Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Buried Treasures: Dynamite's Superhero Confidential (the conclusion)

Doug: We've had a blast over the past five or six weeks reminding ourselves how awesome those monthly book orders from Scholastic, Inc. could be when we were elementary school-aged. Today I'm going to show off the last three features that I saved from Dynamite magazine. The Captain Marvel (Shazam to Bronze Age Babies) feature was my introduction to the Captain's four-color adventures, as I am positive at that point in my life I knew him only from the Saturday morning live action show. As you have, drop us a comment on the artwork, the selection choices editorial made, and the Q&A/FAQ sections that followed the comic excerpts.

I think the Daredevil feature is from Daredevil #117, which I reviewed some years ago. However, as my art samples don't match and since that comic has left my possession I cannot be certain. Any help would be welcome.

I've enjoyed finding and sharing these gems from the middle of the Bronze Age. Who knows what else lurks down deep in the recesses of the comic room's closet?


William said...

Interesting feature. That's some really fun stuff that makes one very nostalgic for the "good old days", when comics were comics and men were men.

And yes the Daredevil pages are from DD #117 as you thought. Good memory.

Redartz said...

I like the alliterative titles on those feature pages. No doubt some righteous writer really researched regally for some of those ...all part of the fun...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about that pink and green Mandarin outfit...I guess now we know where Molecule Man got his colour-scheme!

Mike Wilson

Unknown said...

Nice-looking classic material. I always enjoy discovering these types of hard-to-find 70s gems. Although the Owl was never one of my favorite DD villains—I prefer major baddies like Kingpin and Bullseye—that's a very interesting page of details.

Thomas F.

Edo Bosnar said...

Still can't get over the fact that I missed this stuff back in day. Like I think I mentioned before, I would have eaten it up - all of those glorious pages of comic page reprints and extensive texts on the heroes and villains. Wonderful. I hope you do indeed dig out some more stuff like this from the deep recesses of your comic-room closet, Doug.

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