Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who's the Best...Non-Original Soundtrack?

Karen: There was some discussion on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie post about that film's soundtrack, filled with catchy 70s tunes. What's your vote for best soundtrack, composed not of original music  but using existing songs? Guardians is pretty darn good. Some that I would throw out there:

Pulp Fiction

Pump Up the Volume

Dazed and Confused


Edo Bosnar said...

Heh, love the 'Dazed & Confused' soundtrack.
But the first two that come to mind might not apply here, because the music, although not original, was specifically performed and/or recorded for the movies: the Blues Brothers (my favorite soundtrack ever) and the Sting.
If those don't count, I'll go with the soundtracks for Easy Rider and Heavy Metal.

William Preston said...

2001: A Space Odyssey.

Humanbelly said...

Amadeus and Clockwork Orange (leaning towards the latter, in fact-)


Anonymous said...

Since this is music and that's my forte (Hey, is this the theme for this week?), I'm gonna give you cool kats my top ten. This changes more often than Janet Van Dyne changes costumes but this is correct as of the time I'm typing this:

10 - Lost Boys, one strong side but man, what a side A
9 - Risky Business, a bit of a fudge since half of it is music from the movie but sometimes you just have to say WTF and take a chance
8 - Honeymoon In Vegas, almost a tribute album to The King. Elvis, not the other King.
7 - Elizabethtown on the strength of My Father's Gun alone.
6 - Freaky Friday, the Lindsay Lohan remake.
5 - Good Morning Vietnam. Classic songs by the original artists. Take that KTel.
4 - Heavy Metal. It is your one way ticket to midnight
3 - Awesome Mix Vol 1, it's new, it's hot and you can dance to it.
2 - Some Kind of Wonderful. I can't help falling in love with Miss Amanda Jones
1 - Riding High. Giant Steps are what you take when you're one step beyond. That's okay, I'm special, so special....

The Prowler (sending out this long distance dedication to you know who..... Hey baby, won't you take a chance? Say that you'll let me have this dance Well, let's dance, well, let's dance)

dbutler16 said...

I think The Matrix has a pretty awesome soundtrack. I also like Songs from the Cool World quite a bit.

dbutler16 said...
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J.A. Morris said...

Karen mentioned 'Pulp Fiction', which had a good soundtrack. But I'll go with another Tarantino movie, 'Reservoir Dogs'. Like 'Guardians', it also contains Blue Swede cover of 'Hooked On A Feeling'. Plus,'Stuck In The Middle', 'Little Green Bag' and several other "classic" 70s hits.

Doug said...

I'll nominate The Big Chill for some great 60s tunes and Remember the Titans for some early 70s.


Anonymous said...

How about American Graffitti which may have started the trend of using existing popular songs to create a soundtrack. And the soundtrack was integral to the film, so much more than just background,the music was part of the story.

Anonymous said...

Repo Man!

An honorable mention to Excalibur.
I got me into Wagner.

david_b said...

Kudos on 'American Graffitti' mention..

One really has to ponder the influence/timing of Lucas's great film, virtually starting the retro industry single-handedly, soon followed by 'Happy Days', ShaNaNa becoming more popular and mainstream, and on and on.

I know today's talk is about soundracks, but that record really touched a pulse, with 'Big Chill' a close second in terms of wide-spread influence.

david_b said...

Sorry, 'soundtracks' not 'soundracks'..

Busy day goin' on here.

Anonymous said...

How about Forrest Gump?


Anonymous said...

The "Breakfast Club" soundtrack had some good songs on it. I agree with "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "the Big Chill" as well.

Mike W.

Anonymous said...

Easy Rider

Basically Peter Fonda's album collection.

Scott Lovrine

William said...

I always like the soundtrack for the movie "Valley Girl" starring Nic Cage and Debby Foreman (c1983).

William said...

That was supposed to say "liked".

Ace Hamilton said...

Boogie Nights, Jackie Brown, and (believe it or not) Semi-Pro.

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