Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mom, Can I Get One? Pleeeeeease?!?

Doug: If anyone feels so inclined, hit me up on the Bronze Age Babies email and I'll send you my address. Would love it if any of our readers would buy me one... ;)  But WOW!! Is this figure cool (and pricey)! Check out the details over at Comics Alliance, but in all honesty -- I am seriously considering this!


Dr. Oyola said...

As I have said before, I am not a fan of toys and figures and statuettes, but this is purty cool. .. If I had my own office at work I might consider it.

Anonymous said...

Is that a gun strapped to his left leg there?

- Mike 'I abhor violence - except when attacking my food' from Trinidad & Tobago.

William said...

I already have one of these pre-ordered at

The one I'm most interested in is the version with the classic blue and gray with the yellow oval. That one will be a Previews exclusive, so you should be able to order one through your LCS.

These are 6-inch scale, btw. Same as Marvel Legends.

Here is a link to a pic.

William said...

Dang!! I meant

I cannot ever seem to post anything here without at least one misteak. ;)

Doug said...

Yes, Mike - it's a holster. Miller did a throwback to the earliest Bob Kane days and has this Batman use guns a time or two.

William - I saw the various TDKR figures and was, to be honest, a little put out by the differences. At this price point, more accessories and less alternate paints would have seemed the proper thing to do.


William said...

True that Doug, but I still REALLY want that blue and gray one with the yellow oval. So, I'm glad they're making it. :D

William said...

Also, the figure comes with extra hands and boots, and etc., so you can switch out the boot with the holster for a regular (non-lethal) boot.

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