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Bronze Age Babies Buleltins: Who's Captain Marvel, and Meet the Black Panther

Karen: At the request of our buddy Humanbelly, today we're going to give folks a chance to engage on a topic that has received a lot of attention lately: who should play Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers in the Marvel film universe? A lot of names have been thrown around; most recently, Charlize Theron has been mentioned. But fans have been petitioning for Katee Sackhoff, Natalie Dormer, Katheryn Winnick, Emily Blunt...well, just about any actress you can think of. What's your opinion?

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Karen: As a bonus, here's some cool mock magazine covers made by Black Panther fan and mechanical engineer Darian Robbins that would be great promo pieces for the film. Comic Book resources (where I also grabbed the images) has an interview with Robbins here. These are really smart, slick graphics and work well to introduce T'Challa and his world. Are you watching, Marvel?


Humanbelly said...

Holy cats-- Charlize Theron would be perfect-! I'm loving everything about that (apparently likely) casting choice. ESPECIALLY the fact that she's a full-grown, nearly 40-year-old woman-- which is of COURSE what Carol Danvers needs to be, since she presumably has already built a career in the military (and possibly elsewhere) before becoming a superhero. And Theron can definitely carry that disciplined, confident, centered quality that you see as a sort of behavioral shorthand in films for characters w/ a military background. Geeze, and her physical bearing is perfect-- tall and very athletically built. Sheesh-- and Marvel gets yet another Academy Award Winner into its stable-!

I was a little worried they might pull in Lindsay Lohan, say---- in an attempt to pull another RDjr miracle, y'know?

Agh-- gotta go to work!

The magazine covers? Brilliant!


Edo Bosnar said...

I don't know about Theron; HB makes some good points, but for some reason I would rather see the role go to someone else. I love the idea of Katee Sackhoff (although maybe there's a little bit local patriotism involved, since she's originally from my old home state of Oregon).
As for T'Challa, I love those graphics, and I'm warming up to this guy Boseman, although I still think Idris Elba would be absolutely perfect for the role (too bad he's already Heimdall).

Dr. Oyola said...

Re: Idris Elba - you can't one black guy playing all the meaty roles! :) Give someone else a chance! I know he doesn't get all the roles fans suggest him for, but sometimes it seems like he is the only black actor that anyone remembers. ;)

I like Katie Sackoff. I think she can pull it off.

I have mixed feelings about Theron - not sure I see her as a superhero, plus I prefer "lower rank" actors in these roles so less baggage.

Humanbelly said...

I looked Katie Sackhoff up (I've. . . never seen Battlestar Galactica-- do I have to turn in my geek credentials??), and I can't disagree that her age and look are really good. And one would assume she could carry off a character w/ a military background, yeah? To be realistic from a marketing perspective, though, a superhero film w/ a female lead is probably going to need to advantage of having a higher-profile star in the role. And heck-- does Theron have any industry issues that I'm not aware of? Does she have a bad rep?

Hmm-- what about Laurie Holden from WALKING DEAD? I love her presence, although she might have a bit more of an innate vulnerability than would work for how we think of Carol. Buuuut- that might also be a good thing, y'know?


Edo Bosnar said...

Osvaldo, the first time Elba came to mind for me was about 4 years or so ago, when I first watched The Wire, and I distinctly recall thinking, "if they ever do a Black Panther movie, this guy *has* to be T'Challa!" Otherwise, I wasn't aware that Elba gets a lot of roles; besides The Wire, Heimdall, and a few guest spots in TV shows, I've hardly seen him anywhere (I know he also starred in some BBC cop show, but I've never watched that).

HB, turnabout's fair play I guess, and my geek credentials are in similar jeopardy: I had to look up Laurie Holden, as I've never watched Walking Dead - although she looked familiar once I saw her picture and remembered she also had that recurring role in X-files. She certainly has the right look, and I think she could probably pull it off quite well, but Sackhoff would still be my first choice.
As for Theron - there's just something about her that seems a bit off for a superhero role. To be honest, I think she would work better as a villain, like Deathbird for Captain Marvel, or the Enchantress in the next Thor movie...

Anonymous said...

Count me in on those who are petitioning for Katee Sackhoff to play Captain Marvel, and Theron to play a villainess like, oh, maybe Emma Frost!

- Mike 'bring on the Black Panther!' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Anonymous said...

I think the actor for the Black Panther looks very good. His photo on the mock Time cover looks right. I believe he was in a Jackie Robinson movie, if I have the correct actor, and he was quite good.

HB and Edo, you thought you were out of touch with actors' and actresses' work, during all of the initial discussion about Katee Sackhoff for the Ms. Marvel role, I was thoroughly confused. I thought, "They want the mother from "Married With Children" as Carol Danvers, what am I missing here"? I had to look it up to figure out that is Katey Sagal and I have no idea who Katee Sackhoff is. Doh!

Martinex1 said...

That comment above was from me. Forgot to sign. Possibly subconsciosly embarrassed that I thought Peg Bundy was going to be Ms. Marvel.

Humanbelly said...

Geeze, Peg Bundy w/ Capt.Marvel's power-set would not EVER lose a single fight. I think think she'd eat Doom alive and laughingly spit out the rivets afterward. . .


Karen said...

I love that Wired cover and that it emphasizes T'Challa's brilliance. I hope when the film versions of Stark and T'Challa finally meet, it's clear that they are on the same level intellect-wise. It's so odd that this is a Marvel universe without Reed Richards! But it does leave a gap that allows others to fill and shine. If Stark is a "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist," is T'Challa a "Genius billionaire ruler visionary"? There's an intersection for those two but also a great divergence in personality and goals. It'll be interesting to see how T'Challa connects to Stark and Cap as well as the rest.

Although I've never been a huge Carol Danvers fan, I like the character and I just hope they get a strong actress, and don't just go for looks. I've always thought Katie Sackhoff pretty one-dimensional, so I'm not hyped about her coming on board. Charlize Theron is interesting and could certainly hold her own against Robert Downey Jr. But I really haven't settled on anyone. I just think it will require someone with some strength, and some bearing -and honestly not some tiny little thing that looks like she'd blow away in a breeze.

Anonymous said...

Caitlyn Jenner, obviously.

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