin Bieber - douche in training
Godaiken - robots
The Prisoner - Iron Maiden \m/

G-Force & Frankenstein Jr.

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