Saturday, March 14, 2015

Writers Assemble! Part Two

Doug: No, no guest writer today -- it's just me. However, I have an idea and I'd like to pass it along in order to get even more participation going in what is shaping up to be a really fun wrinkle we've added to the BAB.

Doug: Before getting too far, I just want to say again how thrilled we are to have the quality of guest writing grace this space. Thus far Mikes W. and S. have certainly held their own, and hasn't Edo provided a little stretching to the fare normally reviewed around here! I think you'll all be excited on Monday to see what Dr. Oyola has in store for you, as well. So many, many thanks and huge kudos to everyone who's "in" to this point. You are appreciated.

Doug: I've long thought about today's proposal, and maybe it's an idea familiar to others. My local newspaper runs a periodic feature called "The 100-Word Review"; there are also websites dedicated to such things. The object of choice in our paper is generally a record album, but I've thought for months that the subject could be anything. Why not an episode of a TV show? A comic book story? A toy? A game? A film? A song? See -- the possibilities are vast. I don't know if this is easy or not -- never attempted it myself. But I figured I'd toss this out, as maybe we have some readers who have been thinking about dipping their toe in the BAB-Guest-Writer-water and were feeling a little nervous about it. Why not try this? Talk about starting small!

Doug: If any of our readers are interested, just drop us an email at our BAB address -- over on the sidebar. We'll get right back to you and begin whatever process needs to begin! You'll find it's all rather painless. Good luck!


Martinex1 said...

Doug. That can be fun and challenging. Great idea.

Edo Bosnar said...

I like this idea, too. In particular, I had a few movies from the period in mind but couldn't think of more than about a paragraph's worth of text to write about them.
Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to several short reviews in a single post - kind of like what Osvaldo does occasionally on his blog.

Doug said...

Edo --

Yes, I was thinking that multiple entries, whether related or not, and not necessarily from the same writer, could be compiled into one post. I figured that three 100-word reviews, with a little artwork tossed in, could make for a nice day's post. Wouldn't have to be that many, but it seemed appropriate.


Redartz said...

Sounds good, guys! Time to sharpen a pencil and my mind...

Dr. Oyola said...

This sounds great! I can bang out 100 words like nobody's business.

Expect 100-word reviews to come on the original ROM toy and Bionic Bigfoot!

Anonymous said...

I say bring it on guys!

- Mike 'almost said bring on the bad guys there for a moment' from Trinidad & Tobago.

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