Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Batman Joke

Doug: My wife saw this on Facebook. I researched it, and it looks like the image is over a year old. Pretty clever, as you "say" the Batman '66 theme song in your head. Get it?


John Pitt said...

Doug, it took a little while and then the penny finally dropped! Because over on this side of the pond, we sing, "Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner...." ( not "Nana" )!

Anonymous said...

When I was a little kid, I remember sitting on my grandmother's living room floor, watching the old Batman TV show with my little brother, while my grandmother sat in her chair and watched us.
I remember her laughing and telling us how scary she thought Batman was, and asking how could we stand it.
Some years later, as an adult, I told my mother about that, and asked, "After everything else she had been through, how could she find Adam West's Batman scary?"
My mom said, with the patient air of someone addressing a child, said "Matt, she was just messing with you."

Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, until I read John's comment, I didn't get it, either. Since I grew up in a non-English speaking household, we used a completely different word for grandmother. And where I grew up, all the kids I knew called their grandmothers 'grandma,' or, sometimes, 'granny' or just 'gran.'
Also, shouldn't there be 8 of them?

John Pitt said...

Spot on, Edo, indeed there should really be 8 of them! I guess they just couldn't find a bus shelter long enough! :-D

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