Saturday, March 7, 2015

Raging Robots and Maids of Steel

Karen: A new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron was released on Wednesday and it looks sweet! Check it out and chime in!

Karen: On Friday, pictures of the new Supergirl for the CBS series were also posted. OK -what say you on this costume -and of course the actress (Melissa Benoist) in it! I'm not fond of the muted colors but otherwise -I think it looks pretty good!


Anonymous said...

I see they're annoyingly keeping with the same muddy colored costume trend that started with Routh's costume design in "Superman Returns" instead of celebrating the bright, comic book color tones that they adapted for both Reeve and Slater's costumes.

But at least she's actually SMILING and not brooding like every other modern day superhero is being depicted both live action and animated.

Humanbelly said...

What I LOVE is that she's a regular-looking, girl-next-door-type young woman. I immediately like her-- smart casting choice (as opposed to going the predictable, hot-chick, eye-candy-trumps-all route. . . ugh. . . ).

But-- the muted colors then don't work on her very well, 'cause she LOOKS like someone who would gravitate toward brighter tones, y'know? And I'm still not a fan of egregious capes, I'm afraid. I know this uniform does adhere more closely to the traditional design, but. . . the cape on a "real" person still reads (to my eye; IMHO; etc) just a touch as someone playing super-hero "dress-up".

I do like the heavy-duty, functional fabric texture on the tunic. The leather/vinyl(?) skirt-- enh. She obviously will need to have trunks of some sort underneath it-- so I have to question why have it at all?

Oops-- I'm at work-- gotta go!


david_b said...

LOVE the latest trailer, seeing Vision at the end... Not sure how well he'll play out on the major screen Avengers, but it'll be interesting.

As for Supergirl, I like it for the reasons provided thus far. I would prefer the brighter colors (don't give me that 'it won't work well with lighting or with today's audiences... bunch of malarky..)

Glad to see no cleavage or huge breasts, as HB alluded to. But I enjoy the cape, it's the tradional look and it works fine.

Creators have to STOP being 'afraid' to stick with tradition (as I ranted above..). They have to have enough confidence in the timeless look and actor talents to SELL the picture.

It's what worked so sell for Christopher Reeve...., back in the day. Did they rely on 'muted tones' to promote believability in a superhero...? Naaah.

Edo Bosnar said...

Yep, can't disagree with anybody above about this new Supergirl: the actress really looks the part (and I love that she's smiling instead of scowling), and I like the traditional look of the costume - except, of course, for the muted, grim colors. HB is right, she looks like someone who would wear brighter colors. And I'm not even bothered by the skirt, really. I mean, in real life, we already know a cape would be impractical if you could fly, much more so than a skirt. Also, it looks like she's wearing nylons or some kind of leggings, so the other problem with a skirt seems to be covered (pun intended).

The Avengers trailer looks great. I have no complaints and am really looking forward to the movie.

J.A. Morris said...

My theory about the muted colored of the DC heroes costumes:
They're still terrified of being compared to the 1966 Batman series and have been ever since the first Burton movie.

david_b said...


I tend to agree with you, but explain to me Reeve's Superman..?

Did everyone suddenly forget that franchise and how well (at least) the first few movies were.

Or 'Lois and Clark' for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I think its been suggested here before that DC might be trying to differentiate themselves from Marvel. My theory is that DC's fortunes started to revive in the 80s, and the association with Miller's Bat-stuff and Watchmen is very much part of their brand.

Not wanting to pre-judge - the pic doesn't look too bad - but it might be an idea for DC Warner to do a halfway decent Supergirl comic before anything more ambitious. Not sure they've been able to do that since, what, the mid 70s?


Humanbelly said...

Say, I'm not trying to be too cute, here, but has there ever been a SuperWOMAN? Surely DC wouldn't have overlooked that obvious copyright vulnerability at some point over the decades?


Edo Bosnar said...

HB, yes there is a Superwoman. Several, in fact. The first one that pops into mind for me is Kristin Wells, created by Elliot S. Maggin. She was a character in his Superman prose novel ("Miracle Monday") and then he brought her into comics continuity and gave her the Superwoman identity in DC Comics Presents Annual #2.

Otherwise, the evil Wonder Woman counterpart on Earth 3 was also called Superwoman.

Also, just now I checked at Wikipedia; there are several more characters who used the name Superwoman that I'd never even heard of.

dbutler16 said...

I'm not that crazy about the Supergirl costume and, as Karen says, the muted colors, though I've grown used to that in modern live action superhero fare. As Humanbelly says, she does look like the girl next door. In fact, my first reaction was, "she's so...ordinary". I'm not sure, however, that this is a good thing for Supergirl.

The Prowler said...

I am really excited about the new Avengers movie. I do feel that I've figured most of the movie out from the previews but that won't, in the least, stop me from seeing this. At least twice!!!

Okay, True Confessions time! From what I know about Supergirl is what I've read from other people writing about Supergirl. Comics Journal, Steve Does Comics and others. I can't remember who else, so I just threw in "others". Second, from talking with friends and associates, there are those who feel DC is putting out quality TV shows. I guess you could say DC is to TV as Marvel is to Hollywood! I have yet to get into Green Arrow or Flash, Gotham was kind of "eeeh" to me. I will watch Supergirl mostly to see what they're doing with the character. Third, final true confession, I am not one who is opposed to big breasts or cleavage. I guess that makes me a Power Girl fan?

Oh well, back to the grindstone!!!

Oh crap, before I forget. Is it just me or is the Fantastic Four movie already getting lost in the summer shuffle?

(You're the Queen of the slipstream
With eyes that shine
You have crossed many waters to be here
You have drank of the fountain of innocence
And experienced the long cold wintry years.

Goin' away far across the sea
But I'll be back for you
Tell you everything I know
Baby everything is true

Will the blush still remain
On your cheeks my love
In the light always seen
In your head?
Gold and sliver they placed
At your feet my dear
But I know you chose me).

Humanbelly said...

OMG-- I'd already forgotten about the FF movie. Again.

Y'say it's this summer also? Is that right?


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