Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Your BAB Reading List for Late Winter/Spring

Doug: Here are the stories Karen and I plan to review in the next few months:


Anonymous said...

"I've got a great idea for a cover - Giant Man's crotch".

J.A. Morris said...

I've got both so I'll try to contribute something intelligent to the discussion. I do occasionally read non bronze age stuff.

Doug said...

Colin, it's all a matter of perspective, my boy. I look at that cover and see the point-of-view of photographer Phil Sheldon.

When a space vehicle blasts off, what -- we don't see the underside of the ship?


Dr. Oyola said...

I have been wanting to re-read New Frontiers. I remember loving it and am a huge fan of Darwyn Cooke's art.

So really looking forward to this.

Doug said...

Have any of our readers seen the animated feature? I actually have not read the 4-issue graphic novel, but have seen that movie -- really, really enjoyed it. I did purchase and have read the JLA follow-up that Cooke did. It is included in the deluxe hardcover that is on its way to my home.


Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, I read the New Frontier a few years ago and quite thoroughly enjoyed it - both the story and art are just perfect as I recall. I'll have to find the time to re-read it. Haven't seen that animated feature, although I'd really like to.

dbutler16 said...

I saw the animated New Frontier, but haven't read the comic. I thought it was very good, especially for something that didn't come out in the Bronze Age.

Rip Jagger said...

Marvels was fascinating when it first appeared, a relatively fresh take on characters and events which had grown all too familiar.

New Frontier is a fabulous retro adventure. I adored it when it came out and have it a few times, in the original books and a trade. The animated is fantastic and arguably the most accurate translation of a story to cartoon yet.

Rip Off

Dr. Oyola said...

Unrelated, but It thought Karen and Doug would like this at the very least,as everyone else seems to have cool to neutral opinions on Alex Ross:

Alex Ross Debuts Limited Edition "Yellow Submarine" Print

Anonymous said...

First off, Happy Carnival Tuesday everyone!

I can't wait for the reviews on these titles. I haven't read either of these but they look good.

- Mike 'eager beaver recovering from sunstroke' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Graham said...

I loved the movie. It was really well done. Actually gave me goose bumps a couple of times.

I've actually read both of these and enjoyed both of them. Looking forward to your thoughts on them.

Doug said...

Karen and I each received our copies of The New Frontier Deluxe Edition. What a beautiful book! We had conversation about it last night, and we both agreed that the design/marketing folks really hit a home run with this one. It's a big, chunky book with a killer dust jacket (as pictured); the actual cover of the book has the same image that was used on prior editions (I think).

Amazon is selling this heavily discounted, as I'm sure are other vendors. If you're interested, we'd highly recommend this edition.


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