Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Six Years Older... Any Wiser?

Karen: Six years? Wow. Time really does fly. When we were just starting this blog six years ago, one of my nephews was visiting us. He was just a little kid. This last week, he graduated high school. That kind of puts things in perspective for me. I don't think I went into this enterprise thinking much beyond what we'd do the next month, let alone six years later! But somehow, here we are. I have to say, I think the reason it's lasted this long is because so many of you showed up and have taken such an active part in turning this into more than just me and Doug flapping our gums at each other. As always, many thanks for your support and  continued activity here. And this year we took it to a whole new level, with the arrival of guest posts. This has turned out to be a huge infusion of energy for the BAB and we are grateful to all of you BAB bullpen members who have contributed! It's been fantastic, and we eagerly look forward to seeing what new ideas you have to bring to year seven.

Doug: I view the guest writer project as a real opportunity to expand the horizons of this blog. Think about it -- since our readers began submitting posts, we've seen reviews of Donald Duck, Archie, illustrated novels, graphic novels, and a complete mini-series. And all of that is in addition to an off-the-beaten path DC sports comic, as well as a new discussion category (the $1 challenge)! To date we've had over 25 guest posts, and I think that's fabulous. There are a few more in the queue awaiting publication, and I know that also coming soon we'll be able to run the first non-Doug and Karen partner review! So this has just been exciting.

Doug: I have had some guilt feelings, though, because of my lack of writing comics reviews. It seems as all of that heavy lifting has fallen to our readers this past spring. I'm going to rectify that -- next Monday in fact! Karen and I have been talking about this recently. I proposed four comics that I am interested in, and she thought she could provide commentary on two of them. Those books (with no dates -- I want to stay flexible) are :
Showcase #17 (intro. Adam Strange, from 1958!)
Nova #2
The Champions #12
DC Comics Presents #26 (intro. New Teen Titans)
Doug: We appreciate your patience when we attempt new things. Of course, some stick and some do not. The 100-Word Reviews would be an example of an idea that seemed cool, but never really caught on. I say that with the finger pointed at myself as well. I suppose in a way, it ends up being a self-challenge, sort of a word game or something. But who knows -- maybe it will catch on if one of our readers chooses to write up their views on a song, or on a specific television show.

Doug: As always, comments are appreciated and it has been nice of late to see some new folks making their presence felt. But it's that core of a couple dozen of our readers who comment regularly that give this blog a community feel. It's been said 100 times already, but thanks for doing that and for being a part of this on each and every post. Some days are better than others, of course, but there always seems to be some conversation happening around here.

Doug: So in reflection -- yeah, six years is some serious water under the bridge! Instead of being about to turn 49, I was about to turn 43 when this ship started sailing. My oldest was entering his senior year of high school; now he's entering the second and final year of his master's studies and is getting married in five days! I had a heckuva lot fewer trades and hardcovers than I do now (hey, if nothing else the BAB has been a convenient excuse!). And I guess overall, I had fewer "friends" with whom to discuss comics and such. This has been a satisfying space.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !! And this anniversary falls on a Tuesday, the same day as in 2009 so BAB has kind of come full circle. I'm curious as to why BAB was launched on Tuesday 16th June rather than Monday 15th :)

Doug said...

Good question, Colin -- but with no answer! If memory serves, Karen and I had been in discussion about starting a second venture into blogging after the first one went south. I don't know exactly how we came up with the name, but do recall mocking up the first masthead. Then I think we just wrote the introductory post and slapped it online. Really, that's it. I do vividly recall sitting at my desk at summer school when it went live and wondering what the future would hold. Of course, back then we sort of evolved from a "whenever" posting schedule to a M-W-F schedule. And from there it just took off.

You know, it's funny -- we probably had more readers a couple of years ago than we do now, but that hasn't stopped the regulars from stopping by each day and making this a fun hangout. As long as the group wants to get together, this space will most likely exist in some format.


The Groovy Agent said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cool and far-out, and you've provided such a groovy pad for us all to hang out in--is it any wonder that BAB is a rip-roarin' success? Here's to many more years and far-out discussions! Keep on truckin' Doug and Karen!

Redartz said...

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks on 6 great years, Karen and Doug! Not many sites qualify as every-day must viewing, but this one always does! You both have always provided an exceptional level of devotion and friendliness here, and this is reflected in the quality of your followers. Many thanks to Edo, Martinex1, HB, Prowler, Pfgavigan, david_b, and all the others (way too many for this unworthy one to recall at this early hour, sorry) who help make this the best site for pop culture discussion. Here's to the next 6...

david_b said...

Ditto's on the heartfelt thanks, Doug and Karen, it's always been my first stop everyday with a warm cup of java. My 'floppies' collection has expanded AT LEAST another short box due to everyone's collective input here.

I've personally gone through a lot of weird life-changes during the last six years (all for the better...) and BAB's been a pleasant stalwart AND companion nearly each and every day.

"Let's all raise our collective, celebratory morning mugs to BAB.."

Or our later afternoon grog or tea, lest we forget our beloved 'Mike from Trinidad & Tobago..', our faithful later-shift contributor. :)

Edo Bosnar said...

Congratulations on the big 6 years, Karen & Doug, and also a most sincere thanks for creating this fun place to visit and hang out every day.

And also a more personal thanks for posting some of my stuff - it's fun to write about some of these things for an appreciative audience.
And Doug, I actually have the beginnings of a few 100-word reviews, plus a few very messy, still-in-the-initial-phases and in-need-of-much-revising 'normal' reviews in the queue, but I have no idea when I'll get any of it done. Work and real life have been pretty hectic in the past week or so, and it doesn't look like it's going to let up for me until at least mid-July...

J.A. Morris said...

Congrats to Karen and Doug! And thank you for providing us with a community for 6 great years and inspiring me to start 2 blogs of my own during that time! It's hard to remember a time when Bronze Age Babies wasn't my first stop on the web every morning.

Doug said...

Edo, I know exactly what you mean about busy. I know we don't come here to complain, and really -- if we're employed there is so much to be thankful for... But the conspiracy of increased pressures at school, as well as family busy-ness, my auctions, etc. have really pulled me away from running the blog the way I'd like to. That's why I am so grateful that you and several others have stepped in to fill the void.

I wrote up a review on Showcase #17 that will run next Monday. It was good and bad at the same time! Good, because it had been so long since I'd done that (plus it "made" me read about a character for which I've long held curiosity), but bad because I just felt like I should be doing something else, like helping my wife with wedding plans, etc. And that's been dogging me for several months. I don't like it, but that's where I am in life at this point.

But I do need to make time to read comics on a more regular basis, even if that's just once a week. It's still a passion.


Edo Bosnar said...

Yeah, I always try to find time for some comics at least a few days a week - it's just good for the soul.
By the way, I think congratulations are also due on your son's upcoming wedding - since I don't know him, I'll just convey my best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Berlin, Germany. Always lurking in the background and always interested in your discussions. Best wishes,

ColinBray said...

Yes, more congratulations from this most-time lurker and part-time poster.

A wonderful blog with a great balance between comics and wider pop culture. As ever with these things it is the people here that make it what it is.

Where was I six years ago? Well, my comic collection was a lot smaller (about 3,500 comics compared to 7,500 comics now) and a lot of that has to do with the bronze age goodness discussed here. For a start I had never read original cosmic Starlin or Gerber's work outside of The Defenders before I came here. Thank you Doug, Karen and all the regular posters for the recommendations and hours of comic reading joy.

david_b said...

I'll start working on a Shanna the She-Devil (Series 1, 1973) 100-word review later this month..

Doug said...

David --

Check our Twitter feed on the sidebar for a nifty SDCC Ant-Man exclusive. Better save your shekels for eBay, friend!


david_b said...

"Sheesh.., I'm sooooo toast.."

Thanks for the warning, Doug.

(As David hurryingly cashes in one of his IRA's..)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it to your sixth year (I think that's like 42 in Blogger Years). I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the Doug and Karen partner reviews, but life does have a way of intruding into our hobbies, doesn't it? (I'm still holding out hope we'll see you guys do that New Frontier review you were talking about...I was really looking forward to that one!)

I'd thought about trying a 100-word review, but I need room to ramble on...as I'm sure you've noticed!

Mike Wilson

Anonymous said...

Congrats on six years - and nice to know you'll be at it for the forseeable future.
And your anniversary is on Bloomsday! Cool.


Anonymous said...

Doug and Karen, from another full-time lurker/part-time poster (tried merging those two - neither "luster" nor "porker" sounded good), congrats on 6 years! Your passion and kindness make the BAB a must for starting my day.


Garett said...

I always love coming here in the morning to check out what's happening. It upsets me if I'm busy for a day and can't stop by! Thanks Karen and Doug for making this a great place to chat about topics we all love, and also be introduced to new comics/songs/movies/etc we may have missed.

I found out something new today: I have the same birthday as BAB! It's a good day for a birthday. ; )

Looking forward to the Adam Strange review Doug. Also New Teen Titans!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 6 years! I've been really enjoying this blog for the past month or so, and I'm glad to see you have no plans to stop anytime soon. Between the posts and everyone's comments, you've made this a fun place to visit. Cheers!

Further congrats on your son's upcoming wedding! Mazel tov!

- Mike Loughlin

Martinex1 said...

Congratulations Karen and Doug on six great years. I still cannot believe how much good information and entertainment there is to mine on this blog. I enjoy reading your old entries and reviews ...really wonderful. Also thanks to all of the posters; where else can I learn about diamonds in our hobby, not to mention Dandelion & Burdock, Gil Kane's Blackmark, obscure Christopher Lee films, Parallel Lives, Flavor Ice Loving Creatures and so much more.

Thanks for creating a site that is fun on a daily basis and encourages friendly interchange. Kudos all! Sto lat!

Doug said...

Thanks, everyone, for the comments and well wishes. It's appreciated.

Gear up tomorrow for a discussion on your comics and their conditions. Tonight Martinex1 purchased via eBay my copy of Marvel Feature #11. It's a nice looking book with an interesting defect. We'll discuss that, as well as some oddities that you have or have seen, in the morning.

Sleep well,


Karen said...

I had a long day at work and am just now unwinding watching the Warriors (hopefully) beating the Cavs. But I want to thank everyone for your kind remarks. I really appreciate all you bring to our little corner of the blogosphere! Peace!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Doug & Karen for 6 wonderful years! Wait, that sounds as if you guys have been married .... anyway, long live the BAB!

- Mike '6 is the new 100' from Trinidad & Tobago.

Dr. Oyola said...


You are only about 7 years from your blog bar/bat mitzvah! :)

I don't recall what year I began spending time here. Was it 2012? 2011? There is no easy way to search the comments, because I am really curious - but regardless BAB has become a part of my daily routine and I can measure my busy-ness by whether or not I got a chance to read a post before late evening (so on a day like today - yes, very busy).

I have also been proud to contribute both with a guest post (and another coming up soon!) and with the blog headers. I, too, have a couple of 100 Word reviews I am working - They are almost like poems. . . In fact, I think that makes them extra cool. Can't wait to share them, but it will have to wait until late summer.

Anyway, congrats and thank you both so much!

Humanbelly said...

Ohmanohmanohman-- I had a wonderfully articulate, cleverly-crafted post of appreciation for youse guys. . . and then it did that disappear-forever-glitch thing. . . followed by a long work-related phone call. Sheesh-- I can't believe how intrusive the world can be upon one's frivolous pursuits!

Let me add to the chorus of voices saying what an absolute pleasure it is to be a part of this community. As opposed to being a place where folks think they can let any surly comment fly by virtue of internet anonymity, I feel like everyone here really does make that effort to put their "best" selves-- possibly even their idealized selves-- forward. And when you have a "best" self out there in the universe, it can't help but exert an influence on all the "selves" one might have running around, eh?

Possibly we're just a little smidge better of human beings just because we hang around here? Maybe? (Man, that's a GREAT justification!)

Congrats and so many thanks so many times over, Doug & Karen. You're the gravity well around which our black hole. . . uhm. . . collapses. . .
(Okay, scratch that metaphor-- not exactly a red-hot choice. . . )


Edo Bosnar said...

It's a day late, but happy birthday, Garett!
And Karen, it looks like the Warriors did indeed beat the Cavs. Excellent - haven't followed the NBA in years, but I've always liked the Warriors (they're my all-time second favorite team, after the Trailblazers).

Rip Jagger said...

Congratulations! I'm a day late too, as usual. I'd post more here, but you guys always seem to post right after I have to leave in the morning to go to work and I don't blog there at all. When I get home, I mostly don't blog much, and by the next morning the topic seems to have been exhausted. Right now it's summer and I should be on board more often.

As for getting older, it beats the alternative.

Rip Off :)

Humanbelly said...

Gosh, the "where were you six years ago?" angle has me thinking how my dear little HBGirl was only 10, and looked about 8 (she was really little), and hung on her Father's every word. Now she's nearly 17, could pass for a very stylish 20, and is FINALLY coming out of the "Whatever-you-say, you're-wrong!" phase.

(Those of you with kids. . . ESPECIALLY daughters. . . I'm sure have an inkling of what I mean, yes?)


PS-- gosh, six years from now some of us will almost certainly be grandparents!

Garett said...

Thanks Edo!

cerebus660 said...

Doug, Karen - I'm sorry I'm so late in commenting but please accept a big "Congratulations!" from me for your 6-year blogiversary. I don't comment on here as much as I'd like but I always enjoy reading BAB and I'd like to thank you for all your hard work. Keep on keepin' on!

Oh, and Humanbelly? My dughter is 19 ( nearly 20 ) and I know EXACTLY what you mean :-)

cerebus660 said...

* "daughter" *

Humanbelly said...

I dunno, CRB660, there's something the coined word "dughter" that has an appropriate significance all its own--!


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