Saturday, May 16, 2015

That's Just Dumb...


Humanbelly said...

Mmmmmmmmm-- I dunno. It's such an inanely poor toy product that I'm not entirely convinced that this was a packaged&produced. . . thing. It seems like it could've been cobbled together by a young fan/hobbyist, y'know? Conceptual stupidity aside-- Supes doesn't even fit on the cycle; WW looks, possibly, like a cake decoration or hula-dancer souvenir (semi) repainted and glued to the side-car; the paint treatments don't match each other between pieces (and the yellow makes no promotional sense at all); and those types of stickers were quite readily available on sheets for kids. Hmm- in fact, the images on the stickers are late enough that they would have come from a time that DC was presumably being more mindful about not letting their trademarked images get used on absolutely every stupid, worthless thing that came down the pike and paid the licensing fee. (Although I could be mistaken about that-)

Color me. . . skeptical, yes.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's not meant to be taken seriously - just an amusing little item for toy collectors. The Spider-mobile was dumb too and that was actually part of the Marvel universe.

Humanbelly said...

It was, Colin, it was-- yep.
But I still loved that goofy Spidermobile-- That a was very fun run of Spidey from my youth, and even in the context of the storylines, the Sp-Mobile was pretty much given a "you-gotta-be-kiddin-me" treatment. It's demise (due to Mysterio) off the end of a pier has always lingered in my memory. Creepy, sudden. . . final.


J.A. Morris said...

I'll always love the silly Spider-Mobile because I had was introduced via the Mego version, which looks nothing like the car in the comic. I had lots of fun with putting Spider-Man in the car, pushing it around the living room, catching Riddler (yep, Mego crossover) in the "web" on the back of the car.

When I finally visited New York, I realized it made no sense for Spidey to pursue villains in a car. But it looked great when Andru penciled it.

Martinex1 said...

In this day and age, I'm surprised the Spider Mobile does not have its own title. Maybe it can be taken over by the Venom symbiote (now that would be dumb,)

I did like it back in the day. It was so silly and ridiculous yet somehow very "Marvel". Peter always trying to make some cash was such a constant subplot, and something I miss.

The attached toy photo sure is goofy. Motorcycles with sidecars sure were cool to me as a kid. I liked when Batman and Robin had one on the TV show. As a kid I wanted a sidecar for my Schwinn Stingray. No luck there. ( also pretty dumb).

Anonymous said...

I had the Mego Spider-Mobile too; that's one toy I wish I'd hung onto.

Mike Wilson

david_b said...

LOVED the Spider Mobile.., cool, goofy, tongue-in-cheek, perfect hip-nutty '70s. I **wish** they had a more accurate Mego vehicle than what we ended up with.

I never had the Mego vehicle, but would occasionally look for it on eBay or a suitable custom.

You've GOTTA love the cheap peg-warmer toys.. My favs were the POTA guys like Urko or Zaius with parachutes or riding the cool motorcycles.

Anonymous said...

I remember they had a Hulk helicopter.
There was a picture of the Hulk and his name on it, so I guess it was for the Hulk action figure.
I don't see the Hulk as being helicopter pilot material.

Anonymous said...

Is sidecar-Wonder Woman salsa dancing?

- Mike Loughlin

J.A. Morris said...

Here's a nice list of ridiculous Hulk vehicles:

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