Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alex Ross' Not So Secret War

Karen: Marvel is doing another 'Secret Wars,' and while I am sure I have no interest in reading this story 'event,' I am really digging this Alex Ross promotional art for it. Apparently it involves multiple universe versions of our heroes battling each other. 


Humanbelly said...

Wow, it's almost too much to take in! Very, very busy poster, eh? I do think I favor it above some of the other recent Ross pieces we've seen here, as it has a bit more of a retro, "big-battle" splash-page feel to it (where things like proportion, perspective, and physics tend to get sent to bed earlier than usual).

However, I can't think of anything offhand that would appeal to me LESS than a "Secret War" relying on the now IMPOSSIBLY tired, over-used, played-out trope of "our" heroes doing battle w/ their other-dimensional counterparts. One has to assume that ideas like this are coming from writers who haven't actually been reading comic books at all-- and ESPECIALLY not in the last five years or so, when "alternate dimension" threats and plot contrivances have become as cliche' as foiling bank robbers. Yeesh.


Martinex1 said...

I like the battling wasps in the lower right and the animalistic Black Panther. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, from what I've seen it's being promoted as "superheroes fighting themselves"; kinda reminds me of the pre-Crisis DC stories where the Earth 1 and Earth 2 Superman would fight each other. It kinda worked back then, but it seems like it's the wrong fit for Marvel. Nice art though.

Mike W.

Humanbelly said...

IIRC (and I'm pretty sure I do), Proctor and The Gatherers from, like, 20 years ago in the Avengers were based on this concept. Wasn't their whole premise to go tearing through alt-universe Earths, to destroy the Avengers there, or something? In fact, THAT was how we (sort of) got the Vision back into his "original" (non-Byrne-destroyed) body-- it was from the Gatherers' version of evil-Vizh.

It's just. . . it's just. . . *BLEEEAAAAH*.. . . y'know? It's a Chevy Vega trying to hide under a spoiler and a new coat of paint. . .



Humanbelly said...

Is that. . . Obnoxio the Clown tucked into that upper right corner-??


Doug said...

HB, I also wondered if that clown was Obnoxio.

As Karen said, I have no interest in this. But I can never get enough of Ross drawing heroes in their classic costumes.


Anonymous said...

This just breaks every rule about alternate versions of oneself from different multiple universes.

As everyone knows, the book says that the evil version should have, if not a full beard, then at the very least, a goatee. And someone, hopefully not one of the ladies, has to have an eye patch.

And an overabundance of superfluous weapons........on or about their persons.

The Prowler (I've got my clipboard, text books lead me to the station yeah, I'm off to the civil war. I've got my kit bag, my heavy boots I'm runnin' in the rain gonna run till my feet are raw).

Sean Budde said...
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